Chapter 856: The Mythical Immortal Emperor Slaying War

Chapter 856: The Mythical Immortal Emperor Slaying War

“You can put it that way.” The golem noticed his disciple becoming more excited and couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t want to say more because if he revealed that Li Qiye himself was the taboo existence, who knew if his fearless disciple would go to fight him or not!

“Then all the more reason for me to fight Li Qiye!” Her aura surged as if she had turned into a goddess. She powerfully exclaimed: “I also want to see what is so special about the successor chosen by this so-called legendary taboo existence!”

“Child, take a deep breath and calm your mind. War is only one part of cultivation, there’s no need to be so excited. A proper expert’s mind is as calm as water, even in times of war.” The golem slowly lectured her after seeing the battle-ready Mei Aonan.

Eventually, she took a deep breath before staring straight at the golem to speak in a solemn and firm manner: “Master, I want to fight Li Qiye!”

The golem wryly smiled. How could he not know his own disciple’s personality? He gently shook his head: “Child, no rush. Your weakness is your impatience and arrogance. If you don’t fix them, they will be your undoing one day.”

Here, the golem seriously stared at her and said: “I know your personality, if you don’t fight Li Qiye, then the rest of your life will be laden with regret. However, there’s no need to rush. Wait until you beat Ye Qingcheng, then I will discuss a spar with him between the two of you, there’s no need for a life and death match.”

“Master, are you afraid that I will not be able to beat him?! I can beat Ye Qingcheng so I can definitely defeat Li Qiye as well!” Mei Aonan was unconvinced.

“You are mistaken.” The golem responded: “Ye Qingcheng is nothing compared to Li Qiye. If Li Qiye really wants him dead, it would be as easy as killing an ant.”

Mei Aonan was a newborn calf with no fear of a tiger. She couldn’t help but speak: “Master, you are already so powerful, but you are still so wary of this dark hand in the legends. Is this person really so scary?”

“Scary?” The golem gently shook his head after chuckling: “Scary alone cannot describe him. How strong do you think your Jianlong Clan is? How strong do you think the Alchemy Kingdom is? But look at them now! Even these behemoths do not dare to come out…

“... Outsiders might not know, but you should be aware that your clan is afraid of this dark hand! Only those who experienced the war with the Divine Beast Realm that year would understand what hell on earth truly is. In that battle, corpses filled the heaven and earth! The Stone Medicine World lost its light, and even those from the other eight worlds also trembled; they didn’t dare to enter our world!”

The golem carefully preached. He knew that his disciple was just a little calf. He watched her grow up and hoped for her who didn’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth to not eventually die at the hands of Li Qiye.

The golem’s words made her quiet. She naturally knew why her clan didn’t want to come out, but in her mind, this was a shameful matter. Because of this, she left the clan and came out on her own accord.

“You might feel that your clan is very powerful, and you might also think that Immortal Emperors are invincible.” The golem gently sighed: “But compared to the taboo existence, even Immortal Emperors may not be able to—”

“But Immortal Emperors really are invincible!” Mei Aonan couldn’t help but interject. In fact, this was common knowledge to all cultivators. At the very least, emperors were invincible in their respective generations.

“I know that they are unrivaled.” The golem nodded: “However, the taboo existence is terrifying beyond your imagination.”

“Really?” Frankly, Mei Aonan was skeptical and didn’t believe that this so-called dark hand could be so frightening.

The golem continued: “We won’t talk about how his shadow was behind so many emperors, we’ll just talk about a massacre. You should know about the Ancient Ming Race, correct?”

“They ruled the nine worlds for a very long time and heralded a dark and horrible period for the world.” Mei Aonan nodded: “Future generations claimed that the Ancient Ming was the strongest race in this world; they were far above any other race. Even the charming spirits, who are considered the favored children of the heavens, were weaker than them.”

“Did you know? That dark and horrible period was ended by the dark hand behind the curtains. The last battle finally brought dawn to the nine worlds!” The golem paused here for a bit before solemnly continuing: “Legends state that in this last battle, the dark hand massacred the nine worlds and uprooted any location where the Ancient Ming planted their seeds. From then on, this race ceased to exist in the nine worlds and faded to mere history!”

After hearing this, she could imagine that bloody period full of carnage in her mind!

“Do you know the last Immortal Emperor of the Ancient Ming Era?” The golem asked slowly.

She nodded in response: “Immortal Emperor Long Ming, an emperor rumored to have the bloodline of true dragons. Legends also stated that he had a very powerful war-dragon as his mount.” [Long = Dragon, Ming = Dark.]

“In principle, emperors are invincible during their generation; they are practically unkillable! However, in that last battle, you might not know this and I’m afraid very few people in this world do, but Immortal Emperor Long Ming died in that battle!”

“His death was very miserable, very miserable indeed…” The golem became absent-minded after saying this. Although he didn’t see it with his own eyes and had only heard about it, just thinking about the death of an Immortal Emperor would leave anyone quivering.

“Someone can actually kill an Immortal Emperor?” Mei Aonan gasped; she felt that this was something unimaginable.

“In principle, it should be impossible, but alas, there is always an exception! For example, that dark hand has a method to slay an Immortal Emperor! Plus, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, was his Heaven’s Will not dragged out by the Black Dragon King in the end?” The golem smiled wryly and continued: “Emperors should be invincible. Killing one is a hundred times more difficult than grooming one, but for the dark hand behind the curtains, logic is meant to be broken, do you understand?”

After a good while, Mei Aonan took a deep breath and looked at her master before speaking with decisiveness: “Master, I still want to fight against Li Qiye, regardless of the outcome! I want to see just how special the dark hand’s disciple is!”

“Very brave.” The golem smiled and nodded his head: “If you want to fight, then I can go talk with him about a spar. Of course, I still advise you to think it over.

“I have experienced arduous times and life and death situations; I was buried then unearthed only to be unearthed then buried again! I won’t be able to live for much longer, but I should be fine for this generation.” The golem solemnly said: “If you want to avoid this generation, then after your burial, I will go back to my dwelling and continue to prolong my life. I’ll wait until you come out again to compete for the Heaven’s Will and send you towards that final destination!”

“Master, the victor has yet to be decided. There’s no need to be so pessimistic.” Mei Aonan shook her head. She was not someone willing to seal herself in order to escape, she would rather fight to the very end.

“It is nothing to be ashamed of, who is to blame for you being born at the wrong time?” The golem consoled her: “In the past, there was an extraordinary genius back in the Mortal Emperor World from the Mysterious Bamboo Mountain. He was even more brilliant than you. Alas, he met the taboo existence and ultimately chose to avoid that generation by sealing himself!”

“Master, I will not consider avoiding this generation for now.” Mei Aonan spoke firmly. Despite the current situation, she remained full of confidence.

What else could the golem say? He understood that his student was not someone that would change her mind once she made a decision.


At the Heavenhoof Ravine, the Golden Crow Prince was sitting on top of a majestic towering peak. He was in a daze while looking at the sky. At this time, he didn’t have his usual dignified and prideful appearance and instead seemed a bit lost.

He was defeated and fled in the battle against Jian Wushuang. For him, the physical wound was curable, but his pride was damaged beyond repair and scattered all over the place. He was naturally proud since he had both talents and skills. Moreover, he was a hard worker as well. All of these factors turned him into one of the most famous geniuses in the Stone Medicine World.

Even though he was not comparable to Ye Qingcheng, he believed that he was definitely no weaker than anyone else.

Despite liking Jian Wushuang, he was still confident that she was much weaker than him. During the battle, he thought that he could use his power to suppress her then conquer her heart afterward. An arrogant phoenix like Jian Wushuang would eventually be convinced by his martial ability and develop a crush on him. From there, he would be able to bring her back home.

In his view, as long as he was willing to take the time and spend the effort, he would be able to win her over. It was only a matter of time since he was so capable.

However, he didn’t expect to suffer complete defeat in their duel before being forced to flee. From start to finish, she didn’t even use an emperor law from the Jian Clan.

This was a heavy blow to his self-esteem, causing him to no longer have the face to meet people!

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