Chapter 851: Arrow Defeating The Golden Crow

Chapter 851: Arrow Defeating The Golden Crow

Nonetheless, the prince indeed came from the Golden Crow Tribe; his flesh was extremely tough. The “All” arrow merely wounded his flesh, unable to kill him.

“Haha, Miss Jian, you wouldn’t be able to kill me even if you shot out another hundred of those arrows!” The prince loudly laughed in complete confidence. His body was covered in an oscillating golden light as feathers began to appear. At this time, even another “All” arrow wouldn’t be able to harm him.

This scene left everyone shivering. The prince was truly difficult to deal with. He had both speed and flexibility, culminating in a great defense. This was an all-around expert, the most difficult type of opponent!

Jian Wushuang’s bow lit up once more as an arrow took shape. Amidst all the action, she immediately locked onto the prince.

“I’ll take this arrow head on!” The prince was full of confidence. His speed was greatly hindered due to the frost, but he had the feather armor of the Golden Crow Tribe, giving him confidence that he could withstand the next attack. He stood there decisively with no intention of dodging.

“Pluff!” The arrow shot out. The prince wouldn’t have been able to dodge even if he wanted to. It resembled maggots attaching to bones. Moreover, it went straight towards his weak spots; these were extremely fatal arrows.

Blood spurted out instantly! It was the word “Fighter”, the seeker arrow that penetrated the weakest area, resulting in a devastating attack.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The prince that was struck by this arrow continuously staggered backward with a pale complexion. This arrow penetrated all the way into his body past his feather armor and almost took his life! If he wasn’t a golden crow with great endurance, then this arrow would have taken his life!

In the blink of an eye, the bow readied itself for another shot as it lit up. At the same time, the prince had removed all the frost, restoring his speed and flexibility.

Without the frost seal, he regained his confidence and uttered: “Miss Jian, your next arrow won’t be able to hit me!”

“Dum—” But before he could fly again, chains of laws appeared inside his body and instantly sealed it. “Clank!” The chains continued to lock the nearby space!

After being struck by the “Battle” arrow earlier, the chains of laws in this arrow were imprinted on his body.

“Buzz!” The surrounding space fluctuated as the worldly power focused on a single arrow. A “Fighter” arrow shot out, carrying the energy of this world to become unstoppable.

“Open!” The prince crazily shouted as an endless light erupted from his body. A sun appeared before him to defend him; this was his tribe’s most tyrannical defense.

“Boom!” This arrow penetrated the sun before him and even pierced his chest. He was immediately bloodied, a terrible gaping hole in his chest!

This scene made people gasp in astonishment. One murmured: “The Jian Clan’s archery is indeed peerless in this world!”

The prince combined the arts of two different styles. Many were in awe of this achievement; perhaps no one under Virtuous Paragon could stop him! But now to their astonishment, Jian Wushuang was taking him down.

At the same time, there was no activity on the other side. After Long Jingxian entered the Celestial Array Formation, she seemed to have completely disappeared without a trace.

A few cultivators in the distance shook their heads and lamented her fate: “What a shame for this kingdom-toppling girl, to die so miserably in the formation.”

“Hmph, what a foolish girl. She was only a no-name junior yet she still dared to try to break our formation!” The young king arrogantly snorted: “My formation is derived from an imperial formation. Even if it isn’t as strong as one, it can still easily trap a Virtuous Paragon!” The young king was cocksure in his formation. His school’s formations had no match in this world. Moreover, he was a formation genius whom even Ye Qingcheng had invited to arrange formations for him!

Jian Wushuang was certain of victory. She looked at the formation and snorted: “Victory is mine this time.”

Having said that, her bow lit up. At this time, an arrow made out of a mantra aimed to kill the prince.

“Rumble!” But in an instant, the sky split apart. All the buildings blocking the entrance of the beastworld and even the cities themselves were annihilated. Inside the explosion, the formation’s arrays and runic lines were revealed before everyone. Long Jingxian actually managed to change the transformations of the arrays!

“Boom!” As all the runic lines and arrays exploded, the resulting blast was directed towards the formation masters of the school.

“Ah!” Shrill screams resounded as blood filled the air like blooming flowers. These formation masters that were in charge of the formation were all killed by its detonation. They didn’t have time to change the transformations of the array!

“Ahhh!” Another scream appeared. The prince tore his body in two and disappeared into the horizon, leaving half of his body behind to escape.

Jian Wushuang’s “Soldiers and Fighters”, the four first words, were surely about to take his life. However, her attentions was attracted by the formation’s destruction and she shifted her gaze, resulting in a slight delay. The prince managed to use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to escape from his own body trapped by the divine chains.

“Haha, Jian Wushuang, I won!” Long Jingxian rushed out while riding her Kui and gloated.

Jian Wushuang scowled in response. Victory was within her grasp; if only she didn’t look at the detonation and chose to kill the prince instead.

“Don’t be unhappy about the outcome.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “Let this be a lesson to you. On the battlefield with imminent peril everywhere, more often than not, a single thought will determine success or failure!”

Jian Wushuang put away her bow and didn’t reply. She thought to herself that she was indeed too careless. Otherwise, the prince wouldn’t have been able to escape!

She was not the only one silent. Many people here were astounded by her defeating the prince and Long Jingxian destroying the grand formation of the school.

From start to finish, Li Qiye didn’t even lift a single finger, yet he was able to deal with his enemies. This was indicative of the strength of his camp!

Long Jingxian sat on her beast and triumphantly declared: “Bah, I thought that the grand formation from this school would be extraordinary, but I was finished after just three attempts. Take out your imperial formation, I want to have another look!”

The young king’s expression became extremely unsightly. He had great confidence in his extraordinary formation, the masterpiece of his school, but it was so easily destroyed by a nobody. This was a great humiliation to him!

It wasn’t strange at all to see Long Jingxian breaking the formation and even reversing the momentum to kill all of those presiding over the arrays. Her Immortal Fate granted her unmatched talents! No matter how profound and mystical a formation might be, she would be able to solve it after examining it for a while! It could even be said that there were few formations in this world that could trouble her.

“So what if you can break the formation?” The young king uttered: “The beastworld is still meant for the rest of the world. Don’t even dream about monopolizing it, Li Qiye! Not only would my second brother be against it, the same goes for my Celestial Array Sect!”

“How shameless.” Some experts in the distance secretly whispered amongst themselves after hearing this.

Li Qiye glanced at the young king, then the elders from the school. He smirked and said: “If your Celestial Array School wishes to die, then I’ll gladly assist you. Your school and Ye Qingcheng aren’t shit in my eyes!”

“How preposterous!” An elder couldn’t help but retort after jumping out: “Li Qiye, our imperial formation can slaughter gods and suppress demons! If you are so capable, then come to our territory and enter the imperial array!”

“Your school is nothing special! Today, I will kill all of you. Bring your imperial formation here if you dare!” A voice descended from the sky. It was both overbearing yet clear; it was easy to determine that it was a girl speaking.

However, these words carried a sonorous and imposing force no lower than that of any man!

A series of rumblings occurred. A gigantic continent emerged and blotted out the sky, causing many people to look up.

This continent was extremely majestic and poured down waterfall-like laws. Each of these laws was as mighty as a mountain range — capable of crushing all things. Nothing could halt the path of this continent!

“Imperial Edge Mei Aonan!” Someone screamed after seeing this domineering continent!

Mei Aonan was the genius who rose to prominence after Ye Qingcheng. She appeared after Ye Qingcheng had established his fame in the world. However, in just a few short years, she was able to threaten the world and gathered many incomparable experts under her banner.

In this short period of time, her prestige caught up to Ye Qingcheng’s. Although he was still considered the number one among the younger generation, some believed that Mei Aonan could claim this title.

As the strongest talents in the current generation, the two of them had already started their battle. The two sides always had conflicts; the only thing missing was a direct fight between the two geniuses!

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