Chapter 872: Slaying The Golden Crow Prince And The Lion Emperor

Chapter 872: Slaying The Golden Crow Prince And The Lion Emperor

The five ancient creatures quickly pounced on the Three-legged Golden Crow. The crow screeched and flapped its wings that could cut down the stars in the nine heavens. The sunfire blazed for millions of feet to burn the space above. At this moment, it seemed to be a supreme True God capable of slaughtering millions with just a single move.

This bird was a powerful and ancient divine beast. In the distant past, it had swept through a heavenly realm before.

However, the creatures inside the pentagate were even older than the golden crow and had a much more incredible origin. Just one was enough to deal with the crow, let alone all five at the same time.

“Rrrrip!” The five ancient creatures were unbelievably savage. They tore apart the sky and destroyed the fabric of time as they lunged forward. In a short period of time, they dismembered the crow despite its futile resistance.

It became food for the five creatures. This was a shocking scene with blood raining down from the sky. A dying golden crow was vainly struggling and being eaten alive — this astounded everyone present.

“No…” The prince who used his primal blood to summon his progenitor’s power was also annihilated the moment the crow was killed. He screamed indignantly before his demise.

In his mind, this secret law with the primal blood should have been able to fight even a God-Monarch. However, he lost completely as the crow became a meal and even paid with his own life!

Everyone present felt insecure. Just how overbearing was this matter? Anyone would feel a cold chill right now.

Li Qiye recalled the pentagate and insipidly said: “It would have been more interesting if you brought along Immortal Emperor Jin She’s fate weapon. You merely brought a weapon in the physical form of a fake god — can’t reach the apex.”

The prince died with his eyes still open. Despite having the regalia, he still lost to Li Qiye. In a final act of desperation, he burned his true fate to summon the golden crow as he was willing to pay any price to kill Li Qiye!

However, he didn’t expect to be annihilated in this manner and was still unwilling in his last moments. Perhaps his final thought was wishing that he had brought along the emperor’s fate weapon, then he might have had the chance to kill Li Qiye by using the combination of the emperor’s supreme arts.

The entire city became completely silent. Everyone was staring at Li Qiye in amazement. Prior to this, they had only heard of rumors about him.

Shaking the Alchemy Kingdom and destroying three sects with one phrase — these were both fierce and brutal records. However, rumors were still only rumors; without seeing it for themselves, words would amount to nothing. However, his actions today had shaken everyone’s hearts.

The lion emperor wanted to secretly escape since he was terrified as well. Although he was confident that he was not weaker than the prince, the prince that was adorned with the regalia still died pitifully even after he summoned the golden crow. Thus, he wanted to use this opportunity to escape from the city. Unfortunately, his trivial speed was incomparable to Li Qiye’s. Li Qiye blocked his path and stared at him while lazily speaking with a smirk: “Still want to run after you’re already here?”

The crowd shifted their attention to the emperor. He had an extremely unsightly expression since he was at a dead end. Earlier, he was extremely overbearing for a very simple reason — he had both strength and the lion legion. This gave him confidence that he was definitely capable of sweeping through a great power. Moreover, he had the ravine and the Stony Edge Kingdom as his backings… With the imperial lineages behind him, on the condition that the three behemoths didn’t come out, no one would dare to oppose him.

However, his lion legion was massacred and the prince that supported him was killed by Li Qiye. He had no other means to fight at this moment!

He was a big character as well as a genius. Today, he tried to run but was caught by Li Qiye. This was the complete ruination of his fame!

However, he took a deep breath and maintained the style of an expert as well as a genius. He slowly said: “Daoist Li, the verdant mountains are still there and the pure springs continue to flow; learn to forgive and forget, don’t go too far…”

“You are mistaken. In my eyes, the verdant mountains and pure springs shall be destroyed if they oppose me. Forgive and forget — these words are mere nonsense to me.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “You have chosen to oppose me, so prepare for death.”

The emperor took a deep breath and arched his chest forward to proclaim: “Daoist Li, there are three thousand grand dao and the emperor’s path is endless, there is no avoiding each other. My second brother has millions of elites backed by hundreds of sects…”

“Okay, don’t try to scare me with your backing.” Li Qiye interrupted him: “Ye Qingcheng is nothing to me. Even the ravine is not worth mentioning in my eyes, let alone Ye Qingcheng. If you attack now, at least you can die an honorable death. Otherwise, I’ll peel your skin and pull out your tendons to let you experience a horrific end!”

The lion emperor tried to calm down. He knew that there was no other option, so he stared at Li Qiye and slowly said: “I want to fight with you barehanded, will you accept this challenge?”

The smart lion knew that Li Qiye had supreme treasures, so he picked this option. At least this way he would have a glimmer of hope of survival!

“Of course, you can begin.” Li Qiye smiled while posing with both hands behind his back in a leisured manner.

The lion had a newfound confidence. He was a genius after all, so he was very sure of himself. He let out a lion roar that echoed across the sky: “Open!”

In the blink of an eye, he turned into a golden lion. It was even more gigantic than a mountain. Its foot could crush a hill as he pounced forward, destroying all in his path.

The earth shook as this giant golden lion turned into countless other lions. It became a sea of lions that was ready to devour all things. Just how terrorizing was this scene of ferocious lions? Perhaps this massive amount of lions could even take down a divine beast!

“Myriad Lion Era — this is the supreme technique of the Ancient Lion Kingdom.” Someone paled at the countless lions pouncing towards Li Qiye with an unstoppable momentum; this pack was capable of slaying both gods and devils!

Li Qiye continued to stand there in his cool pose while the lions were swiftly approaching. He eventually reached out with his right hand that tightened into a fist. In this split second, the endless time and boundless space were within his grasp. When he unleashed this fist, a terrifying black hole appeared.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The countless murderous lions were immediately swallowed by this terrifying black hole and instantly shattered inside.

“No…” The lion emperor let out a shrill scream. His golden lion body disappeared as his flesh was torn apart by the black hole. He was instantly decimated without leaving behind a single trace.

This fist was derived from the Heaven Devouring Evil Physique, one of the twelve Immortal Physiques. It was capable of engulfing all things. None could escape its power!

Li Qiye destroyed the Ninehead Lion Emperor with one fist and nonchalantly spoke: “A mere sick lion dares to proclaim himself an emperor!”

The lion didn’t know that no one was Li Qiye’s match in hand-to-hand combat. His Myriad Dao Fist could suppress all enemies while his Heaven Suppresion Fist was even more unbeatable. As for his Immortal Physiques, they could simply sweep through anything and everything!

The city grew quiet once more. The crowd’s gazes towards Li Qiye began to fill with fear. After witnessing his ability to slaughter, they finally understood that his notoriety was not limited to tales alone. This was definitely a lawless brute who would destroy anyone who provoked him!

Someone looked at him and murmured: “Fiercest, this name is quite fitting!”

At this point, Li Qiye was standing in front of the master mansion and glanced at the crowd to say: “Disperse, go do what you want to do. All the buildings in the city are open to you so long as you have the strength and fortune. However, don’t even think about the master mansion, this place is under my jurisdiction!”

Those who were unwilling couldn’t do anything about it. This fierce man even dared to kill the descendant of the ravine, so who would he not dare to slay?

Li Qiye quietly sat in front of the mansion and closed his eyes to rest without caring about other things.

Although some did not give up on entering the master mansion, no one dared to go forward and try while Li Qiye was sitting there. This was a bees nest no one wanted to touch. It was not worth the risk of being killed by this monster.

Eventually, as Li Qiye sat there waiting, a carriage entered Bi’an City. This was a common carriage that was not very eye-catching.

However, the woman that stepped down from it instantly attracted the attention of countless cultivators in the city. Many were immediately swooned and marveled at her sight!

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