Chapter 874: Ye Qingcheng’s Might

Chapter 874: Ye Qingcheng’s Might

After a good while, Miao Chan closed her eyes with teary lashes and softly spoke: “Father, revenge, to me, no longer has any meaning. He is already dead, so what can we do? If we mobilize our troops, it would be playing right into the hands of Ye Qingcheng! He dreams about us sending troops to the rest of the world to become his pawns. I don’t want to seek revenge if it means the ravine will become his cannon fodder!”

Miao Chan softly said: “His killer is not Li Qiye, but Ye Qingcheng! He had always viewed him as a brother while Ye Qingcheng only used him as a pawn!”

“Hmph, if that bastard had you in his heart, then this wouldn’t have happened as he would have listened to you! Kindness lost to ill intent, treating a villain as a brother. Now, he died without a grave and even dragged the ravine down with him into this mess.” The master hatefully voiced his thoughts.

“I knew that he wouldn’t have a good end when he went to find Ye Qingcheng last time, he just didn’t listen to me.” Miao Chan’s eyelashes fluttered a bit as she murmured: “I don’t blame others but only myself for my lack of determination. I gave him the illusion that he was truly the number one genius in the ravine!”

“Child, it is not your fault. You can only blame that bastard!” The master responded: “If he listened to you, then he wouldn’t have become Ye Qingcheng’s dog! But now, the only thing he accomplished was making you heartbroken.”

Miao Chan stayed quiet for a very long time. She eventually sighed bitterly and spoke with a voice full of sadness: “I chose the wrong person. I thought I could make him change his mind and wake him up, but I was wrong…”

The master felt pain as well upon seeing the tears in his daughter’s eyes: “Child, forget him. We’ll leave the ravine together. The edges of the world are endless, there has to be a place that can bring you peace of mind.”

“Father, you are the ravine master…” Miao Chan uttered.

The master interrupted her and shook his head: “Child, nothing is more important than you. Plus, I am no longer the ravine master!”

“The elders impeached you?” Miao Chao looked at her father with some surprise, but this was still within her calculations.

“Well, they have made up their minds. The majority of the high elders supported the Golden Crow Prince. I don’t have any sentiment for the position of ravine master either, so I quit on the spot. It’s good to leave the ravine for a bit. Our Miao Clan is a great clan. Even without the ravine, we still have our clan!” The master said.

The Miao Clan consisted of the descendants of the ravine’s progenitor, Immortal Emperor Qilin. Later on, their Miao Clan declined, causing their influence within the ravine to be far inferior to the Golden Crow Tribe. However, the Miao Clan was still quite sizable with their own forces outside of the ravine.

Miao Chan became silent. After a while, she bitterly said: “I have caused trouble to Father and the Miao Clan.”

If she didn’t concede back then, the prince wouldn't have become the main descendant of the ravine. At that time, many ancestors supported her clan. If she became the descendant, her clan’s influence in the ravine would have risen to a whole different level. However, she gifted the position to the prince, causing the Golden Crow Tribe to rise once more!

“No, it is not your fault, it is all because of that bastard! He truly let you down.” The master bitterly spoke.

Miao Chan pondered for a long time before nodding gently: “Father, I am willing to leave the Heavenhoof Ravine to take a trip outside.”

“Good, I’ll take you away tomorrow. After all, I am free now.” The ravine master nodded.


“Where are you, Li Qiye! Come out and fight!” A voice that pierced through time itself echoed across the beastworld. When this voice appeared, it was as if a divine bell had been rung in resonance with the grand dao.

It reverberated and pounded the hearts of all listeners in the area, causing them to palpitate with shock. A person could be seen flying closer from the direction of the voice. He trod across the eons and was protected by the power of saints as if from his birth he was predestined to be extraordinary, the ruler of the nine heavens. Sages were protecting him while saints preached their scriptures to him.

The majestic grand dao paved a path below him. No matter where he went, this dao would come into light for he was the tyrant of this world that continued to mold itself to his whims.

“Ye Qingcheng…” Many were alarmed to see this person in the sky! Even when he came alone, it was still shocking. The majority of experts and lineages quickly avoided him.

“Could it be that Imperial Edge’s Mei Aonan lost?” Those who knew about the fight between them were astonished.

For many people, if even Mei Aonan lost, then no one could oppose him in this generation. No one else could reach Immortal Emperor besides him!

Eventually, someone from the previous generation brought news from space and coldly stated: “No, Ye Qingcheng and Mei Aonan fought and eventually entered an ancient battlefield in space. There, they were caught in a temporal distortion. Ye Qingcheng came out unscathed while news of Mei Aonan has yet to be heard.”

All the old cultivators who came back had cold expressions, so no one knew what was going on.

“Li Qiye, come out and fight!” Ye Qingcheng quickly arrived and floated above Bi’an City. His profound glare swept by as if he could see through all of it.

However, Li Qiye had already left. No one would come out to answer his challenge.

“Li Qiye, listen well. You have slain my brothers and massacred my friends. I will continue to seek vengeance until one of us dies! No matter where you may be, this world is only big enough for one of us!”

Ye Qingcheng stood up high and heroically proclaimed before everyone. He swore to have revenge for the dead lion emperor and Golden Crow Prince.

“To have a good friend like this… one cannot ask for more in life!” Someone said with emotions after listening to these grand words. The younger generation was especially moved; they were enchanted by the brotherhood. To jump into fire and die for a friend without fear of tyrants, there would be no more regrets in life if they had such sworn brothers.

Of course, there were also those indifferent to such a grand rhetoric, especially the wily old generation. They didn’t comment on his proclamation.

The lack of response from Li Qiye to Ye Qingcheng’s challenge made some cultivators who liked Ye Qingcheng to sneer: “Hmph, Li Qiye only picks on the weak. Before the celestial being, isn’t he just running with his tail tucked between his legs? He doesn’t even dare to let out a fart!”

Naturally, there were some experts who liked Li Qiye as well. One of them stood out and defended him: “Since when is Fiercest afraid of anyone? He doesn’t care for Ye Qingcheng since he even dared to shake the Alchemy Kingdom and killed God-Monarchs. Someone like that would be afraid of Ye Qingcheng?”

“Hmph, that was because he had the Phoenix as his backing. The bird isn’t here now, so he can only obediently run away like a dog.” Ye Qingcheng’s supporter immediately cursed.

After seeing no response from Li Qiye, Ye Qingcheng landed before the master mansion to stare at the gates that had been shut for a while.

At this time, countless eyes fell on him as people watched with bated breaths.

Outside of Li Qiye opening the gates and Ming Yexue going inside, no one else was able to open them. Even the powerful ancestors and brilliant geniuses failed to do so.

So now, everyone wanted to see if Ye Qingcheng could open the gates. The entire Stone Medicine World knew that his talents were supreme; he was the number one of the younger generation! If even he couldn’t do it, then others could only despair.

Ye Qingcheng placed his palm on the gates and chanted a mantra. He derived new laws and, in this very instant, his entire body lit up as various grand dao emerged around him.

However, no matter what kind of amazing law he created or what mantra he chanted, the gates remained motionless.

He did not give up and continued to create extremely mysterious dao. The appearance of these laws resulted in a golden dragon coiling around his body with phoenixes flying above. All kinds of strange images emerged.

As his laws became more abstruse, the visual phenomena became more stunning. Wise sages began to knock on the gates as saints communicated with the dao. There were even immortals descending with divine beasts emitting their auras…

A terrifyingly invincible aura engulfed the entire city as it was affected by Ye Qingcheng’s supreme grand dao. The worldly power of the city erupted as its own laws emerged with dao hymns. One could faintly hear the sighs of the dao while the great deities were listening quietly…

The entire city lit up and many doors from the buildings here fluctuated. Without a doubt, Ye Qingcheng was opening many doors at this moment. He was free to enter any of them.

“So powerful, worthy of being the unbeatable genius of our time. Such a supreme aptitude has no equal!” Both old and young were shocked to see the entire city being affected.

Even the most arrogant genius would have to bow their head before Ye Qingcheng’s means and unparalleled talents.

However, as he derived myriad laws with boundless images coming together, the gates remained shut without any signs of opening.

“This, this can’t be real.” Many didn’t believe this scene. All assumed that he would be able to open the main gates, but they hadn't moved in the least. No one would believe such a thing.

He was number one; there was nothing he couldn’t do. In fact, ever since he showed himself to the world, he had never failed before. It seemed that the goddess of victory was always on his side.

But now, he was defeated by Bi’an City! This was tasting defeat for the first time since his debut!

Someone from the previous generation murmured in disbelief: “This, this is so irrational. The celestial being has incredible talents and his supreme dao is enough to shake the entire city, but the main gates are still closed. This is impossible, this is nothing like the legends...”

A few happily thought to themselves as well: “Fiercest is still the most amazing, opening the door like eating a meal. Haha, even the number one loses sometimes!”

Ye Qingcheng had a cold expression, but he simply sat on the roof of the master mansion. A plethora of phenomena continued to emerge and, in a short amount of time, dao runes belonging to him filled the entire city!

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