Chapter 866: Unbeatable Legion

Chapter 866: Unbeatable Legion

After leaving the temple, the carriage continued on. Li Qiye continued on alone for an unknown amount of time, as if he wanted to reach the end of the beastworld.

Eventually, the lone man and carriage climbed to a high plateau. In this place, the mountain range reached straight into the sky. The hills were like giant guardians protecting this location.

Anyone who could reach this plateau would be shaken by the majestic scenery ahead. This was the place closest to the sky!

However, the scenery was not the only reason for astonishment. The other was the fact that the entire area was completely sealed!

This place was broad, containing countless mountains. Someone had laid an eternal framework in this place, a framework with numerous powerful laws nailed into the ground. Each mountain had been refined, causing the entire plateau to become one that was rooted in the deepest location of the beastworld.

It was as if this place was connected to the most mysterious location of the realm. All the mysticisms of the beastworld were sealed in this plateau!

This framework was unbelievable with its untouchable seals and supreme existences guarding it. Even an Immortal Emperor might not be able to break through this place!

Li Qiye stood before the plateau with all kinds of feelings in his heart. This place shouldered the greatest glory. It had the most powerful legion in this world buried beneath its soil, a slumbering force that had once protected the human race!

Here lied a legion that had bathed the nine worlds in blood. Here lied a cavalry capable of trampling all things. Here, an invincible army that could shake even Immortal Emperors could be found!

Li Qiye sighed softly and opened his mind. In the deepest part of his sea of memories, mysterious and magical Immortal Emperor laws derived and transformed themselves. Eventually, they became a supreme amnesty decree.

“Buzz…” This supreme decree hovered above his head. The most profound dao runes emerged and continued to spread, forming an ocean.

“Crash!” A bronze bridge emerged in the sky over the plateau, under Li Qiye's feet. This bridge could only be activated with the amnesty decree that belonged to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye drove his carriage on top of the bridge towards the depths of the plateau. One could see the panorama from above the bridge. This place was very steep and dangerous without any signs of life.

Such a place was where Li Qiye chose to spend countless efforts sealing after destroying the Divine Beast Realm. Later on, Empress Hong Tian blessed and graced this place with her protection.

Li Qiye sealed his most powerful force here along with his crowning glory.

At the end of the bronze bridge was a palace that occupied the deepest location of the plateau on the highest and most majestic peak.

This palace had withstood countless moons, as if it had been there since the beginning of the heaven and earth.

“Clank—” The bronze doors slowly opened as Li Qiye arrived in his carriage. They closed once more after he went inside.

It seemed that the door broke all ties with the outside world, even the ties of time. Inside the palace was a different scenery. Bright sunlight directly shone down from above as if this was heaven itself.

A fountain could be found in the center of the palace. However, it was not gushing out water but an indispensable and thick worldly energy. The energy here was ancient as if it had been here since time immemorial.

However, this was not the craziest part. Countless natural treasures surrounded this fountain, including incredible immortal stones and jades as well as exceedingly rare fate metals.

These ores were full of a vibrant life force. This rich life force cultivated the existences here to offset the erosion of time. They piled on like mountains. Just a single piece appearing in the outside world would drive everyone crazy. It would definitely result in a bloody competition between experts.

This palace was huge. Outside of the central fountain and the piles of ore was a throne at the highest peak. This throne emitted a matchless aura, as if only the most powerful Immortal Monarch would be able to sit here. Others were simply unqualified!

Around the throne were countless bronze coffins. Each of them was wrapped in a large amount of Blood Era Stones to offset the passage of time.

Li Qiye got down from his carriage and slowly made his way into this palace. Eventually, he sat down on this supreme throne. Since the start of time, only he was eligible to sit down on this throne!

“Clickk—” A series of heavy sounds rang out. The coffins here all slowly opened the moment Li Qiye sat on the throne.

There were bronze statues inside each of the numerous coffins. All of them had different shapes and expressions. It was as if each was cast from the most ancient of bronze ingots — cold and tough without any signs of life.

“No need for formalities. Time has not been merciful so continue to slumber.” Li Qiye glanced at these statues as if he was counting his soldiers and generals.

With more clanking sounds, these coffins closed up. From beginning to end, Li Qiye was the only one who talked.

He leaned back on his throne, though it was unknown whether it was from fatigue or from returning to his realm, but he was finally able to relax.

He closed his eyes and seemed to have fallen asleep. Since the start of time, he had sat in this throne far too long.

The entire chamber was quiet as if time had come to a standstill in this frozen space. After some time, Li Qiye finally opened his eyes to look at the coffins before him. He became quite sentimental and heaved a sigh. This sigh contained too many emotions; weariness, helplessness, and an indescribable melancholy…

“I’m also tired. For tens of millions of years during this long journey, I was fortunate to have all of you with me as we fought against the nine worlds and massacred myriad realms!” He emotionally said: “Massacre, yes… so many years have passed and I have nearly forgotten about those bloody days. Throughout the river of time, people have called me the dark hand behind the curtains while others cursed me as the myriad races’ butcher! Some even considered me to be a devil…”

“I didn’t care for any of this. The only thing that mattered to me was those by my side, those who continued to grow older one after another, those who died on the battlefield for my sake… No matter what, at least I still have all of you who are continuing to accompany me to the very end.” Li Qiye bitterly smiled after thinking about the suffering throughout the ages.

“But no matter what, just like our bold claim of the past, we shall fight to the very end, and we shall pierce the sky! In the end, only we alone shall stand at the apex of the myriad worlds, only we alone shall be the last men smiling! Throughout history, how many have lost their heads and how many people rose to fight again and again?! We had no lack of Immortal Emperors and Immortal Monarchs in our invincible legions on this torturous and heroic path!” At this point, Li Qiye’s eyes began to emit a blinding light as a supreme aura erupted from his body. He became a paragon of the ages. In this place, his untouchable aura had awakened!

“We shall take this journey all the way to the end. We will never falter and never speak the word defeat!” His dominating voice echoed in the chamber: “In this generation, we will fight to the very last man. No matter how tragic this war will be, the victor shall be us!”

His powerful speech echoed across the quiet chamber. The only listeners were the bronze statues lying in their coffins.

Li Qiye continued to sit in his throne quietly, a throne that even Godkings looked up to with reverence!

Unknowingly, the corners of Li Qiye’s eyes became moist. No one saw this scene. There were only the quiet statues here with Li Qiye.

For ages, he was immortal and had obtained many things. However, this only meant that he had also lost more than anyone else. He became numb even to separations and final goodbyes.

However, who knew that the always tough and tyrannical Li Qiye who looked down on everything, had buried countless emotions, memories, and sorrows in the deepest parts of his heart and mind!

There was only numbness after the endless suffering. Eventually, he chose to laugh at the world. His life was destined to be domineering and strong. He must carry himself freely and be true to his thoughts!

He sat here for a very long time. If possible, he wanted to stay here for the rest of his life. If there existed a home for him in this world, then this place would be considered one of them. Here, there were generals and soldiers that had fought at his side for generations with unrelenting loyalty. It wouldn’t be bad to stay with them here for an eternity!

Alas, he eventually stood up and gently sighed: “I have to go now, but I will be back. The day when we brave warriors come into being shall be the day our war begins. Our steps will never cease. We will fight to the end, until even the high heavens is destroyed!”

With that, he turned away and resolutely left. He didn’t want to turn around since he was afraid of not being able to bear it. Despite traveling far from the palace, he still didn’t turn back. He was afraid that he would shed tears.

No one knew that in this place lied an invincible legion that had bathed the nine worlds in blood! Its name was the Brave Tiger Legion! This name had frightened the courage and souls out of many existences and lineages!

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