Chapter 854: Golem

Chapter 854: Golem

In her opinion, no one else in this generation could become an Immortal Emperor. This didn’t only stem from her pride, it also came from her ambition. She swore to never give up before ascending to the throne.

Without a doubt, she valued Li Qiye’s peerless dao of alchemy. In her eyes, whether Li Qiye was strong or capable wasn’t important.

In fact, she had always been very confident and proud. Her standards were very high, so no youth could enter her sight. Even people like the Golden Crow Prince were nothing to her. She was ready to defeat even Ye Qingcheng for the Heaven’s Will!

Thus, the only thing she wanted from Li Qiye was his alchemy. This was why she wanted to meet him.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh after hearing this.

“Is something amusing?” Mei Aonan looked straight at him and spoke with great confidence: “Our alliance would bring great benefits to both sides. You can become an Alchemy Emperor without worry, my Imperial Edge will protect you! Once I become emperor, I will give you more than enough resources to refine immortal pills. Perhaps you will even become the greatest Alchemy Emperor of all time!”

“Girl, before considering whether you can become an emperor or not, I have to point out that I have no interest in becoming an Alchemy Emperor.” Li Qiye smiled at her spunk: “Plus, with me here, I’m afraid you won’t have the chance of becoming an emperor in this generation.”

Mei Aonan’s eyes turned serious as she stared at him: “So you want to compete for the Heaven’s Will against me!”

Li Qiye looked at her and shook his head to say: “You are mistaken. It is not that I shall compete with you for the Heaven’s Will, it’s that it’s already mine. You can only step aside.”

“It seems that you have complete confidence in your cultivation!” Her will to fight surged as if she was about to challenge him: “Very well, I will lay witness to your supreme arts to see if you are qualified to compete against me!”

This domineering attitude was just as great as any man’s. She dared to challenge anyone and believed that she would claim victory no matter who they might be.

Li Qiye smiled when he saw her fighting spirit and said: “You really are extraordinary. Although you come from the Jianlong Clan, you actually do not cultivate any laws from it and formed your own. Although you have a wise teacher, such accomplishments are still worthy of praise. If you were born in a different generation, then perhaps you could become someone equal to Immortal Emperor Yu Long of your clan!”

“Alas, it is a shame that you were born into the generation where I exist!” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “In my era, all dragons shall coil and all tigers shall sit before me! Hinder my path and I shall walk over your corpse!”

“Since you are so confident, fight me to prove your strength.” Mei Aonan didn’t hesitate any longer since Li Qiye was acting so arrogantly.

Li Qiye lazily glanced at her and said: “Girl, I came to the Imperial Edge not to fight you or to boast. I only want to meet your master, the golem who taught you. Tell him to come out and meet me!”

“Who are you!” Her eyes turned fierce. At this moment, there was a hint of murderous intent radiating from her gaze!

“It’s useless even if you want me dead.” Li Qiye snorted: “It looks like the old geezers from your clan still haven’t told you who I am! In that case, I won’t hold it against you. Tell that golem to come and see me, or else I’ll destroy your Imperial Edge and throw him back to the beastworld!”

“Who dares to speak about throwing me back to the beastworld!” A feeble voice emerged, signaling the arrival of a large figure.

This figure was extremely huge, making it seem like a giant. To be more exact, this was a large golem, but this big golem did not come from the stone golem race. It was more accurate to call him a carved stone statue.

If any elders from the Nine Saint Demon Gate back in the Mortal Emperor World saw this huge golem, they would be shocked because it looked very similar to their four divine protectors!

If there was something different, then it would be that this golem had a divine crest on its head, making it seem to be a level higher than the four at the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

After coming in, the huge golem’s gaze landed on Li Qiye as he weakly asked: “Was it you?”

“Yes, I said it.” Li Qiye remained seated there in a carefree manner. He blinked once and added: “Quite an impressive little pebble, to be able to bewitch Tun Ri. If that brat Tun Ri didn’t have a good heart, I would have thrown you back into the swamp!” [1. Tun Ri = Sun Devourer; Sun Devourer Immortal Emperor.]

After hearing this, the golem staggered backward. His shocked expression made it seem as if he was looking at a ghost.

“Master.” Mei Aonan was startled to see her master’s appearance. Keep in mind that her master wouldn’t even care when facing a Godking.

Li Qiye told the golem: “Let’s have a little conversation.”

The golem stared at Li Qiye in astonishment for a while before telling Mei Aonan: “Child, leave us for a bit. I have some personal matters to attend to.”

Mei Aonan looked at Li Qiye for a bit before taking her leave.

“Is, is it really you?” The golem was still astounded and hesitated for a while before asking.

“Who else do you think knows about how you tried to trick Immortal Emperor Tun Ri in his youth? Who else knows that if it wasn’t for Immortal Emperor Tun Ri pleading for you, I would have thrown you back into the swamp? Who else could have this item besides me after destroying the Divine Beast Realm?” Li Qiye smiled and took out the bronze rod.

The golem saw the bronze rod in Li Qiye’s hand and took several steps back again. His expression quickly changed as he murmured: “I knew it, I knew it. I should have understood the moment the Bi’an Beastworld came out this time! I had always been holding onto this optimistic mentality!”

The golem muttered to himself for a moment before sitting down. He couldn’t help but scratch his head. Despite not having any hair, he still performed the motion of ripping them out in agony: “You, you, no, Your Excellency Dark Crow, you, you actually came into being in this generation. How am I going to live? I tried so hard and finally groomed a successor that could become an Immortal Emperor!”

“You should be grateful to me for remembering past sentiments. If not, I would be too lazy to even talk to you; I would have just directly taken you back to the swamp.” Li Qiye stated.

The golem helplessly said: “Your Excellency, you can’t treat me like that. I, I have reached an understanding with Bi’an. Right now, I am no longer a sinner.”

Li Qiye glanced at him and asked: “Are you trying to train an Immortal Emperor, or are you trying to find a master for the Bi’an Beastworld?”

The golem quickly answered: “Your Excellency, I know that you are unmatched. With you here, my disciple has no hopes of becoming an Immortal Emperor, but you shouldn’t try to win the Bi’an Beastworld from her too!”

“Do you really think that she can do it?” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

The golem replied: “Your Excellency, there should be no problems. My disciple has the purest and most primal bloodline of the golem race — of Immortal Emperor Yu Long. She can definitely succeed. Your Excellency should know the origin of the emperor. I trust that she can definitely inherit the beastworld.”

“Ohh stone, this is called exhausting all options in the face of despair!” Li Qiye shook his head: “If it was so easy, then the Divine Beast Realm would have controlled and woken up the beastworld long ago; it wouldn’t be your turn to try right now. Even if your disciple could reach atavism, she still wouldn’t be able to succeed! This has nothing to do with the golem race and more to do with the fundamental qualities of your beastworld!”

“Not, not necessarily.” The golem hesitated for a bit before replying: “My disciple can definitely return to the origin, and with that, she can absolutely reawaken it again.”

“How do you think she compares to Immortal Emperor Bi Shi?” Li Qiye dismissively said: “You should know the origin of this emperor very well. Let alone the golem race, even he still couldn’t do it! You have been tricked by the Divine Beast Realm in the past, yet you are still choosing to believe this nonsense?”

“This…” The golem laughed awkwardly after this scandal was brought up again: “That year, because I obtained the approval of Immortal Emperor Bi Shi, I tried a different method. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have worked with the beast realm. This was my mistake, and I have been expelled from the beastworld as punishment. However, everything I did was for the sake of the beastworld.”

“In times of a medical emergency, one would attempt to look everywhere for a doctor.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Did being imprisoned in the swamp not wake you up? If you took one wrong step back then, what do you think the consequences would have been? How many people followed you in the past, and what has become of them?”

The golem was dejected after the past was brought up. He softly sighed in response: “I know, I shouldn’t have listened to the beast realm’s persuasion, but at that time, I still wanted to try!”

“I have decided to take the beastworld.” Li Qiye insipidly said: “I came this time to talk about this matter.”

“Your Excellency, you are…?” The golem was unwilling and stated: “Even you would not be able to wake the beastworld. I’m afraid you won’t be able to treat it as your own possession. Plus, my disciple can try as well. I was a sinner in the past, but you saved me from the swamp. I went back to Bi’an City later on and willingly accepted my punishment. After that, I was able to convince the city that if I found a suitable candidate, they would let me try!”

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