Chapter 830: Mysterious Girl

Chapter 830: Mysterious Girl

After the slaughter and destruction of three sects with one phrase, the Heavenly Flame County turned even quieter than before. It could even be said that no cultivators dared to set foot inside this county. Many couldn’t help but shiver after thinking about how fierce Li Qiye was.

The one who was most excited after the battle was the old turtle. In the past few days, he always had a beaming expression. The reason was very simple, Li Qiye ordered him to bury the corpses in the county.

For a vagrant cultivator like him, the wealth of the dead was not to be given up. He received a lot of items while burying the dead. Some were not bad at all. It was no wonder why he was smiling the entire time.

Li Qiye didn’t have time to care for this garbage collecting matter, and the same went for Jian Wushuang. The four-eyed basilisk came from the Basilisk Tribe, so he also wasn’t interested in such trivial treasures. Only someone like the old turtle was willing to pick up the trash. Such items were very lucrative in his eyes.

Li Qiye continued to chant to the Tie Clan’s stone tablet. Such a tedious chore was relished by Li Qiye.

The initially arrogant Tie Lan became even quieter after the battle. No one knew what she was thinking. She knew very well just how powerful Li Qiye was, but she didn’t ask him for cultivation advice.

Li Qiye didn’t pay her too much attention either. If Tie Lan wanted to reach the dao and humbly ask him for help, then he would help her out of consideration for the Heavenly Flame Goddess. He would even teach her one or two merit laws. However, she didn’t want to ask.

On this day, Li Qiye continued to chant in front of the tablet. After a long time, he finally finished with a long and complicated scripture.

“Hey, what are you trying to do by preaching to that rock?” A pleasant voice rang next to Li Qiye.

Unknowingly, a supreme beauty could be found standing next to Li Qiye. This lady had golden hair as smooth as a waterfall and basked in the sunlight.

Her beautiful, slender, and tall figure could captivate others while her plentiful breasts, thin waist, and flawless features were all extraordinary. Kingdom-toppling was not a mere figure of speech but a reality when it came to this girl!

Li Qiye chuckled and looked at her: “Since you are so smart, can you guess what I am doing?”

This supreme beauty was the mysterious girl that Li Qiye met back at Allpine Mountain. She took a careful look at the tablet and then back at Li Qiye to answer: “There must be something hidden here, but I can’t tell what it is.”

“You are indeed capable.” Li Qiye nodded and smiled: “You’re quite amazing to already figure out that much.”

“Hmph, you should stop looking down on people.” The mysterious girl was also a prideful person. She snorted and said: “I’ll try as well!”

With that, she sat down in a meditative pose just like Li Qiye and began to preach.

This girl was indeed unfathomable. Her incantation was exactly the same as Li Qiye’s. Jian Wushuang had exceedingly high aptitudes, but even she had no way to duplicate the incantation after just listening to it once.

“A little interesting. Such talents can be called peerless throughout the eras.” Li Qiye had to praise after witnessing this feat.

However, after the girl finished reciting her scripture, she couldn’t help but look at Li Qiye: “This makes no sense. Your incantation created a fluctuation within the tablet, but I didn’t receive the slightest response.”

“Not bad at all to be able to detect that. Worthy of the old heaven’s adoration for you.” Li Qiye praised.

The mysterious girl scowled then looked at Li Qiye: “Hmph, what is so special about this?” The girl was very straightforward and stated in a proud and candid manner: “Hey, tell me the secret about this tablet. There are very few things that I can’t see through in this world, and this is one of them.”

Li Qiye leisurely smiled and answered: “My name is not ‘hey’, it is Li Qiye. If you call me young master or boss, then maybe I will think about telling you the secrets of this matter.”

“Hmph, I know that your name is Li Qiye.” The girl glared at Li Qiye with an indescribable charm.

She scowled: “What’s the big deal, I don’t care anyway. Don’t even think about getting me to call you young master! But you can call me young lady though.”

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t say anything else. He stood up to walk inside the mansion. The mysterious girl also stood up and followed right behind him.

“Oh wow, Boss, where did you go to find such a hot lady?” The four-eyed basilisk exclaimed after seeing the girl behind Li Qiye.

“Bah, where did this four-eyed basilisk come from!” The girl glanced over towards the basilisk and snorted.

The basilisk wasn’t happy with the girl’s attitude. He arched his chest and assumed a heroic pose as he shouted: “Don’t look down on me, I am the most handsome and unique four-eyed basilisk in all the ages—”

“Hah… you can brag for half a day, but in the end, you are still only a chicken demon.” The mysterious girl didn’t give him any face and burst out in laughter as her chest swayed back and forth. [1. Remember Chickenfowl? This joke would make more sense here instead of basilisk. Another commenter pointed out cockatrice and that might have been a better localization than basilisk for this joke, but I don’t think a cockatrice is known for petrification.]

The basilisk loudly retorted: “This little girl, you have the nerve to tease me? Watch how I’ll handle you!”

“Come then, you think you are so special?” The mysterious girl was very hot-headed. She had already begun her offense before she even finished speaking. Stars focused in her hands as a great imperial aura came forth.

“Oh mommy, the Alchemy Kingdom’s emperor law!” The basilisk was startled and immediately retreated. Its four eyes quickly shifted around and shot out a petrification ray to suppress the emperor’s law.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The hot-headed girl unleashed three strikes in one fell swoop. All of them were emperor laws from different lineages — the Alchemy Kingdom, the Jian Clan, and the Jianlong Clan!

The basilisk was amazing as well. The rays from his four eyes were able to stop the three emperor’s laws.

“Hmph, just petrification, right? Watch me.” The mysterious girl scowled. After sending out the three strikes, she immediately saw through the mysteries of the basilisk’s eyes. Her pretty eyes shifted and shot out a ray as well. With a buzz, the frightened basilisk turned into stone.

“Like I said, nothing special about it. I can learn this kind of petrification instantly.” The mysterious girl brushed her hands clean while gloating after the successful attack.

“Sshh!” The stones around the basilisk’s body shattered. He was still a basilisk in the end, so this kind of petrification couldn’t trap him.

“You, you, are you a human or a devil?!” The basilisk had to take several steps back as he looked at the girl in horror.

Though many cultivators had stolen others’ merit laws in this world, most of them only managed to steal the outer layer. However, their Basilisk Tribe’s petrification was completely different since it was an innate ability, something that others couldn’t steal.

But this girl ahead managed to do so after just three moves. This was too terrifying; in this world, was there something secret to her?

The girl narcissistically replied: “Hmph, are there any devils as pretty as I am in this world?”

At this time, Jian Wushuang came out from inside. Her gaze focused on the mysterious girl the moment she arrived. The room turned a lot brighter when the two were together. Tie Lan gently sighed. No matter how pretty a girl might be, they would feel insecure when standing before Jian Wushuang and this mysterious girl.

Both were like jewels illuminating the entire room like a beautiful painting. Each of them had their own unique style.

Jian Wushuang was also a supreme beauty. In terms of looks, she was not any less than the mysterious girl and could even be considered a bit superior. However, her figure was not the mysterious girl’s match. This girl’s figure was fatally charming and exuded boundless temptation.

Among the women at Li Qiye’s side, only Chen Baojiao could compete with this mysterious girl.

The mysterious girl laughed after seeing Jian Wushuang and said: “Haha, Jian Wushuang, you are also here. Just in time, I want to have an archery contest with you.”

Jian Wushuang’s arrogance did not falter in the face of this girl who was comparable to her in all aspects. She coldly glared at her and snorted: “Long Jingxian, who wants to compete with you? Shouldn’t you be stuck in your house studying to be more feminine? How did you sneak outside?”

“Hmph, who says I have to learn how to be feminine? I am always gentle and caring.” The mysterious girl’s attitude seemed to change after saying this. It was as if she had become a completely different person.

“Jian Wushuang, you are mistaken about me escaping from home. I only came out for a break.” The girl was no longer hot-headed. Her overbearing attitude suddenly became gentle as if she was an entirely different person. She was now elegant and demure like a noble princess. This elegance was beyond words. Her bright eyes became even more enchanting and were capable of stealing the souls of spectators. Anyone would be melted by her eyes without exception.

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