Chapter 836: Ruins Of The Celestial Realm

Chapter 836: Ruins Of The Celestial Realm

So at this moment when Ye Qingcheng brought up Miao Chan, although the prince was still laughing and drinking, his mind felt somewhat uncomfortable. Fortunately, Ye Qingcheng didn’t bring her up again. The two of them continued to feast and talk about many things.

After having his fill of wine, Ye Qingcheng smiled and said: “I heard the golden daughter of the Jian Clan also came to the Beast Realm.”

“I have heard some rumors that she is together with Li Qiye!” The prince’s eyes turned cold after stating this.

Although Miao Chan was head over heels for him, he wanted to run away from her since he liked Jian Wushuang who was as proud as a phoenix.

Ye Qingcheng shook his head and smiled: “Jian Wushuang can be a bit immature and cannot see through people. She has only temporarily been charmed by Li Qiye. Brother Golden Crow, there’s no need to worry. With enough time, she will find out that someone like Li Qiye is not worthy of her. Only a genius like you can be her real home.”

Although Ye Qingcheng was trying to console him, the prince was very displeased after hearing this. Jian Wushuang had always been very arrogant. He stayed at the Alchemy Realm for a very long time to court her. In order to please her, he tried everything within his power, but she remained distant towards him.

But now, how could he feel at ease when she was together with Li Qiye? Because of this, Ye Qingcheng’s words made him even more uncomfortable. It sounded as if their pairing had become a fact.

“Hmph, an ignorant brat like him dares to call himself Fierce? He doesn’t know his own worth.” The prince was unhappy due to Miao Chan being brought up earlier, and now he was even angrier after hearing about Jian Wushuang. Since he had a few cups already, he couldn’t suppress his anger any longer.

“The noble blood of the demon god flows in your body, Li Qiye is just a nobody.” Ye Qingcheng smiled: “So there is no need to pay any mind to this matter. A girl can be confused at times. Wait until she realizes it, she’ll know where her home truly is…”

“... Just be patient. Someone as brilliant as you will be able to step into the heavenly dao in the future to threaten the nine worlds. Li Qiye will be eclipsed while Jian Wushuang will swoon over your invincible presence and fall into your embrace.” Ye Qingcheng comforted the prince.

Due to the influence of the wine, the prince’s pride came out as he sneered: “Brother Ye, you think too highly of Li Qiye. Why the need to wait for the future against someone like him? I can teach him a lesson right now.”

Ye Qingcheng gently shook his head in response: “Brother Golden Crow, it is not that I am lacking confidence in you. You are versed in two different styles so you are peerless in the contemporary times, but this Li Qiye is full of wily schemes. I’m afraid you will fall into his trap.”

“Don’t worry, I will only go see him. It is not like I will go there to fight and kill. There’s no need to be so cautious about a trap or anything.” The prince responded with a smile.

“Not true.” Ye Qingcheng tried to persuade him: “It is best to always be cautious of people. In my opinion, you should let Fairy Miao Chan go with you. With her around, Li Qiye will only be displaying his slight skill before an expert with his schemes.”

“Brother Ye’s words are too much.” The prince waved his sleeve and smiled: “If I truly wanted to defeat Li Qiye, there wouldn’t be a need for junior sister’s help. I can do it by myself.”

“In that case, we don’t have to talk about this anymore. Come, come, drink more.” They raised their cups and drank more. Eventually, the prince left while feeling a bit drunk.

Ye Qingcheng smirked after watching the prince walking away. He told a nearby confidant: “Tell the Cloud Soaring Venerable to watch the ravine’s moves. When the prince goes to find Li Qiye, tell the venerable to fan the flames if possible.”

The confidant passed on this command then curiously asked: “Young Noble, the Golden Crow Prince has Miao Chan as his strategist. I’m afraid he will not go to Li Qiye to cause trouble so carelessly.”

“No need to worry. If he wants to go find Li Qiye, he absolutely won’t talk it over with Miao Chan.” Ye Qingcheng chuckled: “How can I not know what he is thinking? The more I bring up Miao Chan, the less he wants to talk it over with her!”

Ye Qingcheng aimed to drive a wolf to attack a tiger. To him, the prince was a possible option. He also knew that Miao Chan was wise, and with her planning, both the ravine and the prince wouldn’t become his pawns. Thus, he purposely made the prince steer away from Miao Chan. The more distant the two became, the better it was for him.


There were some particular ruins in the Beast Realm. They were even more massive than a great country. Its vastness made it seem like it was an independent world.

Not only were there broken walls and bricks, there were also countless shattered mountains. There were rivers boiled dry with the land torn asunder. The void was crushed into pieces, leaving behind eternal black holes…

This was also a very dangerous location due to the scattered land. One misstep would result in dying instantly from being torn apart by the residual forces.

Any cultivator would know at first glance that an unbelievable war took place here. The void shattered into pieces, the realms were torn asunder, and all the laws mouldered.

“These are the ruins of the heavenly realm.” The four-eyed basilisk exclaimed after Li Qiye took them to these vast ruins.

“Yes, we are going to the heavenly ruins.” Li Qiye smiled and looked at this vast ruins ahead. He gently sighed in his mind. In the past, blood stained this entire place.

“I know about these heavenly ruins.” Long Jingxian spoke with a tinge of surprise: “I heard that these ruins used to be the territory of the Divine Beast Realm. Later on, they provoked Empress Hong Tian, so the empress brought her invincible army to massacre them. Rumor has it that the beast realm used to be a drifting continent in the sky. It was eventually dragged down from the sky by the empress...” Long Jingxian recalled the war in the past. Recalling this tale filled her with excitement.

“There’s far more than just that. That war was one where blood ran like rivers and corpses were piled as high as mountains. The Divine Beast Realm that had ruled over the Stone Medicine World for many years was annihilated overnight. The entire world drowned in fear when that happened, and no one dared to come out.” The basilisk quivered after bringing this up. He had heard his elders talk about it when he was a child.

“Your Basilisk Tribe was smart, so it was able to avoid the calamity.” Li Qiye smilingly said.

The basilisk felt a chill when he thought about this topic. He coughed and said: “Boss, please stop joking around. In fact, before the start of this war, our tribe had already drawn a line with the Divine Beast Realm. Although it is said that we came from the beast realm, our relationship was as distant as could be.”

Jian Wushuang coldly stared at the basilisk and said: “Nevertheless, your ancestors indeed came from the Basilisk Tribe. The beast realm is known as the dwelling place of divine beasts like true dragons and divine phoenixes. Your Basilisk Tribe has the bloodline of true dragons.”

“No, no, Miss Jian, you cannot make such a statement.” The basilisk was frightened and exclaimed: “That was a matter of a very distant past. Although our ancestors came from the beast realm, that was back in the Desolate Era. At that time, the Divine Beast Realm didn’t recognize a side branch like our Basilisk Tribe.”

“It is all in the past — just old memories, nothing more.” Li Qiye smiled after seeing the alarmed basilisk.

The basilisk quickly added: “Boss is right. This was all in the past, the Divine Beast Realm has already become history.”

Long Jingxian glanced over at the basilisk and inquired: “Oh? Aren’t you always very arrogant and untethered? What are you afraid of?”

“My little ancestor, you cannot just blather on.” The basilisk jumped from fear. He looked around with a shocked expression and whispered: “We cannot talk about this matter carelessly. It involves an earth-shattering secret hidden behind the dark curtains, so it is very taboo.”

“Dark curtains?” The least knowledgeable in this crowd was the old turtle. He asked with surprise after seeing the bullish basilisk being so nervous.

“I actually have heard about this before.” Long Jingxian, on the other hand, wasn’t afraid at all compared to the frightened basilisk: “The legend states that it wasn’t only Empress Hong Tian who was involved in the destruction of the beast realm back then. There was a dark hand that massacred them all. The rumor even goes further to say that this dark hand had always been controlling the state of the nine worlds for millions of years.”

“Shh!! My little ancestor, this is a forbidden topic. You cannot talk about it carelessly or it will attract a calamity. Even a lineage or existence more powerful than the current powers will still be annihilated!” The frightened basilisk hurriedly whispered.

“Bah, coward.” Long Jingxian looked at the basilisk in response: “I don’t believe this taboo matter. There is no one else here; even if we talk about this forbidden topic, no one will know.”

“This has nothing to do with me.” The basilisk’s neck shrunk a bit and told Li Qiye: “Boss, the little ancestor is the one who said it, I didn’t say anything, right?”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile. The four-eyed basilisk didn’t know the real story and had only speculated some of it.

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