Chapter 877: Plan Culminated From Millions Of Years

Chapter 877: Plan Culminated From Millions Of Years

Bloodhand thought about Li Qiye’s words. He was once the Dark Crow’s greatest opponent, so he knew that no matter what, the Dark Crow would never give up before succeeding. It was just like he had said, there were very few things he couldn’t do.

“It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, I don’t necessarily need the Corporeal Zone.” Li Qiye lightly smiled: “To tell the truth, I’m getting tired of thinking about how to get you to open your mouth each generation, thinking about what kinds of torture would make you spill. Such devious acts are not pleasant for anyone. Basically, all shall end in this generation, so I’ll let you go even if you don’t talk. Of course, nothing would be better if you are willing to speak.”

“Hue hue hue…” Bloodhand responded with a creepy laughter: “Dark Crow, I have never believed your words before. If you truly have the desire for a counterattack, to pierce through the nine firmaments once you stand above them, then there is another option, and that is to work together with me! You should know full well that I can pave the way for you, allowing you to become even more powerful to show off your might!”

“Bloodhand, I’ll repeat myself again, you really think too little of me.” Li Qiye smiled: “No matter the era or circumstance, I will not work together with an Ancient Ming. Hahaha, it was precisely due to such idiotic thoughts that the fools in the past trapped the nine worlds in darkness!”

“Hmph, you will regret it.” Bloodhand snorted: “Without the Corporeal Zone, even if you are as strong as an Immortal Emperor or even more powerful, your end will still be very miserable!”

“I actually don’t believe that.” Li Qiye smiled: “I have experienced the worst of things and I don’t care about even death, what is there that can make me worry?”

Bloodhand only smiled coldly, unwilling to speak further.

Eventually, Li Qiye spoke: “Okay, our conversation ends here. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, you are now free.”

Bloodhand smiled in an awkward manner: “Dark Crow, if you are as benevolent as you are claiming to be, then give me relief and kill me. If I have awareness below the nine springs, I will appreciate it! I would rather die to avoid being nervous and cautious of you all day long after being released by you!”

“No…” Li Qiye shook his head: “If you want to die, then you can commit suicide. I won’t kill you. In my eyes, it is too cruel to kill a dying old man. I do not wish to shoulder this sin, so kill yourself if you wish to die!”

“Okay, I will send you off. From now on, you are free.” Li Qiye opened his mind. A heavenly word flew out and imprinted itself on this cave-like fortress. One could hear an unlocking sound right afterward.

A loud blast occurred. This fortress that trapped the Bloodhand Butcher rose up and flew at an unbelievable speed out of the beastworld to a very distant location.

Eventually, it stopped and landed on the outskirts of a certain area. A shadow eventually emerged a long time later. This shadow did not stop at all as it left this location.

It continued to travel far away from any location that had traces of the Dark Crow. The person did not trust the Dark Crow, thus he needed to hide for a very long time in the mortal world.

Many years later, the shadow could finally confirm that he had escaped from the Dark Crow. The Dark Crow truly didn’t try to track him.

Eventually, the shadow couldn’t wait any longer and went to a particularly inconspicuous location that was unknown to the rest of the world.

After entering, miserable screams soon ensued. Their agonizing suffering was apparent from these shrill screams!

A long time later, a single person came out, a true living being just like a common mortal. This person would not attract any attention no matter where he went.

“Haha, from now on, Bloodhand Butcher is no more. I want to see just how you will try and find me now!” The person laughed deviously before disappearing into the crowd. In just a moment, he disappeared from the world without a trace. [1. Did he just go into an Ancient Ming lair and kill his own kind to recover? I got that impression.]

However, at the same moment many years later, when this person came out from that location, Li Qiye felt a fluctuation in his mind and smirked.

“Bloodhand, oh Bloodhand, even if you turn into ashes, you still won’t be able to escape my grasp. Just wait, I will reap my harvest one day. I have plenty of time, there is no rush!” Li Qiye said with a faint smile.


Back at Bi’an City, Ye Qingcheng had shaken the entire city and shocked many cultivators. He had been sitting on the roof of the master mansion for several days.

He sat completely still in silence without saying anything. Various phenomena emerged with transforming grand dao. Eventually, his dao and laws flooded the whole city.

Heavenly flowers began to fall when he chanted his mantras as the hymn of the dao reverberated across Bi’an.

His grand dao, at the moment, was the sole ruler of the city, above all other laws. The power of the city fluctuated due to his dao as if he was able to mobilize it. He resembled a preaching Immortal Monarch as golden springs and lotus flowers were in full bloom. Saints were listening and sages were worshiping. The entire location was affected by the numerous phenomena.

Eventually, he seemed to have opened all the buildings in the city. The portals within them emitted the radiance of dao runes. As long as he wished, he would be able to enter any of them. However, the gates of the master mansion remained sealed. No matter what he tried to do, he couldn’t open them.

At the same time, under the drowning of Ye Qingcheng’s grand dao, runes began to move on top of the statues in the city as if they could come back to life at any moment.

In short, his visual phenomena became stronger and stronger while the reception from Bi’an City increased as well. It was as if the city was assisting and answering his grand dao’s calling.

Such nature-defying means astounded all the cultivators in the city. Everyone understood that his fame as number one was not just for show.

“As long as Ye Qingcheng is present, I’m afraid no one else can become the Immortal Emperor.” A proud genius was dejected after being overshadowed by his brilliance.

An expert from the previous generation quietly commented as well: “Why is this happening? Legends state that in the past, a few geniuses much weaker than Ye Qingcheng could still enter the master mansion, so why can’t he open the gates?”

No one could give an answer to this question. The majority thought that he would be successful in this endeavor. Who would have thought that regardless of his method, there would be no response from the master mansion?

Ye Qingcheng derived endless laws time and time again, resulting in great phenomena materializing, but he still failed. In the end, even the peerlessly brilliant Ye Qingcheng had to give up.

His expression became cold and was no longer as free and nonchalant as before. Prior to this, he always maintained a charismatic and unrivaled grace, but now, he was not looking as good.

He couldn’t be blamed for this. This was his first taste of failure since his debut. No matter the occasion or danger he faced in the past, he was able to easily deal with it.

Even when encountering the most powerful of enemies, he was able to emerge safely because he was a peerless genius. He was plenty capable, and nothing in the world was difficult for him.

However, he failed completely this time despite his countless attempts. This made him lose his temper completely. This was natural to someone who had complete confidence in themselves. He thought that opening the gates would be as easy as flipping over his palm.

It could even be said that he didn’t understand how he failed because he felt that he could easily open the gates of the mansion. His derivation of the dao resonated with the entire city. It could even be said that he was free to come and go as he wished.

However, the main gates did not welcome him, which greatly perplexed him. Logically speaking, if the entire city was in harmony, then opening the gates should have been simple. However, reality left him thoroughly at a loss.

Of course, he didn’t know that the mansion’s gate wouldn’t open without Li Qiye’s permission. The Bi’an City Guard Commander didn’t want to offend Li Qiye. Otherwise, if Li Qiye entered that place again like he had in the past, he would flip this whole place over once more!

Ye Qingcheng ceased his hand, stopping the strange phenomena, and took a deep breath before opening his eyes. It seemed that the world became a shade of black and white and his profound and all-encompassing glare could see through the entire city.

“Li Qiye, where are you? Do you dare to come and fight to the death?” His voice was in harmony with the grand dao and myriad laws as it echoed across the city.

Each word was full of power and stirred the hearts of the masses!

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