Chapter 87: Void Imperfection Immortal Physique (1)

Li Shuangyan’s glare; this appearance of hers made her icy cold expression have three parts charm and seven parts beauty. She was already country-destroyingly beautiful, but this expression caused others’ minds to sway and their souls to go crazy.

Such beauty, such style — it was something only Li Qiye could slowly savor. As for Li Qiye, regarding Li Shuangyan’s disagreement, he said with a smile: “The War God Temple indeed has some hidden power, and they can be some parts arrogant. The Saint level Pure Jade Physique Merit Law, to the War God Temple, could be considered a good Physique, and, to the cultivators of the world, it would be an unimaginable Saint Physique. However, to me, it was only a common merit law; it is not enough to reach the apex.”

Li Shuangyan gazed at Li Qiye and asked: “In other words, you have a Physique that is better than the level Pure Jade Saint Merit Law then?”

She knew that Li Qiye practiced the “Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique”, and this meant that he had the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique Merit Law.

However, she was a natural Pure Crystal Physique, and her body was completely different from the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique. Even if Li Qiye passed it on to her, it would still be useless.

At this moment, she was practicing the Pure Jade Saint Physique; this could be considered a peak Physique merit law in this world. Outside of this merit law, wanting to find a Physique law that was superior to the Pure Jade Saint Physique was harder than hard, unless it was an Immortal Physique.

Li Qiye didn’t consider the Pure Jade Saint Merit Law in his eyes; this meant that he had an Immortal Physique of this body type. Before, Li Shuangyan had suspicions of this, but, at the moment, Li Qiye had basically admitted this; he caused her heart to shiver.

A person having two Immortal Physique merit laws for different body types, what does this imply? Even looking at the whole Mortal Emperor World, the Nine Worlds, and all of the sects and lineages — especially the Immortal Emperor sects — having two Immortal Physique merit laws could not be counted past five fingers, especially not more than two fingers! [1]

However, Li Qiye actually possessed two Immortal Physique merit laws — how shocking was this? Of course, if Li Shuangyan knew that he had the Physique Scripture, then she would be at a loss for words. This was the origin law of all physiques; it could be said that all physique merit laws in existence in this world originated from this scripture.

“You are not too stupid.” Li Qiye smiled: “The reason I called you in is to teach you the true incantations of an Immortal Physique merit law!”

“Teach me the true incantations?” Li Shuangyan’s heart was distraught, she didn’t dare to believe the little boy in front of her.

At this moment, Li Qiye sat formally and said: “Before teaching you the true incantations, I must make a few things clear to you.”

Li Shuangyan had been staying with Li Qiye for almost a year. Very few matters could change his mood and very few matters could make him so formal, so this caused Li Shuangyan to shiver.

Li Qiye slowly spoke with an extremely solemn and a dignified expression: “If I pass down the true incantations to you, you must accomplish a few things. First, swear with your True Fate that, unless I give you permission, you will never pass it down to a second person, even if it was your closest person. Second, never betray or oppose me; otherwise, accept the consequences. Third, this matter will not be told to anyone; this includes your master, Demon King Lun Ri!”

This air of seriousness coming from Li Qiye caused Li Shuangyan to be shaken. At this moment, her intelligence was able to guess something.

Li Qiye slowly continued: “You have to truly remember that I will not only personally slay you but I will also massacre the sect or the clan receiving this law should you teach this merit law to someone else! This law, without my permission, absolutely cannot be spread to others. In the future, even if an Immortal Emperor was to protect you, I will do as I said. Without my permission to obtain this merit law, the only fate available is the complete annihilation of the clan!”

This was the first time seeing Li Qiye’s solemn expression. Li Shuangyan definitely trusted that his words were not originating from baseless arrogance. She believed that he will do as he said!

Li Shuangyan did not know the old stories of the Physique Scripture. It was in Li Qiye’s possession for millions of years. In reality, he had passed on the Immortal Physiques to not only Immortal Emperor Min Ren. That year, Min Ren was given the word “Yang” from the Scripture, and he successfully cultivated the “Solar Immortal Physique.”

Afterward, Immortal Emperor Min Ren didn’t leave behind the “Solar Immortal Physique” to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect because this was the agreement between him and Li Qiye.

In reality, it was not just Min Ren who obtained and Immortal Physiques. There were a few at a young age who reached an agreement with Li Qiye, and they finally cultivated the Immortal Physiques, actually becoming Immortal Emperors. However, they also didn’t pass down these Immortal Physiques.

Li Qiye slowly said: “By giving away the true incantations, you will have to follow me. You can sign a contract with me and choose to follow me for one thousand years, ten thousand years, or your whole life. When the contract expires, you are free to leave! However, you absolutely cannot oppose me in the future. If the pact is broken… I do not need to repeat the consequences.

“Of course, you can also choose to not learn this merit law. As long as you follow me, in the future, I will grant you an even better Saint merit law than the one you are currently practicing! Make your choice now!”

Li Shuangyan stared at Li Qiye in silent contemplation. Without a doubt, this choice would greatly affect her entire life. As the heaven’s proud daughter, she had many choices; however, today, she was facing a different situation.

“I am willing.” Li Shuangyan eventually made her choice. She formally said her answer with a resolute demeanor. She, in one breath, chose to follow him for her whole life. Having made this decision with resolution and swiftness, she was indeed an intelligent person — she just made the biggest decision of her life.

“One day, you will understand that your decision is not incorrect.” Li Qiye gently nodded his head: “In the future, when I crawl up to the peak, there will absolutely be a place for you.”

Finally, Li Shuangyan used her True Fate to make a pact, and she swore to be loyal and follow Li Qiye. After obtaining her service, Li Qiye grinned: “Listen well, I am passing the true incantations to you.”

Li Shuangyan shivered, and she focused her mind. She didn’t dare to be careless. With a formal expression, she carefully listened to every word and sentence that came from Li Qiye.

Li Shuangyan was a natural born Pure Crystal Physique; this was one of the twenty-four King Physiques. Pure Crystal Physique and Substance Jade Physique were the same body type, and both are of the twenty-four King Physiques. They both could become possessors of a Pure Jade Physique, one of the eighteen Saint Physiques. Finally, with an Immortal Physique merit law, these two Physiques could become the Void Imperfection Physique, one of the twelve Immortal Physiques.

However, Li Qiye, at the moment, was passing down to her an Immortal Physique, directly skipping the Saint Physique. As for Saint Physiques, there were eighteen types. However, in this world, cultivators preferred to call them the twelve Saint Physiques.

This was because, within the eighteen Saint Physiques, there were only twelve that have a corresponding Immortal Physique. As for the other six Saint Physiques, they were extremely rare. Many people didn’t even know what the other six Saint Physiques were!

Li Shuangyan was extremely serious, and she carefully listened to Li Qiye’s instruction. She was a natural born King Physique, King Life Wheel, and Saint Fate Palace. Her aptitude could be counted only on one’s fingers in this generation — definitely a genius within geniuses. To her, the only limitation was the merit laws because, in the end, the Nine Saint Demon Gate was not of Immortal Emperor lineage. For a genius like her to obtain an Emperor law, she would be even more unfathomable.

However, the Life Wheel and Fate Palace couldn’t be changed. This was bestowed by the heavens. A natural King Life Wheel will always be a King Life Wheel, and it could not be promoted to the Saint Life Wheel. Only the Physique could be promoted to a higher realm through cultivation.

To Li Shuangyan, a King Physique was far from sufficient. If she could successfully cultivate an Immortal Physique, then in the future, she would truly be able to reach the peak.

The Physique Scripture had six words, and, at the extremes of each word, two Immortal Physiques were born. If Li Shuangyan wanted an Immortal Physique, she would have to cultivate the Void Imperfection Physique.

The Void Imperfection Physique originated from the word “Pure”, meaning extreme purity. The two Immortal Physiques that accompanied this word was the “Void Imperfection Physique” and the “Soar Immortal Physique”!

Currently, Li Qiye was teaching her the Void Imperfection Physique, one of the two grand Physiques of Pure!

Li Shuangyan’s talents were extraordinary; Li Qiye only had to say it once, and she was able to memorize the Void Imperfection Physique’s incantations. Her mind was extremely moved by this merit law. This was the most profound and mysterious merit law she had come in contact with. Even as a genius, she had no way to understand the absolute meanings within.

Fortunately, Li Qiye explained the ultimate mysteries of the Void Imperfection Physique for her. At the moment, during Li Qiye’s Dao instruction, this was the real shock for Li Shuangyan.

As the absolute genius of the Grand Middle Territory, the moment she heard the incantations of the Void Imperfection Physique, she was afraid that even within one hundred years, she still wouldn’t be able to understand the ultimate mysteries of this merit law. However, at this moment, Li Qiye was preaching without stop; from simplicity to complexity, from shallowness to the depths! There was no resemblance to a fourteen-year-old! This was a supreme master of a generation.

Li Shuangyan, of course, didn’t know that Li Qiye had spent countless years reading and meditating on the Physique Scripture. During this process, he absorbed the essence of many Immortal Emperors and the Mortal Race’s immortal sages. Naturally, a genius like Li Shuangyan couldn’t compare to him.

After the instruction, Li Qiye said to Li Shuangyan: “I have explained the Physique merit law to you. As for how much you can actually comprehend, this is up to your own cultivation. If you actually cannot successfully form the Void Imperfect Physique… then I could only say that you are the dumbest person in this world, and I was also wrong in judging you.”

Li Shuangyan took a long time to regain her wits. When she did, she asked: “This merit law, cultivating it together with my existing Pure Jade Saint Merit Law, would there be flaws at the moment when I form my Inner Physique?”

[1] Confusing paragraph, basically she is saying no sect in this world has more than two Immortal Physique Merit Laws, at most.

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