Chapter 839: Opening The Bi’an Beastworld

Chapter 839: Opening The Bi’an Beastworld

Li Qiye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at her response. He smiled and said: “Girl, you will find out in the future that your final pursuit is only Immortal Emperor, but for me, that is only the beginning. The heavens above is where my journey starts.”

“Hmph, now you’re just bragging.” She snorted. Although she was unhappy, she found some clues from Li Qiye’s words about something different. As a natural Immortal Fate, she was more perceptive than others.

“See? You want to become the young mistress? Out of the question.” Jian Wushuang snorted, still as beautiful as ever.

Long Jingxian gave her a mean look then pulled on Li Qiye’s arm with a gentle look: “Fine, concubine then. Love is boundless after all. However, I have a request. In the future, assign that girl to me. I will order her around as my maid!”

Li Qiye wasn’t expecting this request. Jian Wushuang, on the other hand, glared at her: “Stop daydreaming.”

Their dialogue was quite lively, causing the basilisk and the old turtle in the distance to click their tongues. The basilisk was amazed and said: “So domineering, one really cannot mess with a girl like that.”

The group smiled while the two girls continued to argue boisterously. Like this, they made their way deeper into the ruins. At this location, broken tiles were everywhere; it was clear that there used to be a huge temple here, but only remnants could be found.

Li Qiye went in a circle around the site before stopping at a certain corner. He ordered the old turtle and the basilisk: “Dig right here.”

The two didn’t know what he wanted to do, but they still instantly started digging.

Long Jingxian looked around and curiously asked: “Why are we here?”

Li Qiye lightly replied: “Didn’t you want to take a look at the Bi’an Beastworld? Wait for it, this is only the beginning.”

“You can actually open a path to the beastworld?” Jian Wushuang was startled: “No one has seen it since the destruction of the Divine Beast Realm. I heard even Immortal Emperors tried to open the beastworld to no avail.”

“Don’t worry, when have I ever lied to you?” Li Qiye smiled.

While the group was talking, the old turtle and the basilisk had dug up the corner of this part of the ruins. After reaching a certain depth, they met a layer of hard rocks. They were very coarse looking and not too special at all.

This type of rock seemed to be the common lava rock of the Stone Medicine World, something that could be found anywhere in the ground. If there was something special about this rocky layer, then it would be the particular dent in that layer, but even that was very inconspicuous.

Li Qiye took out an item. It was the rod-like object from the Tie Clan. He then inserted it into the dent on the rocky layer.

“Click.” The moment this item went inside the layer, a sudden change occurred. The item broke apart into little bronze pieces that instantly pierced the rocky layer.

Everyone then noticed mysterious runic outlines on top of the rocky layer that were quite difficult to notice before.

Li Qiye’s right hand formed a fist that he slowly placed on the rocky layer.

“Thunk, thunk, thunk.” The unexpected happened. The little pieces seemed to have come to life and instantly latched onto his fist, turning into a glove.

This bronze glove made it so that Li Qiye’s fist and the rocky layer merged together.

“Clank, clank, clank.” Li Qiye turned the rock around with his hand. It made everyone feel as if the ruins were turning in their entirety as well; it was as if Li Qiye was capable of altering the entire location.

“Buzzzz.” The impossible occurred. An endless divine light soared from a remote depth of the ruins. It pierced the sky and continued all the way to the farthest reaches of the firmament.

After doing so, the rays of light intertwined as if it was about to turn into a gigantic portal, about to drag something out. In an instant, very powerful dragon hymns rang as if something was being dragged down from the sky by this mighty force.

“Clank, clank…” Some changes occurred on Li Qiye’s glove. It turned back to its original form, but it had a newfound radiance as if it was full of life.

“This thing…” Jian Wushuang was moved while looking at this rod-like item in Li Qiye’s hand.

Long Jingxian was startled as well: “I know this object. This is the key to allow the beastworld to appear! Legends say that the Bi’an Beastworld had something to do with the Divine Beast Realm. So it turns out that this item has always been in of the Divine Beast Realm!”

Li Qiye smiled and quipped: “You’re not too stupid.”

The basilisk was horrified as he murmured to himself: “But, this item was hidden in the Tie Clan. If that is the case… then…” At this point, he stared at Li Qiye in shock.

“There are some things best kept to oneself.” Li Qiye glanced at the basilisk dismissively.

The basilisk quivered at the magnitude of the idea forming in his mind. Just the thought alone made him feel a chill.

Of course, Li Qiye would not easily reveal this secret about the beastworld. It was a place without a master, but in order to enter it, the item in Li Qiye’s hand was crucial.

A very long time ago, this item did not belong to the Divine Beast Realm, but the realm obtained it later on. The beast realm had always wanted to monopolize the beastworld but was met with failure.

During the great battle, the realm wanted to borrow the vast power of the beastworld for one last ditch effort. In the end, it wasn’t successful and they were still massacred by the invincible cavalry.

Afterward, this rod-like item fell into Li Qiye’s hands. It had expended all of its power so Li Qiye left it with the Heavenly Flame Goddess so that she could hide it in the Stone Medicine World in order to borrow the worldly energy to nourish it.

After millions of years, this item finally recovered, and Li Qiye wanted to use it to make the beastworld appear again.

“We can stay here for now. There is still some time before the true emergence of the beastworld.” Li Qiye told everyone.

Jian Wushuang directly summoned a building for them to stay in.

The divine light up high in the sky seemed to be opening a new world or perhaps dragging one into the Stone Medicine World. How could such a big commotion not attract the attention of others?

On this day, many saw this scene. Quite a few ancestors and even some eternal existences from the imperial lineages were alarmed.

These ancestor-level characters took deep breaths while murmuring: “This is…”

A few archaic existences sleeping underground woke up after being reported to by their descendants. They opened their heavenly eyes to look straight at the firmament and saw the amazing scene before uncontrollably murmuring: “The Bi’an Beastworld... is actually appearing. Incredible, who has the power to actually open it?”

The entire world was shaken overnight. The news of the Bi’an Beastworld’s appearance swept across the plains like a storm.

Many didn’t dare to believe this news after hearing it because the beastworld had never appeared after the destruction of the Divine Beast Realm. Even Immortal Emperors had tried to search for it and failed.

“So it’s finally reappearing after tens of millions of years.” Many big shots came out one after another, shaken by this news.

The lineages began to mobilize their troops and made preparations to enter the beastworld.

The Bi’an Beastworld was one of the six great Ancestral Earths that belonged to immortals. Its origins were unclear and it had been this way since an ancient age. No one knew where exactly it came from.

However, there were many speculations. Some believed that it was the dwelling of the divine beast, Bi’an. Some also believed that it was a land left behind by immortals from the ancient eras. Another bold statement claimed that it had something to do with the origin of the golem race.

The last speculation was not without reason because the stones in the beastworld had indescribable magical properties to them. They seemed to be closely linked to the golems. The most significant example was Immortal Emperor Bi Shi.

This emperor was the second emperor of the Alchemy Kingdom. His true origin was a stone that fell from the beastworld. Because of this, future generations believed that the golem race was closely related to the beastworld.

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