Chapter 859: Opening Of The Beast World

Chapter 859: Opening Of The Beast World

At this point, Ye Qingcheng looked over at the far horizon and spoke with a tinge of emotion: “What a shame. Such a supreme girl like Miao Chan, what an amazing woman... perfect in both intelligence and might, virtuous and gentle on top of that. It is every man’s dream to marry a girl like that.”

“Alas, this Golden Crow is just trash in the end, what a waste of an innate gift!” Ye Qingcheng snorted: “If Golden Crow and Miao Chan marries and works together, then I would be quite wary of them! Their combination would definitely be incredible. Unfortunately, Golden Crow does not value this at all!”

“Miao Chan is indeed extraordinary. Despite not having any fame, she is definitely no lesser than the others.” The venerable said.

“All of this will be a thing of the past. After the prince dies, even if Miao Chan doesn’t go to Li Qiye for revenge, she will most likely be heartbroken and live in seclusion from then on. She won’t be any threat to me at that time.” It seemed like Ye Qingcheng had calculated all of this beforehand.

After a while, Ye Qingcheng stopped gazing and ordered the venerable: “Go tell my first brother that I am ready to challenge Mei Aonan to avenge third brother’s death!”

“Young Noble is trying to…” The venerable was caught off guard. He understood what kind of man his master was after all!

Ye Qingcheng explained: “Of course I’m not letting you go just to tell him this. You should embellish the details so that when I challenge her, my first brother will command the eighteen Young Celestials to sweep through the Imperial Edge. It is time for them to become famous.”

He continued: “As for how to accomplish this, there should be no need for me to tell you.”

“Don’t worry, Young Noble. At that time, the Ninehead Lion Emperor and the eighteen Young Celestials will definitely attack the Imperial Edge. Leave this to me.” The venerable responded.

“Mm, very good. I trust you. I will lead Mei Aonan away during that moment.” Ye Qingcheng nodded.

“After she leaves, the Imperial Edge will be a snake without its head; our troops will easily sweep through it without any resistance.” The venerable added with certainty.

“Venerable, you think too lightly of our enemies.” Ye Qingcheng shook his head: “If we can sweep through the Imperial Edge just like that, do you think I would have let Mei Aonan do as she pleased until now? If she was so easily dealt with, she would be unworthy of becoming my rival!”

“Young Noble is saying?” The venerable hesitated for a moment before speaking his mind: “Could it be that Young Noble wants the eighteen Young Celestials to go to their deaths…” He immediately paused at this point.

“This is called sacrifice!” Ye Qingcheng insipidly said: “There must be gains and losses in order to achieve something great! The time to end this will be after the beastworld’s conclusion! And the same goes for the Jianlong Clan and all the other imperial lineages! At that time, I will sit on my throne, unshakeable by anyone. On that day, no matter who they might be or the sects that they come from, they will have to retreat before me! No one can block my path towards becoming an Immortal Emperor!” His eyes turned ferocious after declaring his ambition.

“I understand.” The venerable’s eyes lit up: “So to say, if the eighteen Young Celestials die to the Imperial Edge, then those eighteen great powers and imperial lineages would not let this go. We can blame this on the Jianlong Clan! At that time, Young Noble can raise your banner and call for these powers to fight against the Jianlong Clan!”

“Venerable, your strategic vision does align with my own. However, you are still missing something.” Ye Qingcheng smiled: “This is only one of the goals, the real aim is to test the bottom line of the Jianlong Clan. Once we find out its threshold, the same can be applied to the Alchemy Kingdom and the Beastmaster Citadel.”

“If the Jianlong Clan does not come out, then where will the difficulty be? As for the Heavenhoof Ravine, I can easily lead them by the nose.” Having said that, his eyes narrowed: “If the Jianlong Clan comes out... Hah, I heard that there is a legendary taboo existence that will bring about a sect-destroying disaster should this be the case. I actually want to see just how bloody that scene of carnage will be!”

“Very wise, Young Noble.” The venerable was in complete admiration: “I wonder when Young Noble will destroy Li Qiye?”

“Don’t worry, Li Qiye and Mei Aonan or anyone else for that matter... Hah, they will not have a chance to leave the beastworld alive!” Ye Qingcheng snorted: “Without my permission, no one can. The beastworld is my hunting ground!” A frightening murderous glare flashed across his eyes after stating this.

“Rest assured, Young Noble, I will go see the Ninehead Lion Emperor right now. The Young Celestials will definitely appear at that time.” The venerable patted his chest and guaranteed his success.

“Go.” Ye Qingcheng nodded his head. He was very confident in the venerable’s abilities.


“Boom!” The entire heavenly ruins shook. The beastworld finally appeared before the eagerly waiting crowd. All the experts guarding the perimeter immediately stood up in excitement.

Its arrival signaled an endless light from within the portal. Countless bright particles shot into the sky and illuminated everything. Even the sun up high was eclipsed.

Eventually, the divine light dispersed and the portal stabilized, no longer shooting out any participles. One could faintly see the shape of the Bi’an Beastworld through the portal.

“It is here, let’s go!” Suddenly, everyone turned crazy and scrambled forward like a flood towards the door.

All the experts in the ruins were ecstatic and rushed forward. No one was willing to fall behind. After all, who would want to miss a great opportunity like the Bi’an Beastworld? Some sects even wanted to obtain a supreme divine stone.

Each time this place appeared, some people would manage to dig up some amazing items. For example, legendary immortal medicines, secret laws from an archaic era, or even immemorial weapons that belonged to gods…

The most sensational time was when the Alchemy Kingdom obtained a divine stone. Legends told that in that moment, the beastworld underwent a great and shocking change.

There were no detailed records about that specific alteration, but many people in the future knew that this divine stone fell down during that moment. Later on, this stone became enlightened in the dao and shouldered the Heaven’s Will to become an invincible emperor. This was the second emperor of the Alchemy Kingdom, Immortal Emperor Bi Shi!

There were triumphant returnees and people who died miserably inside every time the beastworld appeared. Some sects were even decimated completely, but no matter what, nothing could stop people from jumping into this area. Everyone wanted to be the lucky ones that obtained the greatest fortune inside.

After the portal was stabilized, Li Qiye smiled and told the group: “We’ll also enter. Good stuff is waiting for us inside.”

“Are we not waiting for Fairy Ming?” Madam Zi Yan asked. She knew that her Young Master had plans to go with Ming Yexue together to the beastworld.

“We’ll go in first. I’ll take you guys to a few places. As for Yexue, I’ll take her to Bi’an City after making arrangements for everyone else.” Li Qiye shook his head in response.

“Haha, Smelly Qiye, I also want to go to Bi’an City!” Long Jingxian was much bolder than the others. She immediately latched onto him and grinned.

“No, you will go together with Wushuang.” Li Qiye glanced at the pestering girl and shook his head.

“Eh, what do you mean by that?” Her big round eyes glared at him as she held her hips and said: “On what basis does Ming Yexue get to go to the city and not me?! Is she prettier than me? Is she more charming than me?”

Li Qiye pinched her nose and said: “Little pepper, stop acting up on me. I am bringing Yexue to the city not for any treasures. The city itself is her fortune, understand?”

“Forget it, I don’t believe you. Legends state that Bi’an City has the biggest fortune — immortal items from Bi’an!” She glared at Li Qiye for a bit: “Don’t try to fool someone young like me!”

Li Qiye continued to pinch her nose: “No bargaining, I won’t take you to Bi’an City!”

“Hmph, what’s so special about it, I don’t want to go anyway!” Long Jingxian proudly leered at him before speaking: “Smelly Qiye, even if I don’t go to the city, I still don’t want to go with this Jian girl.”

Jian Wushuang coldly glared at her too and said with disdain: “Who wants to go together with you? I should be the unhappy one!”

“Bah, you think I want to?” Long Jingxian retorted with haste: “I would rather go with some random street dog or cat before going with you!” [1. Meaning nobody important.]

Whenever these two started their tantrum, the rest of the group snuck away to avoid trouble.

“Okay, you two, stop arguing.” Li Qiye interrupted them: “I said the two of you would go together, no more this or that!”

Only Li Qiye could stop these two. They had no choice but to close their mouths after seeing his glare.

Long Jingxian immediately pulled his arm and sat next to him. She bowed her head like a little wife who had been wronged and softly spoke: “I’ll listen to Husband.”

This sudden change was still new to Madam Zi Yan, leaving her completely speechless. This change of heart was way too fast. Meanwhile, Jian Wushuang only snorted and looked at her contemptuously as Long Jingxian continued to act intimately with Li Qiye while provocatively stealing glances at Jian Wushuang. Eventually, Jian Wushuang just decided to stop looking at her altogether!

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