Chapter 867: Bi’an City

Chapter 867: Bi’an City

“Someone found Bi’an City!” This explosive news spread right as more sects were rushing into the beastworld.

All of them poured towards the city since they wanted to enter!

“Bi’an City, wow. Maybe we will be able to get its treasures!” Anyone would frantically rush for the city after hearing this news.

Common sects and the ancestors of great powers who knew a little about the beastworld were excited as well since Bi’an City was the source of many legends. One stated that the Divine Beast Realm’s rise had a lot to do with the city. It further explained that the beast realm could maintain their hegemony for several generations due to their control over the city!

Even though no one knew whether these legends were true or not, one thing was absolutely certain — the story about Immortal Emperor Bi Shi!

At that time, a divine stone fell from the beastworld and was picked up by the Alchemy Kingdom. In the end, it became an Immortal Emperor with the title of Bi Shi, lording over the nine worlds.

This divine stone was from Bi’an City. Thus, cultivators crazily rushed to Bi’an City in hopes of treasures. Some sects craved for a divine stone as well. Perhaps they would be able to groom it into an Immortal Emperor in the future!

Bi’an City was a huge stone city that towered all the way into the sky. It resembled a gigantic behemoth.

After seeing its appearance, anyone would know that this was the center and source of the beastworld!

There were many brown rocks made from unknown materials that rendered the city completely impenetrable. Its walls couldn't be scaled either.

The doors were closed shut. There were no guardian beasts here, but the closed entrance stopped everyone outside.

All the crazed cultivators here had no way of entering. No matter what they tried, they couldn’t open these doors; even the ancestors found no success. They attempted to attack it with great weapons as well, but all was for naught.

“Why won’t the gates open?” Everyone was anxious at this moment since no one could enter despite finding the city. They could only look on from in front of the gate.

“We need the Bi’an Immortal Rod in order to open the city!” Eventually, a very ancient ancestor on the verge of death revealed this secret after seeing the city.

“The Bi’an Immortal Rod? What is that?” Many people had never heard of such a thing.

The dying ancestor spoke: “According to the records of my kingdom, the beastworld does not come out by itself and needs to be summoned. The Bi’an Immortal Rod is the tool for this summoning. Legends told that for generations till now, this rod would change masters, but for some unknown reason, when the Divine Beast Realm came into possession of it, they were able to keep it, thus allowing the realm to control the beastworld for several generations…”

The ancestor coughed here before continuing: “Later on, the beast realm was destroyed and the rod disappeared. No one was able to find it, so the beastworld ceased to appear until now.”

This revelation puzzled many people because no one knew who summoned the beastworld.

“Who is the summoner?” In a flash, everyone glanced around to find this unknown summoner.

Someone couldn’t help but say: “Perhaps the summoner is in this crowd right now. Stand out and open the city so that everyone can get to the good stuff.”

“Yes, open the city. No one will try to take your rod.” A big shot spoke as well.

An ancestor from a great power even voiced a vow: “Open the city and I will make sure that no one will try to take your rod.”

In just a moment, many people agreed with this suggestion and began to echo the sentiment. More great powers quickly assured that they wouldn’t try to seize the rod.

However, no one stood out to open the city. This made everyone dejected. They couldn't even think about entering the city without the immortal rod!

While the entire crowd was quite downtrodden, a keen eye saw a carriage in the distance and whispered: “Fierce is here.”

Instantly, countless people turned around to look at the carriage that was slowly inching closer. Li Qiye was sitting in the carriage in a lazy manner as if he was still drowsy.

Everyone quickly made a path for the carriage; no one dared to block him. Who would want to annoy this brute who would destroy sects and kingdoms so quickly? Let alone offend him, no one would even dare to stand before him!

Offending someone like this was definitely seeking disaster. A single misstep might escalate into a sect-destroying calamity.

Li Qiye arrived before the gate. He slowly took out a bronze item that resembled a rod yet wasn’t, and raised it into the air.

“The Bi’an Immortal Rod…” The old ancestor stood up in shock after seeing the item in Li Qiye’s hand.

“The Bi’an Immortal Rod!” Many cultivators in front of the gate were astounded as they stared at the item in his hand.

Of course, no one dared to have any funny thoughts towards Li Qiye or his possessions. The example of the Tombskull Sect’s group was still fresh in their minds. Who would want to take something from Li Qiye?

“Zzz—” The rod suddenly changed and became a pair of bronze gloves that covered both of his hands.

“Squeakkk—” He pushed the gate while wearing the gloves, causing the doors to slowly open.

Everyone quietly watched the scene play out. No one dared to rush forward before Li Qiye had entered.

After he went inside, everyone finally swarmed into the city like a broken beehive.

They were shocked by the scene inside. Bi’an City was gigantic. It was probably even bigger than the biggest city in the Stone Medicine World.

It was very orderly with millions of pavilions and buildings. Every single one of them was made from the same brown rocks as well.

Because of this, there was a seamless feel to the city as if it was all just a single piece. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that it was just a big piece of rock artfully carved into this form!

There were no signs of life in this huge city either, not even an insect let alone a human.

The difference between this city and the other cities and villages is that there were many stone statues scattered on the streets and sidewalks.

They had different appearances and expressions. Moreover, there was a vivid feel to them as if all of them were fine works of art.

The intruders were attracted by these statues. Some completely marveled. Just who was it that expended so much effort to carve so many different statues?

Li Qiye maintained a fast pace after entering the city; he continued without pausing. Eventually, he made it to a very large stone mansion.

This was the master mansion of the city. A huge statue was situated on top of this mansion; it was the divine beast Bi’an. It was very animated and seemed like it could come to life at any moment to stomp on all existences in its sight. Nothing was more than a mere ant before its might.

The mansion gates were closed as Li Qiye came closer. He gently knocked on the gate while wearing the bronze gloves and spoke: “I am here!”

With a series of heavy squeaks, the gate slowly opened. Li Qiye stepped inside and the gate closed once more.

The main hall of the mansion was dark with statues standing guard on both sides. Each of them was different; some were standing, some were squatting, and some were even sitting on chairs.

One could only hear Li Qiye's slow and light footsteps in this dark and silent hall. He eventually made it to the end of this lobby.

There were tables and benches along with statues situated around them.

Li Qiye’s gaze fell onto the stone wall at the end of the hall. There was a huge painting drawn on this wall. It had spirited mountains and rivers in the midst of an endless space. At that place within the painting, it seemed that there was a boundless force with energy gushing from inside.

A closer look would show that this seemed to be real and not just a painting. The endless space inside seemed to be hiding countless great secrets!

Li Qiye struggled to look away and murmured: “Immemorial secrets, yearned for by so many that wanted to become the lord of this place...”

With that, he sat on a stone bench. Then, he looked around at the statues and dismissively said: “After so many years, I finally managed to come again. Can’t I get a better reception than this?”

The entire hall remained silent, no one answered him.

Li Qiye smiled and his hands that wore the bronze gloves began to change once more. Eventually, they turned into a crow mark that imprinted itself on the stone desk. Then, Li Qiye shot out a universal law from his mind, causing the entire desk to light up, lighting the hall!

“Your Excellency Dark Crow, long time no see. I almost didn’t recognize you.” A voice came from a dark and obscured corner of the hall.

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