Chapter 871: Fighting The Golden Crow

Chapter 871: Fighting The Golden Crow

“Bang!” No matter how invincible these lion images might be, they couldn’t stop Li Qiye’s fist. With a loud explosion, all the images were annihilated.

“Pop!” The emperor’s lion mudra was shattered on the spot. He was shaken to the point of vomiting blood and went flying.

This fist was derived from the Sky Destroyer Physique. It wasn’t only unyielding, it carried an endless offensive might as well, a might capable of destroying all things!

“Die!” The lion legion was anxious to help their leader. They roared as the army came to take down Li Qiye.

“Just a bunch of insects.” Li Qiye sneered in the face of the encroaching army. At this moment, myriad hands emerged from his body. The nine worlds floated up as well and focused all of their energies on the thousand hands.

“Myriad Slash!” Li Qiye laughed freely. The thousand hands came together and, with a swooshing sound, countless arcs flew out. These arcs were above everything, capable of cutting down all the laws of this world.

“Myriad Slash” was a great technique from the Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds technique. Heads flew after they were decapitated by the arcs. All the power in the nine worlds was focused in these slashes. Not to mention a group of demonic lions, even a legion of Heavenly Kings would be killed in the blink of an eye.

As heads fell down to the ground, the headless necks finally began to spray out columns of blood. Crashing sounds ensued as the countless bodies without heads fell to the ground, dyeing the land red.

This legion that was the pride of the lion emperor didn’t even have the chance to summon their strongest formation. All were massacred under one move from Li Qiye.

The stench of blood assaulted the senses of many, causing them to be creeped out. They quickly retreated and one even murmured: “Fiercest is really brutal! This is so crazy.”

“Halt your assault!” The prince screamed after seeing Li Qiye destroy the lion legion. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a golden ray that had unbelievable speed and toughness. Others couldn’t even see his trajectory as he tried to kill Li Qiye.

Even a paragon would be alarmed by this scene. Even someone with a protective treasure ready would have a hard time surviving such sharpness and agility.

However, space fluttered as Li Qiye’s chest lit up. The Hell Suppressing, Soaring, Void Imperfection, and Sky Destroyer Physiques all activated simultaneously.

It seemed that time grew stagnant as all actions slowed down. By the time people realized, Li Qiye had already disappeared; even paragons wouldn’t be able to see through his level of speed. The prince with his regalia also slowed.

It wasn’t a stretch to say his speed was as slow as a snail compared to Li Qiye; it wasn’t enough to reach the apex.

“Banh!” A monstrous blast dragged everyone back from the stagnation of time. No one clearly saw what had just happened. However, they noticed the prince being smacked up high with blood splattering everywhere. Even the Golden Crow Regalia couldn’t save him.

The Hell Suppressing Physique had matchless weight capable of crushing all things. The Soaring Immortal Physique had extreme speed that surpassed all else. The Void Imperfection Physique was unstoppable and caused all laws to retreat. The Sky Destroyer Physique had an untouchable sharpness alongside infinite force!

The combination of these four physiques held unthinkable power. Even the regalia failed to protect the prince. Remember that the Sky Destroyer Physique held the most destructive force; it had even penetrated imperial weapons before!

The prince continued to vomit blood as he was blown upward. Time stopped once more. The speed that the Golden Crow Tribe was so proud of was nothing before the Soaring Immortal Physique at minor completion. The increased agility from the regalia was not enough to offset the disparity either.

“Bang!” Time began to flow again. Everyone saw an unforgettable scene where Li Qiye up high heavily stomped down onto the prince’s body.

Countless feathers and laws from the tribe emerged from the regalia, but they still failed to block this stomp. The sounds of bones cracking appeared as the prince’s body shattered all over.

Eventually, with a loud blast, the prince fell down from up high and slammed into the ground, creating a huge pit.

The scene became silent. Everyone knew just how powerful the prince was. Among the younger generation, no one could oppose him outside of Ye Qingcheng and Mei Aonan. His regalia made it so that he could even challenge ordinary paragons!

However, in front of Li Qiye, the prince was like a training dummy. His dual arts were nothing before Li Qiye’s peerless speed and power. The regalia was no longer worth mentioning.

This scene was too shocking and caused many to think back about how Mei Aonan defeated the eighteen Young Celestials with her shield alone. However, Li Qiye seemed to be even more domineering than her!

At this time, the prince was lying there as his blood stained the regalia. He couldn’t believe or accept this truth!

To him, losing to Jian Wushuang was only because he underestimated the enemy and didn’t bring along a powerful weapon. But now, he came wearing the regalia, thus he couldn’t accept this result.

He simply didn’t have the power to fight back against Li Qiye and could only accept the beating. The speed that he was so proud of was meaningless against this mighty foe.

“I only let Jian Wushuang fight back then to hone her battle experience.” Li Qiye stared at the prince lying on the ground and said: “You alone are not qualified to be my opponent! Someone at your level still dares to claim to be the number one genius of the ravine? This only shows that your ravine has declined and can’t even find a decent descendant!”

These words were outrageous. No one in the younger generation would dare to state such an unbridled critique of the ravine. However, no one dared to utter a word.

“Ah!” The prince screamed out. His eyes were full of unwillingness and a desire to continue to fight.

“Pluff!” His body suddenly broke apart and his true fate actually combusted. A series of universal laws emerged. He was expending all of his longevity blood in order to reach an atavistic state. An ancient aura soared into the sky.

The blood-stained regalia became radiant as each drop of ruby-like blood merged with it.

“Screetchh!” The cry of a Golden Crow appeared. The regalia flew into the sky and turned into a Three-legged Golden Crow that opened its wings, blotting out the world.

With a loud buzz, it shouldered endless suns with their extremely refined fire ravaging the nine heavens and the stars above. Even those in the upper layer of the firmament were instantly burnt into ashes.

“Is that the Golden Crow Progenitor?” Some people directly kneeled on the ground after seeing such a world-destroying development. The crow’s suppression of the world caused the weaker ones to prostrate uncontrollably since they couldn’t withstand such power.

“What, what’s going on here?” Even Heavenly Kings were aghast before the crow.

Someone said in shock: “This is the primal blood of the Golden Crow Tribe. The prince used a secret technique to utilize his blood to its limit in order to summon the power of the progenitor from the regalia!”

Legend states that the Golden Crow Progenitor had fought against an Immortal Emperor before. He called himself a supreme True God, a being on par with emperors!

“Whoosh!” The crow spouted a torrential sunfire, wanting to annihilate all things. The cultivators in Bi’an City were scared out of their minds when they saw the incoming sea of fire.

“Mommy…” An expert screamed out and wanted to escape from the city. However, it was all too late. Even paragons might be incinerated in the face of such terrifying refined sunfire.

“Buzz!” In this instant, Li Qiye summoned the Heaven Sealing Pentagate. It flew to the sky and quickly sealed this location. With a series of explosions, the pentagate blocked the descending sunfire.

The endless sunfire resembled meteors from space and slammed into the gates over and over again. Unfortunately, it couldn't break through this line of defense.

The pentagate was a supreme artifact that had sealed an entire world before, so it could definitely stop an even more powerful level of sunfire.

“A mere firebird dares to call itself a supreme True God? Know your own limits.” Li Qiye sneered. Another buzz resounded as the Yin Yang Sea of Blood engulfed the sky. Li Qiye’s longevity blood was currently boundless. He used this incredible blood energy to empower the pentagate!

Each of the doors on the pentagate had a particular pattern. At this moment, these patterns came to life as one mysterious and ancient creature rushed out from each door.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The five creatures jumped out, causing the earth to tremble. All of them were accompanied by ancient laws as they emitted terrifying auras like rulers of the old eras!

Sun Consuming Bird, Moon Eating Wolf, Star Devouring Ant, Heaven Shrouding Eagle, and Earth Sealing Rat! These were the creatures inside the pentagate’s patterns.

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