Chapter 853: Mei Aonan

Chapter 853: Mei Aonan

After having such thoughts, some leaders here felt a chill run down their spines. They could already imagine the war that would eventually ravage the world. At that time, countless great powers and imperial lineages would be dragged into this great war.

Some of them made a note to stay away from the war for the Heaven’s Will. Overwise, the war would ravage them without leaving a single trace behind.

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye chuckled and rubbed his chin while watching the stone pillar fly back to the Imperial Edge.

Someone cried out at this time: “The entrance!”

This cry attracted the majority of the people’s attention. They all turned around and saw that a door was floating above the tattered buildings of the ruins. It continuously emitted divine light.

Past this door were pavilions and towering platforms... the scenes of the beastworld.

One expert’s patience reached its limit, so he immediately rushed towards this old portal. He had to seize this chance.

“Bam!” The moment he entered the portal, he was immediately assaulted by the divine light inside and turned into a mist of blood.

This made all the experts right behind him stop their advance out of fear.

One of them stammered: “What, what is going on?” The entrance was clearly opened, so why did it turn an expert into blood?

“The two worlds have yet to connect to each other completely. Rushing in right now is the same as jumping into a meat grinder.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

Many had to halt their steps after hearing this. They were unwilling to leave this place so they waited by the door. Once it was no longer dangerous, they would try to make their way in again.

At this time, Venerable Basilisk came by and told Li Qiye: “Young Noble Li, our young noble wants to see you.”

“Bah, what is that little girl Mei Aonan acting cool for?” Long Jingxian said with disdain right away: “Acting all badass after learning a few tricks... Li Qiye, let me go and beat her. Let’s see if she will still try to be cool after that!” Having said that, the lively girl readied herself for a fight.

A few of the experts here were speechless after hearing this. Even Venerable Basilisk had some black lines running across her forehead. [1. Meaning frowned/grimaced/scowled.]

However, Long Jingxian didn’t care at all since she had the ability to do so. Although Mei Aonan was powerful, she might not necessarily be a match against someone with an innate Immortal Fate.

Li Qiye stopped this crazy girl and gently shook his head: “Girl, there’s no need to rush. I have to go up to the Imperial Edge to see someone anyway.” His eyes narrowed after saying that.

Afterward, Li Qiye told Long Jingxian and the rest to gather while he and the venerable flew up to the Imperial Edge. Of course, he didn’t go to see Mei Aonan. Even if she was brilliant, she wasn’t worthy of his personal visit.

Many were envious after seeing them fly up. Mei Aonan was very arrogant so only famous characters were up there. Even young talents might not be able to earn her favor, thus this seemingly trivial meeting was actually a big deal.

“Mei Aonan is not only an amazing genius, she is also a great beauty.” A youth was jealous as well.

Li Qiye followed the venerable to the top. Up here were rolling hills and castles surrounded by waterfalls and ancient pine trees lodged in the middle of the cliffs…

This was a floating continent no less impressive than the ancestral grounds of imperial lineages. This was a treasure that would make many people envious.

Li Qiye looked at the continent for a bit before murmuring with a smile: “Mm, so this treasure was collected back then.”

He eventually met Mei Aonan inside the palace. She was seated on her throne while emitting a noble aura. This temperament of hers was definitely not just an act.

Mei Aonan was just like her name; a person capable of proudly treading across this world. This name destined her for a greatness comparable to any man. She wouldn’t accept defeat from anyone! [1. Aonan = Overbearing Male.]

It wasn’t an exaggeration to describe her kingdom-toppling beauty as enough to make flowers and the moon blush. Even birds would swoon from the sky and fish would drown in the sea.

Perhaps she was not as peerlessly pretty as Long Jingxian who had a killer body. However, based on features alone, she was no less than Jian Wushuang.

Such a pretty girl was dressed in a male’s attire; she was adorned with golden armor and a belt in the shape of a coiling dragon around her waist. A divine crown engraved with clouds made her look incredibly tyrannical and fierce.

Jian Wushuang was also an arrogant and aggressive girl. However, Mei Aonan had a different temperament.

If Jian Wushuang was an arrogant phoenix, then Mei Aonan was a divine bird filled with unquestionable prestige!

Among the girls that Li Qiye had met, Bing Yuxia also liked to dress as a male. However, the two had quite a few differences. Bing Yuxia, while cross-dressing, gave off the feeling of a charming young noble — gallant and equally as pretty. People would instantly know that she was a girl.

However, Mei Aonan gave off a different vibe. People would often forget that she was a girl while looking at her. Keep in mind that she was still a supreme beauty! They would only see a king or an oppressive tyrant seated on her rightful throne.

After coming in, Li Qiye glanced at Mei Aonan for a bit before boldly sitting down directly in front of her. Even the most oppressive tyrant was nothing special in his eyes.

“Daoist Li, I have heard much of your fame.” Mei Aonan had a heroic presence and in the eyes of others lacked the gentleness that a girl should have.

Li Qiye took his time to take a good look at her. It was as if he was savoring a painting, as if he wanted to see through every single detail.

His glare could be considered quite rude. It took no consideration of her sex as it swept across her body.

Such a wanton gaze made Mei Aonan become serious. She had a calm visage as she sent forth the aura of a king. Those who weren’t brave enough would immediately tremble beneath this aura.

However, Li Qiye didn’t care for it at all. He eventually withdrew his gaze whereupon Mei Aonan slowly uttered: “The Imperial Edge has its own rules, I hope that Daoist Li can understand this!”

Mei Aonan becoming an equal of Ye Qingcheng was not due to anyone else, it was because of her own efforts. She also had exceedingly high talents as well as a sense of fearlessness; all of this greatly contributed to her reaching her current status.

“In my eyes, my rules are the real rules.” Li Qiye lazily replied with a grin.

Mei Aonan scowled in response. A royal aura that could seemingly tear apart the sky rushed forth. It was as immense as Mt. Tai and capable of suppressing all things!

There was no doubt that she was trying to bring Li Qiye down a notch. This powerful royal aura easily hinted at her strength. Her current fame was not just baseless flattery. If she were to compete with Ye Qingcheng for the title of number one, it would be very difficult to predict the victor.

Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve in the face of her royal aura as if he was swatting a fly. He leisurely spoke: “Girl, there’s no need to act as if you are dealing with your subordinates and enemies. Threats and royal auras are no different than dog shit in my eyes!”

“You...” Mei Aonan was no weaker than any man, but her face turned red as she glared at Li Qiye. Even the number one genius, Ye Qingcheng, wouldn’t dare to utter such vulgarity before her.

Li Qiye coldly glared at her: “Girl, if you want to ask something of me, then show a better attitude!” He then leaned back on his chair and lazily spoke: “I know that you are very arrogant and can back it up, but it means nothing in my eyes. I didn’t come here today for you or your fame. While I still have some time right now, say what you wish to say.”

Mei Aonan stared at Li Qiye for a while with a serious expression before speaking: “It seems that Daoist Li is completely confident in being able to reach the top of the world!”

“I am even more confident than you.” Li Qiye smiled.

Mei Aonan took a deep breath. In the end, she laid off with her oppressive attitude. This was not an easy task for someone like her who was so used to being imperious. She solemnly asked in good faith: “I invite Daoist Li to join the Imperial Edge, would you be interested?”

Li Qiye looked at the Mei Aonan who lowered her shield and asked: “For what reason?”

Mei Aonan sincerely explained: “I trust that you need an existence like our Imperial Edge. Your dao of alchemy is peerless, and you can definitely garner considerable support. However, have you thought about the great backing you will need if you want to become an Alchemy Emperor? We have both the manpower and resources. I am not bragging right now, but if you ever need any alchemy materials, we can find it for you right away.”

“In the future when I become an Immortal Emperor, I believe there will be no need for me to list the benefits. At that time, you can call for rain and storms as you please. You can even carry out any grand aspirations you may have.” She was not only confident but also quite sincere at this point.

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