Chapter 84: Daylight Sky Immortal Secret (2)

Having heard Li Qiye’s lecture, not to mention the sectional leaders and protectors, even the elders were surprised. In the end, all five elders came to Li Qiye’s door to ask him to lecture them.

At this moment, all five elders were extremely convinced by Li Qiye. From their perspectives, Li Qiye was taught by the Patriarch, so he knew the ultimate profound truths of the methods inside the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

Li Qiye said to the five elders: “Elders have been cultivating for more than a thousand years, and your Dao foundations are fortified. Unless you destroy and redo your cultivation from the start, to greatly soar forward would be impossible. At the moment, you can only fix the defects and maximize and optimize the Dao foundation with minor changes in your cultivation. However, as long as you all remain persistent, then, in the future, there is still hope to break through the Ancient Saint realm.”

The five elders had cultivated for too long, and their Dao foundations were incomplete with defects. This was a forgone conclusion; unless the Dao foundation was destroyed, to make a big change was impossible. Li Qiye could only make minor adjustments for them!

Nevertheless, the elders were still very excited. They were self-aware that they had no chance of becoming Enlightened Beings, let alone Ancient Saints. At this moment, Li Qiye gave them hope and greatly motivated them.

Gu Tieshou’s group attributed Li Qiye’s knowledge to the Patriarch teaching him the Dao in his dream, so he inherited the peerless profound truths of Immortal Emperor Min Ren.

However, they didn’t know that Immortal Emperor Min Ren was brought onto the road of cultivation by Li Qiye. After the flow of ten thousand ages, Li Qiye cultivated countless grand characters; he was naturally an unparalleled wise master.

Another thing that stirred the spirits of the elders was that Li Qiye, from his dream, found another incomplete merit law named the “Nine Cauldron Life Method”. The even more exciting news was that, after Li Qiye meditated the Daylight Sky Merit Law, he was able to find the Heaven’s Will Secret Law, “Daytime Sky Immortal Secret”, of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!

This caused the shocked elders to go for a long time without sleep. Heaven’s Will Secret Law, ah! This would absolutely cause countless cultivators and sects to become crazy!

However, the “Nine Cauldron Life Method” and “Daytime Sky Immortal Secret” have become the top secrets of the sect. Besides the five elders, only Li Qiye knew about them.

The moment Li Qiye’s Dao instruction sent the sect onto the proper track, it was time for him to personally cultivate. However, First Elder Gu Tieshou came to his door and brought him to the triangular old building to see one thing.

Li Qiye followed Gu Tieshou to the old building. Inside the treasury holding treasures and spirit medicines. They went to a corner where Gu Tieshou said: “After what you said the last time, I especially ordered some disciples to rearrange the Scripture Library, the Weapon Armory, and the Treasure House. Afterward, some disciples found this item, but we couldn’t see its purposes. It is also extremely heavy.”

An ancient tablet was placed in the corner, it was pitch black without any light. The top was etched with clear engravings, they were complex to the point of being burdensome. This ancient tablet had experienced an unknown amount of years and was filled with holes on top. This was not due to the erosion of time but rather sword markings.

Li Qiye, during his millions of years, had seen many treasures, but when he meticulously looked at this ancient tablet, his expression changed. This type of item, he had seen it once. Even though it was not the same ancient tablet in front of him, the item he saw was an item with a similar origin.

Finally, Li Qiye asked Gu Tieshou: “Where did this come from?”

“It is not clear.” Gu Tieshou shook his head, and he said: “I was under the impression that this ancient tablet had always been in this place. As for its exact origin, I am not certain.”

In the end, Li Qiye spoke: “I want this thing.” The origin of this ancient tablet was not ordinary, and he wanted to examine it through.

Regarding Li Qiye’s request, Gu Tieshou immediately agreed. At the moment, Li Qiye was akin to the sect master of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Even if the sect master, Su Yonghuang, came back, she most likely wouldn’t have the same authority as Li Qiye.

The moment they left the Treasure House, Gu Tieshou asked Li Qiye: “The sealed floors, is there no chance of opening them?”

Today, to Li Qiye, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect didn’t have any secrets. Even the sixth floor of the Scripture Library was allowed for him to enter by the five elders. Gu Tieshou personally brought him to see the three sealed floors at the top as well.

“Hard to say.” Li Qiye looked at the seal of the triangular ancient building; he only smiled and shook his head: “This is not important; there might be nothing in there. There is a chance that it was just an immortal sage sealing it to inspire future generations.”

Gu Tieshou couldn’t help but to ask: “Could you elaborate?”

Li Qiye smilingly answered: “In order to open the seal, I’m afraid it only needs a Virtuous Paragon to make a move. Think about it, the last three floors are rumored to have Immortal Emperor Life Treasures and Immortal Emperor items. The generational disciples of the sect desperately desired them, and even the protectors and elders would be eager to become Virtuous Paragons to obtain the Immortal Emperor treasures! Thirty thousand years ago, the loss in that battle was too frightening. If there really were any treasures left, I’m afraid it would have all been used during that battle; why the need to seal them?”

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, Gu Tieshou felt it made sense. Thinking about it, if there were any spirit medicines or immortal treasures, it would have been used during the urgency of that battle. Nothing was more important than protecting the Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom.

The elders of many generations, in the last thirty thousand years, had looked forward to the Immortal Emperor treasury, but they didn’t expect this. Thinking about it again, Gu Tieshou himself couldn’t help but laugh, and he couldn’t help but lament.

Coming back to Lonely Peak, Li Shuangyan brought a piece of news to Li Qiye: “The Alchemy Caster, Grandpa Sheng, of our sect has arrived. When can we start the Physique Paste’s refinement?”

Li Shuangyan’s sudden mention of this matter reminded Li Qiye. Recently, he had been too occupied with the reformation of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. He patted his head and said: “This trivial matter, I almost forgot about it.”

Here, Li Qiye ordered Li Shuangyan: “Inform Elder Gu: tell him to carefully prepare the medicinal materials. In three days, I will prepare the cauldron, and we will start the Physique Paste refinement.”

Li Shuangyan didn’t raise a hint of demur, and she immediately followed the order. She, this heaven’s proud daughter and princess of a country, revealed her docileness and gentleness.

Three days later, on Lonely Peak, Elder Gu had prepared all of the required medicinal herbs for Li Qiye, and Grandpa Sheng from the Nine Saint Demon Gate was also prepared to refine the Physique Paste.

For this matter of refinement, Elder Sun himself came to observe. As an Alchemy Master, it was a taboo to let others observe, however, Grandpa Sheng unexpectedly agreed.

Grandpa Sheng, in the Nine Saint Demon Gate, was not only an elder, but he was also the most powerful Alchemy Master. This time, Demon King Lun Ri sent him here for the refinement of Li Qiye’s Physique Paste; it was enough to show his high respect for Li Qiye.

Seeing Grandpa Sheng, Li Qiye didn’t hold back and asked: “How many times can Grandpa Sheng refine?”

Grandpa Sheng looked like a messy old man, but Elder Sun was very respectful towards him, even to the point of fearing him. One has to know that the elders of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had no qualifications to meet an elder from the Nine Saint Demon Gate, let alone their most powerful Alchemy Master.

Elder Sun understood that Grandpa Sheng coming was all because of Li Qiye’s face.

“Eight refinements.” Grandpa Sheng was not a man of many words, so he was very direct.

“Grandpa Sheng is indeed the number one Alchemy Master of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, I can’t believe you can refine it eight times.” Hearing Grandpa Sheng, Elder Sun shockingly exclaimed: “This junior can do five stable refinements, but six refinements are absolutely not guaranteed.”

Physique Pastes and Life Medicines could all be refined nine times. The higher the number of refinements, the better the essence!

Grandpa Sheng stared at Elder Sun and said: “The true test of an Alchemy Master is neither on Physique Pastes nor Life Medicines, it is on Fate Pills! A Fate Pill is the true essential test of an Alchemy Master.”

“This is true.” Elder Sun readily acknowledged these words: “If the Fate Pill’s creation is unsuccessful, it would be a damaged pill. However, an incomplete pill was a small matter. If the cauldron was broken as well, then it would be a huge disaster. When I refine a Fate Pill, I can do three transformations, four transformations would definitely result in a damaged pill.”

Physique Pastes and Life Medicines have nine refinements while Fate Pills have nine transformations. The Fate Pill was completely different from the Physique Paste and Life Medicine. If the Alchemy Master’s skill was lacking, the Physique Paste and Life Medicine created by him would still be usable and only their effects would be greatly reduced.

However, the Fate Pill was different. If the Alchemy Master’s power was insufficient and there was a mistake, the cauldron containing the Fate Pill would be destroyed. In the worst case, even the Heavenly Cauldron would be destroyed as well.

This was why there was a saying between all of the Alchemy Masters: that the true test for an Alchemy Master was the creation of the Fate Pills.

This was why, under the sect’s circumstance of not having an appropriate Alchemy Master, Elder Sun could still refine five times with ease. Even though the beast marrow was lacking in years, he could still take the responsibility to be Li Qiye’s Alchemy Master.

Even if his power was insufficient, and he couldn’t make up for the lack of years in the beast marrow; the Physique Paste would not be incomplete, and the cauldron would not be destroyed. Only the quality of the Physique Paste would be greatly reduced.

“Eight refinements, this is enough to make up for the lack of years in the beast marrow of the Hell Iron Bull. Let us get started.” Regarding the ability of Grandpa Sheng, Li Qiye recognized it.

To someone like him that was cultivating an Immortal Physique method, the best choice would be an Immortal Physique Paste along with an Alchemy Master that could do nine refinements. However, under the current circumstances of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, he didn’t have a choice.

One could even say that with the sect’s current situation, this was already the best possible condition.

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