Chapter 829: Destroying The Three Sects

Chapter 829: Destroying The Three Sects

This arrow was invincible. All eons returned to the primal source due to this arrow. It seemed that space and time disappeared and only this single arrow existed in all eternity.

Everything stopped with this arrow, causing everyone's minds to be lost. By the time their thoughts returned, they could only hear a piercing sound. A stream of blood jetted upward!

This arrow pierced the Diamond God’s head. His eyes were still wide open despite not being able to see what kind of arrow this was. It was much faster than his perception.

His stalwart figure fell down from up high and heavily slammed into the ground.

“Soldiers and fighters descend and arrange yourselves in front of me”. All nine words in one arrow. This was the ultimate arrow from the Nine Words True Bow, an arrow that consisted of its entire mantra. This arrow had supreme speed, lethality, and destruction!

If Jian Wushuang shot out a “Soldier” or “Fighter” arrow against someone as strong as the Diamond God, then it would be difficult to kill him. However, he had just escaped from the temporal distortion and wasn’t given the chance to dodge this full mantra arrow. It could be said that he didn’t even have the chance to look at it!

By taking speed, lethality, and power to the extreme, it was not difficult for this arrow to kill Virtuous Paragons!

In just an instant, the entire scene was eerily quiet. Everyone felt their bodies shivering. Although the Diamond God was not a God-Monarch, he was at least a legendary master or even an eternal existence.

Such a paragon with the unbreakable crystal physique and Immortal Emperor Jing Yu’s weapon was still killed by a Heavenly King junior. This was quite an astonishing event!

Anyone would quiver after seeing the impossible happen. The Diamond God, who was deemed unkillable even by Godkings, had died miserably to Jian Wushuang. At this time, his weapon was floating in the air. Jian Wushuang snorted and wanted to seize it. However, she was not a disciple from the sea sect. The weapon buzzed then instantly escaped without a trace.

She could only sigh. Of course, she understood that it wasn’t so easy to seize an imperial weapon from a lineage. It required both luck and skill.

“Extraordinary, this is the perfect dao of archery.” Eventually, someone calmed down and murmured in astonishment.

A big shot from the previous generation commented with emotion: “The limit of the bow and arrow; I’m afraid she will be able to compete against Ye Qingcheng in the future. Just as the saying goes, it is better to be perfect at one art than to know one hundred techniques! The Jian Princess’ archery is at the limit and she will be the strongest emperor candidate in the near future!”

Jian Wushuang had always been in the spotlight as the main descendant of the Jian Clan. However, there was still a certain gap between her and existences like Ye Qingcheng.

But today, she showed her brilliance with action, so many had a new opinion of her.

Her basic archery mastery was already great. Now, she had the true bow as well as Li Qiye’s tutelage and refinement, making her even more unfathomable!

In fact, the moment she obtained the true bow was when she decided to fully specialize in the dao of archery. She even made herself forget about the other merit laws and only left archery in her heart! From then on, she had a major breakthrough as well as a deeper understanding of cultivation.

The carnage was finally over, but the stench of blood remained. The distant spectators had yet to leave. They watched over the messy battlefield and continued to get chills.

“Since everyone is still here, all of you can pass on a message for me.” After seeing the lingering crowd, Li Qiye smiled and leisurely said: “Some people at the Beast Realm think that they can challenge my prestige. Very well, let them witness my might! Let the world know that I, Li Qiye, have a Myriad-Life Medicine. Even a Godking, no matter how many longevity medicines or immortal roots they had previously consumed, would definitely gain three to five years of life after using my batch…”

Li Qiye continued: “No matter the sect or existence, as long as they destroy the Sacred Demon Tribe, the Tombskull Sect, and the Feather Country, I shall give this batch of Myriad-Life Medicine to them!”

“What, Myriad-Life Medicine?” Everyone was shocked after hearing this.

Someone gasped then murmured: “Three to five years even for a Godking!”

“Is, is he already an Alchemy Emperor?” Even an experienced alchemist was horrified after hearing this.

However, no one questioned Li Qiye’s alchemy ability. He had already competed against the white hair alchemist back at the Alchemy Realm. This had already proved that he was the number one alchemist among the younger generation in the Stone Medicine World!

Even Jian Wushuang was moved after hearing this. Three to five years… Even Godkings from their Jian Clan would be willing to take action for this type of medicine.

After taking this medicine and sealing themselves again, they would be able to live for much longer. Three and a half years of life meant that they could withstand the erosion of time for more than one hundred thousand years underground, maybe even longer!

For the young cultivators, three and a half years might not mean anything. However, for a near-death Godking, this was an invaluable amount of time!

This news erupted across the entire world in almost no time at all like a storm! The world was astonished after hearing this. Some powerful existences buried in the depths of the earth opened their eyes.

“Rumble!” Not half a day after Li Qiye released this message, the Sacred Demon Tribe in the southern region suffered a calamity. An invincible existence accompanied by several hundred masters descended from the sky. They entered the tribe and in just a moment, screams and blood filled the atmosphere.

“Boom! Boom!” In a short time, this invincible existence swept through the Tombskull Sect and the Feather Country.

“The Sacred Demon Tribe, the Tombskull Sect, and the Feather Country were all annihilated! There are very few survivors!” This event shocked the entire Beast Realm and the Stone Medicine World in just one day!

Three great powers were destroyed overnight. Their ancestral grounds were assaulted and their elders, high elders, and even guardian protectors were killed!

The most astonishing part was that no one knew who took action. The people from start to finish never showed themselves and hid in a mist as they swept through these three southern powers like a tornado. They came quickly but also left just as quickly.

“The leader was a Godking with an imperial aura.” Someone saw the scene of destruction at the Sacred Demon Tribe with their own eyes and discussed it with other people.

“It was definitely an imperial lineage taking action!” Some talked about this matter in private.

Numerous people quivered after finding out that it was a Godking from an imperial lineage who did this. Although the three great powers were strong first-rate sects, it wasn’t difficult for a Godking, especially one that came from an imperial lineage, to destroy all three sects.

No one dared to bring this matter up in public. However, in their secret chambers, there were those who thought that it was the Heavenhoof Ravine. Others said that it was the Beastmaster Citadel since they were the most powerful imperial lineage in the Beast Realm with two emperors!

Some also argued that it was not an imperial lineage from the Beast Realm. It could have been the Alchemy Realm’s Jian Clan or the Stone Realm’s Jianlong Clan…

All in all, one thing was certain, the culprit was an imperial lineage. But as for which one, this remained a mystery and a taboo subject.

Li Qiye also didn’t reveal the assailants. Later on, news came out that the group had received the Myriad-Life Medicine from Li Qiye, fulfilling his end of the bargain.

A few sects and God-Monarchs with sufficient strength bitterly exclaimed after hearing this: “My Myriad-Life Medicine! Damn it, one step too late!”

In fact, after Li Qiye released his intentions, some God-Monarchs came out immediately. There was even a Godking from an imperial lineage who crawled out of the ground. Unfortunately, they were one step too late compared to the mysterious Godking.

Many sects and cultivators turned completely silent overnight. No one dared to mess with Li Qiye. They needed to gauge their own abilities before even considering it.

Even if Li Qiye didn’t take action personally, his supreme dao of alchemy was enough for not just paragons but even Godkings to work for him and massacre those who stood in his path!

“After an alchemist reaches this level, he can do as he pleases. To call for storms and rains across the world, isn’t this the style of an Alchemy Emperor?” Many alchemists were both envious and full of admiration after Li Qiye destroyed three sects by just opening his mouth.

This was their dream and aspiration, to become an Alchemy Emperor one day. At that time, they would even be considered esteemed guests by Immortal Emperors!

After hearing about the extermination of the three sects, Ox King Su Mingchen was scared silly. His legs turned weak as he dropped straight to the ground while drenched in cold sweat. Keep in mind that Li Qiye was staying at his country. If Li Qiye wished to destroy it, he only needed to say one word and countless ravenous Virtuous Paragons would come running to tear the Ox-Herder Country into pieces.

“So lucky that I didn’t offend this ancestor.” The Ox King was too scared to stand back up. He wiped away his cold sweat and praised his own good fortune.

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