Chapter 862: Eighteen Young Celestials

Chapter 862: Eighteen Young Celestials

Many people right outside the entrance couldn’t help but hold their breaths after seeing him stand. This feeling became stronger when he looked towards the Imperial Edge in the distance. Their hearts jumped after having a vague guess of what he wanted to do.

Ye Qingcheng stared at the Imperial Edge and exclaimed: “Daoist Mei, come out!”

No matter the occasion, he always had a supreme style, both royal and elegant. This style forced even his enemies to admire him. It was definitely not just a pretense. In fact, there was no way of replicating this graceful act in the first place.

At this time, the crowd became quite eager. Celestial Being Ye Qingcheng and Imperial Edge Mei Aonan were the geniuses at the pinnacle of this world. They were considered the best candidates for the imperial throne. Both had great fame so there were many past scuffles between their groups. However, a direct confrontation between them had yet to happen.

The cultivators present forgot about entering the beastworld since they felt that a great battle was approaching.

“Ye Qingcheng!” Mei Aonan appeared outside of the Imperial Edge. She was still sitting on her chair. As a woman, she had no signs of softness and instead exuded a tyrannical aura. Many people forgot that she was a woman since they were overwhelmed by her aura. She resembled a natural born emperor high and above in her throne, capable of terrorizing the world.

The two geniuses had finally met. Moreover, their temperaments were completely different. Ye Qingcheng was able to charm the world while Mei Aonan overwhelmed it!

If, say, Ye Qingcheng was a supremely wise saint, then Mei Aonan was one who would eventually become a dominating emperor one day!

“I heard you wanted to test me. I have been waiting here for a very long time!” She remained up high in the sky and looked down coldly, even with disdain, on this so-called number one of the current generation.

Those who were lucky enough to watch this unraveling scene did not dare to underestimate Mei Aonan despite knowing of Ye Qingcheng’s prestige!

Mei Aonan came from the Jianlong Clan, thus she was destined for greatness. She also had a prideful arrogance that couldn’t be found in others. She chose to leave the clan to forge her own path. Not just anyone could have made such a domineering decision.

“My brotherly ties were molded with blood. You killed my third brother, so if I do not obtain vengeance, how can I ever set foot on this world again…” Even when Ye Qingcheng wanted to fight, he was still elegant and royal as if he couldn’t be stained by the mundanity of this world.

The crowd glanced at each other after hearing this. Some understood that this would be a fight to the death since Ye Qingcheng would not forgive Mei Aonan killing the Celestial Array Young King.

“To be willing to die for a brother... I would have no regrets in life if I can become brothers with a man like Ye Qingcheng.” Many people became emotional after seeing Ye Qingcheng’s attempt for retribution. They were amazed at his loyalty and camaraderie.

At the very least, the younger generation was very envious. In their eyes, it would be a privilege to become brothers with a loyal man like Ye Qingcheng!

“That’s right, we, the eighteen Young Celestials, support Brother Ye! We will have revenge for the young king!” A thunderous voice came from the horizon. A series of loud explosions occurred, followed by the appearance of many standards. Eighteen cavalry legions appeared with huge armies right behind them that had an extremely grand momentum!

This army immediately rushed before everyone. The crowd was aghast after seeing this army that resembled a flood. It had an unstoppable sharpness. The eighteen young men at their head were all prodigies of this generation. Their blood energies soared into the sky; these were men capable of looking down on other heroes no matter the occasion due to their great skills.

“The eighteen Young Celestials and their sects!” Many people were startled to see these cavalries. Almost anyone would most likely give way before such a force.

“So a bunch of nobodies decided to show up. Juniors of such a level dare to stand before me?” Mei Aonan only glanced once at this great army without a care.

The eighteen Young Celestials were all prodigies in the eyes of the world. They couldn’t help but glare at Mei Aonan after they were put down like this.

They were all descendants from great powers. Some were even from imperial lineages. Many weren’t convinced of Ye Qingcheng and had challenged him before. Later on, they lost to Ye Qingcheng and were moved by his charisma. They willingly formed an army and called themselves the eighteen Young Celestials. They commanded the armies from their sects and were willing to support Ye Qingcheng!

They viewed Ye Qingcheng as their pride and claimed that if he wanted to compete for the Heaven’s Will, they would open the path and fight the rest of the world for him!

“Mei Aonan, such audacious words! Do you think you are invincible? I shall have my revenge for my third brother!” A loud and clear voice resounded at this time like the roar of a lion that instilled fear deep into the hearts of many.

A middle-aged man came from the sky. This person had the head of a lion, so it was clear that he was a lion demon. There were also eight images of lion heads around his body, seemingly capable of devouring the world and tearing apart all enemies!

“The Ninehead Lion Emperor!” Someone emotionally exclaimed after seeing this man: “If the emperor is here, then the millions of lion demons should be arriving soon too.”

Before Ye Qingcheng emerged into the world, there was once a genius of the demonic dao. He had swept through the Stone Medicine World with no rival in the younger generation. Later on, he called himself the Ninehead Lion Emperor.

Coming from the Ancient Lion Kingdom, his forefather was a terrifying demon. Later on, this demon joined together with a true god, and the kingdom came from their offspring.

It had a cavalry that numbered in the millions who had swept through the world in the past, causing many great powers to tremble. Some even said that this was the most powerful demon lineage outside of imperial lineages!

Later on, Ye Qingcheng appeared and actually defeated the Ninehead Lion Emperor. The always arrogant emperor was won over by Ye Qingcheng, and they eventually made an oath of brotherhood!

“Just you?” Mei Aonan glanced at the emperor while sitting imperiously on her throne: “Ninehead, your trivial talents are not worth mentioning. It is not that I’m looking down on you, it’s just that you are simply here to humiliate yourself! Either come fight me together with Ye Qingcheng or come with those eighteen nobodies. After I take care of all of you, it still won’t be late for me to fight Ye Qingcheng!”

Such words made everyone gasp. Her intention of fighting everyone alone was truly too domineering. Perhaps only she was this tyrannical among the younger generation.

An expert from the previous generation emotionally exclaimed: “A man should be like Ye Qingcheng and a woman should be like Mei Aonan. Despite being a woman, she is no weaker than any man!”

“Mei Aonan, if you want a group fight, then my million lion demons are ready to meet you at any time!” The lion emperor was once a famous genius. He wouldn’t be threatened by just one phrase from Mei Aonan.

Mei Aonan stood up with both hands crossed in front of her chest and looked down at the world without missing a single detail. She loomed over the emperor and leisurely laughed: “Ninehead, do not boast about your million demons here! This kind of threat means nothing to me! Do you really think your army can scare people? In the present times, lineages like the Alchemy Kingdom choose not to come into being. Otherwise, your nonsensical group of cats would barely be considered anything. A few God-Monarchs can intrude on your Ancient Lion Kingdom as easily as flipping their hand!”

“Good, Mei Aonan, my kingdom challenges you then!” The lion emperor snorted and declared his challenge!

“Okay, you and the eighteen Young Celestials can come together. I will kill all of you and then destroy your kingdom!” Mei Aonan sneered.

“How presumptuous! Brothers, let's go!” The eighteen youths could no longer bear it. They were descendants of great powers as well as famous geniuses. Even if they were not as great as Ye Qingcheng, their fame still echoed across this world!

Today, Mei Aonan treated them like nothing, so how could they not become furious?

With a loud roar, the eighteen lunged towards Mei Aonan. As geniuses, their combined power could be imagined. Spears shattered the void and sabers split the sky along with treasure pagodas capable of sealing even gods themselves…

Such power left people trembling. This great of a force was willing to work for Ye Qingcheng — just how incredible was this?

“Only a group of insects not knowing their own strength.” Mei Aonan didn’t even bother looking at the approaching force. After making this comment, a shield appeared in her left hand.

“Boom!” This one shield was able to suppress gods and devils. Its attack caused the firmaments to molder and the stars to lose their brilliance.

With a supreme momentum, her attack came crashing down. Treasures and weapons were blown away one after another. The eighteen Young Celestials were immediately blown flying. Some crazily spewed out blood while others had broken heads. The crisp sounds of bones breaking were heard by everyone.

So overbearing and invincible! Her one attack easily defeated the eighteen youths! Everyone had to take a deep breath at this performance.

“Don’t get cocky!” The lion emperor snorted. The eight lionheads around his body roared and came biting towards her. They opened their mouths and absorbed the power of the stars, causing the sky to darken.

“Only an insignificant art!” Mei Aonan didn’t bother looking at the lion emperor either. With a clank, the divine sword behind her back left its sheath.

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