Chapter 847: Celestial Array Young King

Chapter 847: Celestial Array Young King

These desolate ruins suddenly became very lively. The cultivators present frantically searched for the entrance, not missing a single corner of this land.

“Boom!” On the same day, rays of light flew across the sky. A lucky person finally found the entrance. The moment the door was opened, these rays of light soared into the sky.

“Someone found the entrance!” Many people lunged towards the source after seeing this scene. Everyone wanted to enter the beastworld before the Bi’an Agreement took effect again.

The first to find the entrance was actually the Celestial Array Young King. Moreover, he had already barricaded the area. There were a few reasons for his success. Besides his advantage in numbers from the sect, he was advised by Ye Qingcheng who gave him an item. Because of this, he found the entrance before anyone else. He immediately set up a Supreme Fortress Formation to block the entrance. In just a moment, the entrance was full of labyrinthine palaces and cities.

The Celestial Array School was renowned for its formations; they were considered the number one in this regard. Their formations came from Immortal Emperor Zhen Ji, so their fame was not just for show. [1. Zhen Ji = Ultimate Formation.]

The young king was adept at formations from birth. The formation seals carved by him were very precious and desired by many in the Stone Medicine World. With the teachings of the Celestial Array School, he could form a grand array with just a single tree or stone. At the tender age of ten, he could personally set up a formation that could trap a Heavenly King. From this, one could imagine just how amazing he was.

The frantic crowd was too late. The young king, along with many experts from his school, were guarding the site. Due to the labyrinth of cities under the control of the formation masters, outsiders couldn’t find the hidden entrance.

Moreover, the newcomers would need to both defeat the school and dispel the formation. Otherwise, no one could enter.

“The Bi’an Beastworld is a gift from the high heavens for everyone to enjoy.” A great power’s ancestor was unhappy to see the barricade and raised his voice: “On what grounds does your Celestial Array School think monopolizing the beastworld is acceptable!”

“Everyone has misunderstood us.” The young king slowly responded: “The beastworld is indeed for the world to share. However, in order to avoid bloodshed from people competing for treasures, my kind second brother is willing to step up in order to solve this issue along with the other great powers to reinstate the Bi’an Agreement. No one is allowed inside until the agreement is finalized.”

His “second brother” was Ye Qingcheng. Ye Qingcheng, the Ninehead Lion Emperor, and the Celestial Array Young King were blood-sworn brothers. The lion emperor was the oldest while the king was youngest.

In fact, during the oath ceremony, the Golden Crow Prince also wanted to become blood brothers with the three. However, Miao Chan, who was secretly in charge of the ravine, strongly opposed this. In the end, the prince didn’t participate in the ceremony, but he and Ye Qingcheng still called each other brothers!

The prince was very dissatisfied with Miao Chan regarding this matter. It had to be said that Ye Qingcheng had a frightening charm to him. Even imperial descendants like the young king were willing to work hard for him.

“Hmph, reinstating the Bi’an Agreement?” An unhappy sect master coldly stated: “Is it up to you all to decide this grand matter?”

There were many experts from the great powers here, and they all wanted to go inside. They were naturally discontent with the Celestial Array School’s actions.

“Everyone here is welcome to work with us to reinstate the agreement.” The young king became stern as well as he proclaimed: “But before then, don’t blame us for not being polite to anyone who tries to enter!”

This stubborn attitude caused many to be furious, but none of them wanted to retaliate with force. The school could be considered an imperial lineage. Although it was not personally erected by Immortal Emperor Zhen Ji, it came from one of his disciples. Moreover, the emperor had also stayed at the school for a period of time, thus the school had the power of an imperial lineage.

It was understandable that great powers didn’t wish to oppose an imperial lineage like this.

“Incredible.” A few ancestor-level characters didn’t want to show themselves. They only watched behind the scenes and slowly murmured: “Ye Qingcheng’s ambition is great. He actually wants to host the Bi’an Agreement and become the second Divine Beast Realm!”

In the past, this agreement was presided over by the beast realm and imperial lineages such as the Alchemy Kingdom and the Jianlong Clan. But now, the other two were stuck in reclusion so Ye Qingcheng’s grand ambition was made apparent for all to see!

No one doubted his abilities. His camp was full of experts and talents. Moreover, he had good ties with a few imperial lineages like the Celestial Array School and the Heavenhoof Ravine.

If he became the host, then these imperial lineages would most likely side with him.

A royal lord coldly asked: “Do you think your Celestial Array School can take on the entire world by yourselves?”

“You think you can speak on behalf of the world?” A domineering voice resounded at this time. A golden light as vast as a sea emerged with the coming of a figure.

This young man was stalwart and had a pulsing golden radiance as if there was a sun behind him. He resembled the son of a sun god with an oppressive aura.

“Golden Crow Prince…” Many people shivered after seeing this new arrival. A few even took a few step backs with trepidation.

The prince’s sharp gaze swept through the crowd before he callously stated: “Brother Ye’s attempt to reinstate the Bi’an Agreement is correct and I shall help him! Anyone who is unconvinced, step out!”

His threatening words were resoundingly powerful. He made it sound as if it wasn’t just him alone, even the ravine behind him would back Ye Qingcheng’s attempt to take charge.

Those who were unhappy couldn’t do anything at this time. The Heavenhoof Ravine, the Stony Edge Kingdom, and the Celestial Array School were all imperial lineages. The ravine had two emperors as well.

Without the Alchemy Kingdom, the Jianlong Clan, or the Beastmaster Citadel, no other sects could touch this trinity!

Everyone with a sound mind understood that the agreement was only an excuse by both the young king and Ye Qingcheng. They simply wanted to monopolize the beastworld!

Once the agreement was formalized, others sect would be prohibited from entering. But at this time, who would be able to shake this alliance? Would the beastworld become their possession this easily?

“Ye Qingcheng is quite ambitious.” An ancestor behind the scenes spoke: “If the behemoths do not come out, then Ye Qingcheng will easily maintain his seat on the throne of this generation and do as he pleases.”

This move from him could be considered quite risky! He not only wanted to fortify his position and monopolize the beastworld, but he also wanted to test the Alchemy Kingdom and the Jianlong Clan.

If these imperial lineages still didn’t come out even with the emergence of the beastworld, then it meant that they definitely wouldn’t do so in this generation.

From this, his future path to became an Immortal Emperor would be much easier. Who could stop him from ascending to the throne without the three great behemoths blocking his path? Who could stop his plan of ruling the Stone Medicine World?

Once the sects of the Stone Medicine World were willing to join his banner, he would head for the other eight worlds and challenge the myriad realms. He wanted to become an Immortal Emperor above the nine worlds!

An ancestor who thought of this quivered inside. Despite the events around the beastworld's appearance being an attempt from him to test the waters, his ambition came through as clear as day.

The entire scene was now quiet. No one was willing to stand up to the young king or the prince. Despite feeling furious inside, no one wanted to oppose the ravine.

The prince looked over the crowd with an oppressive momentum. He noticed a woman and asked: “You must be the Giant Bamboo Royal Lord, Her Majesty Zi Yan, correct?”

After hearing this, many looked over at a woman standing in the far distance. They saw that she was graceful and noble and had a swirling violet aura of a Heavenly King. Even though she stood there by herself, no one would dare to ignore her radiating presence.

This woman was indeed Madam Zi Yan. After resigning from the throne and taking care of everything, she left Giant Bamboo and went to the Beast Realm to meet up with Li Qiye.

When the school found the entrance, the madam quickly rushed over, thinking that it was her young master who had found it due to the soaring divine light. She didn’t expect to see the young king’s group here.

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