Chapter 848: Kui

Chapter 848: Kui

Madam Zi Yan calmly replied to the Golden Crow Prince’s inquiry: “I am indeed Zi Yan. However, I am no longer the royal lord of the Giant Bamboo Country, someone more capable than me has succeeded me.”

The prince didn’t care about this matter. He gazed at the madam and lowered his tone: “I heard that you have been with Li Qiye. Where is he now!”

All eyes were on her at this moment. Everyone knew that she was together with Li Qiye, and that Li Qiye had killed a Heavenhoof Elder. It wasn’t strange for the prince to find him for revenge.

The madam gently shook her head in response: “Sorry, no comment.” Although she didn’t know where her young master was, she wouldn’t tell anyone even if she did.

The prince glared at her with his sharp and oppressive eyes. He asserted: “Madam Zi Yan, I have many ways to make people talk!”

The madam didn’t care as she uttered: “If Your Highness Golden Crow wants to use force, then I’ll entertain you!” After following Li Qiye for such a long time, she was infected by his overbearing attitude!

“Madam Zi Yan, you should reconsider your decision!” The prince’s eyes were beyond cold. Although he was the son of a sun god with a radiating aura, his wintry eyes could penetrate cold steel, straight into the heart of others.

He uttered: “To give up your life for this cowardly Li Qiye is not worth it. If you reveal where he is hiding, our ravine will welcome a friend like you.”

The crowd was holding their breaths in anticipation. The prince was famous but the madam was also a great demon king, someone who was not necessarily weaker than those at the peak of the younger generation. Without taking the ravine into consideration, there were many Heavenly Kings from the previous generation that could fight against the prince.

“Pah, pah, pah…” However, before the madam could answer, one could hear someone boldly spitting on the ground. Immediately afterward, arrogant words rang out: “The Golden Crow Tribe is nothing special, aren’t they just a bunch of chickens? And the same goes for the Heavenhoof Ravine, they’re only a bunch of wretches that took advantage of the situation. If it wasn’t for them picking up the trash of the Divine Beast Realm, there would be no ravine today…”

“So, a descendant of garbage collectors dares to come here and act all mighty? Are there really no talents in the Stone Medicine World? Watch as I take care of you so that the world will come to find that I am the greatest talent of the younger generation!”

This voice coming out of nowhere wasn’t only arrogant but also extremely egotistical. Many people were left dumbfounded after hearing such shamelessness.

They turned around and noticed that one, no, two demons were approaching. The one in front was a young man with the head of a chicken while the other was a big turtle, following right behind him. Compared to the haughty chicken, the old turtle was very nervous and scared.

Who else could these two be but the four-eyed basilisk and the old turtle?

Many cultivators found the basilisk’s haughty attitude quite amusing. Only a few older people recognized the four-eyed basilisk and exclaimed: “The Basilisk Tribe!”

The Golden Crow Prince came to these ruins in a particularly bad mood. He was looking for Li Qiye, but before catching a glimpse of him, this basilisk provoked him in front of so many people — this greatly annoyed him.

Thus, his eyes turned fierce and emitted a murderous intent. He glared at the basilisk: “Ignorant fool, I will take care of you today. As the saying goes, beat the dog first then deal with its master later!”

“Bah, you are the dog, no, your entire family are dogs! No, incorrect again. Your family isn’t even qualified to act as hound dogs. Look at your reflection in a puddle of piss, you think your chicken race is qualified to be our master’s loyal dogs?” The basilisk’s mouth was downright vicious. [1. Dog meaning servants in this case. The raw is dog, making it more offensive than just saying servant.]

“Little animal, accept your death!” The furious prince spread out his fingers as they came crashing down like five giant mountains. Loud detonations continuously exploded as the immense and tyrannical force of his attack approached the two demons.

The prince was worthy of his fame. Even if he wasn’t as amazing as his Senior Sister Miao Chan, his abilities were very real. Very few youths could oppose him!

“Buzz!” The basilisk’s four eyes swept across the five fingers with a blinding light.

A strange noise was heard after his gaze swept across the attack. Even space itself was petrified. However, the prince’s five fingers were like five suns. The extremely refined sunfire instantly crushed the eye technique. With a series of explosions, layers of stone were shattered by the fingers.

The basilisk grew angry as well. Its eyes turned more radiant as they unleashed a ray that seemed to have manifested into a tangible form, giving it an even stronger petrification property.

“Ey, come help already!” The basilisk was yelling at the old turtle while fighting the prince.

The old turtle’s legs had already gone weak after seeing the prince. However, he was at a point of no return; he had no choice but to persist onward. His body withdrew into his shell as it soared towards the prince like a giant wheel.

This shell was very hard and could even take down a mountain upon impact. Unfortunately, the gap in cultivation between the two was too great. Before his attack could land, the prince’s hand had already caught him.

“Save me!” The old turtle cried out as his soul left his body from fear after being caught by the prince. He was a timid person who was more afraid of death than anyone else.

The prince aimed to crush the old turtle, but at this very moment, a bamboo leaf gently fluttered by with an unspeakably transcendent spirituality.

This one bamboo leaf gently brushing by astonished the prince. In this exact second, he abandoned the idea of crushing the turtle and quickly fled the area occupied by this leaf. It had to be said that his speed was truly incredible.

The turtle fell to the ground, escaping a terrible fate. He was as swift as a feather when he went to hide behind the basilisk.

Everyone noticed that Madam Zi Yan was the one who saved the old turtle. She currently had a bamboo branch in her hand. It wasn’t thick and appeared to be old and tough. There were a few leaves on the branch that had an extraordinary green vibrance; it was clearly full of life.

Don’t look down on this branch. The divine guardian gave the madam this branch before she left the country. This little branch carried the giant bamboo’s power.

Since she already had a wafting violet energy around her, she appeared even more beautiful with this branch in hand, giving off an indescribable charm.

“Well…” The prince stared at the three and snorted: “All three of you come at the same time so I can take care of this at once, lest I waste time chasing each of you individually!”

“Who the hell do you think you are? It is not up to you to take care of those on my side.” A carefree voice appeared. Such a nonchalant response immediately caught everyone’s attention.

They immediately saw three people slowly arriving — one man and two women. The two women were both kingdom-toppling; one of them was even riding a divine beast.

Li Qiye leisurely arrived with Jian Wushuang and Long Jingxian as his company. Supreme beauties like them would be the center of attention no matter where they went.

Long Jingxian stood out more since she was riding a divine beast. This divine beast had one leg with an ox body surrounded by pulsing lightning that was seemingly capable of destroying anything. It emitted a terrifying aura that caused people to tremble.

“My lord, this is the divine beast Kui!” The basilisk’s eyes lit up while drooling. However, once he took a closer look with his four eyes, he murmured: “Wait a minute, a real divine beast isn’t like that.” [1. Kui = a one-legged ox, a divine beast. Some possible names were Kui niu (niu meaning ox), One-legged Ox, and Uniped Ox. I figured the pinyin version is better for this divine beast. It's normally known as Kui, so I left out the niu part in this novel.]

The beast that carried Long Jingxian naturally was not a living Kui; it was only a corpse. Li Qiye used his death laws to dig it out. This corpse had already lost its divinity. It wouldn’t have any power without the chapter imbuing death energy in it.

Long Jingxian kept on pestering Li Qiye to imprint his chapter on this corpse and her sea of memories. She was able to use her powerful blood energy to control this corpse. At the same time, she used an emperor law to refine this corpse. From that, it appeared to look like a living Kui — mighty and terrifying.

Although this beast was very powerful, it required Long Jingxian’s blood energy for maintenance. However, she didn’t seem to care. The fun factor overtook any other considerations!

Some spectators quivered and murmured after seeing this: “Is this really the divine beast, Kui?”

The prince was attracted to this as well. However, his eyes weren’t on Long Jingxian and her Kui, they were fixated on Jian Wushuang.

The murderous and cold prince couldn’t hide his adoration. He greedily stared at her every detail.

In his eyes, she who was as proud as a phoenix was the most beautiful. He wouldn’t get tired of looking at her even after a million glances. In the past, he didn’t even mind staying at the Alchemy Realm for a very long time after seeing her.

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