Chapter 827: Transformation of the Corpse God

Chapter 827: Transformation of the Corpse God

An existence like the Diamond God with a boundless imperial aura from his weapon would be scary to anyone outside of Godkings. Even legendary masters and eternal existences would be wary of him.

Li Qiye glanced over the Exorcism Formation then back at the Diamond God. He was still smiling and as carefree as ever: “Since you are so confident, then let us begin. Show me what you got.”

“Attack!” The Diamond God commanded with a cold glint in his eyes.

The five ancestors immediately activated the Exorcism Formation. The endless sacred light condensed into a ball of radiance that flew straight towards Li Qiye’s Death Chapter.

The Diamond God wanted to capture Li Qiye alive to find out the secrets behind his ability to break their crystal physique.

Li Qiye’s powerful undead manipulation was known to everyone, thus the sect wanted to stop this evil art first. Without it, Li Qiye would be nothing before the Diamond God.

This Exorcism Formation from the Crystallized Sea Sect was very famous. It was created by Immortal Emperor Jing Yu and capable of repelling all evil. Even a devil from hell would be blown into smithereens within this formation.

However, no matter how bright and holy the light inside the formation was or that it was strengthened by an Immortal Emperor, there was no effect as it shone on Li Qiye’s Death Chapter.

“What?! Impossible!” The five ancestors were astounded with disbelief.

Everyone knew that undead manipulation arts were definitely evil by nature. Even if it wasn’t evil, it would still be suppressed by the Exorcism Formation. However, Li Qiye’s chapter was unperturbed.

“If this art of mine is evil, then your Immortal Emperor’s laws are unorthodox and unrighteous!” Li Qiye’s chapter withstood the baptism of the holy light. It essentially had no effect on him.

At this second, the chapter began to rotate. The Corpse God took one step forward, causing the space beneath his feet to shatter. The entire Exorcism Formation shook, causing a majority of the holy light to sway.

“Suppress it!” The Diamond God’s expression sank after seeing the Corpse God moving. He commanded the five ancestors. The Corpse God was the ultimate treasure of the Tombskull Sect, a terrifying monster with frightful power. Even an existence like the Diamond God was quite wary of this creature.

The five ancestors strengthened the Exorcism Formation. In the blink of an eye, the holy light engulfed the Corpse God like a surging river. One could hear sizzling sounds at the moment of contact. Green smoke rose from its body. Under the suppression of the holy light, the corpse couldn’t move and even growled from time to time. This growl seemed to come from a devil of hell, instilling chills in everyone.

As the light from the formation was purifying the Corpse God, the devil seemed to have turned into a vampire; smoke rose from its body wherever the light touched. Its dense evil energy was being cleansed by the light.

The Diamond God snorted after seeing the successful containment of the Corpse God. His sharp eyes glared at Li Qiye. Without the Corpse God and other undead under his control, Li Qiye was only an ant in his eyes!

However, Li Qiye didn’t care at all about the well-being of the corpse. He ignored the Corpse God being suppressed by the formation.

Many experts from afar were startled by this scene. Li Qiye’s powerful evil art was finally suppressed. This Exorcism Formation was indeed unfathomable.

“Worthy of being an imperial lineage. This great formation can contain all evil so easily!” One person murmured.

On the other side, Jian Wushuang was carrying out a massacre. The alliance was in complete disarray as they were being hunted by her. With the Nine Words True Bow in her hand, it would be simple for her to kill even from a thousand miles away.

“Ahh!” Amidst the sea of screams, Sheng Fei, who started this storm, couldn’t escape death. He was eventually killed by Jian Wushuang’s arrows. His body fell down from high above, causing blood to splash everywhere!

Jian Wushuang now resembled a Death Goddess. Her state had reached its peak; she could meet god, slay god, meet devil, slay devil. Anyone would take the long route around her at this moment for they were full of dread.

“Rawrrr!” The Corpse God screamed under the baptism of holy light as if it was in great pain.

The Diamond God saw this and glared at Li Qiye before laughing: “This is your ace? Surrender now and reveal your secrets, then our sect might spare you!”

Li Qiye smiled and pointed with his chin while slowly stating: “Isn’t it a bit too early to be excited? Look again.”

“Boom!” There was a sudden turn of events. The Corpse God suddenly erupted with a blinding light. An endless sacred light soared all the way up into the sky.

“What…” After the sudden development, the cultivators outside, the five ancestors, and the Diamond God were all shocked. The Corpse God was an evil monster, so how could it emit such a powerful sacred light?

At this moment, something incredible happened. The sacred light up high in the sky turned into a gigantic vortex. With a series of loud explosions, this vortex became an all-devouring black hole and sucked in all the holy light within the formation.

The five ancestors were aghast. The formation was no longer under their control as its holy light was absorbed by the Corpse God.

“Boom!” The divine pillars shouldering the Exorcism Formation were shattered. The formation soon followed suit after its holy light was stolen.

At this time, the sacred light dispersed along with the evil energy. The Corpse God revealed its true appearance. This was a scholarly middle-aged man with an elegant and noble appearance. No one would be able to connect him and the Corpse God that was emitting evil energy earlier.

Most people would imagine the corpse having yellow fangs and green skin. Who would have thought that it had such a gentlemanly appearance?

However, this man had no trace of life; it was still a corpse after all.

Many people — including the five ancestors — were stunned after seeing the true appearance of the Corpse God.

The Diamond God recognize the corpse’s identity and exclaimed in shock: “Isn’t, isn’t that the son of the Tombskull Progenitor?!”

The crowd was astounded by this revelation; the corpse was the Tombskull Progenitor's son! No one would believe such news, not even the Tombskull Sect itself. Its progenitor actually turned his own son into the Corpse God, just how terrifying was this matter?

As for the reason why, maybe no one knew.

“The Tombskull Sect embarked on an evil path. Such a good corpse was ruined by the gestation of blood.” Li Qiye was very pleased with this result as he smiled leisurely: “Just in time though, your Exorcism Formation carried a powerful holy power. This kind of force is perfect for expelling the evil blood energy from its body. I should be thanking all of you. Without the formation, I would have had to spend a lot of effort to rid it of its evil.”

These words left the Diamond God and the five ancestors with extremely unsightly expressions. So it turned out that Li Qiye was only using them!

“This brat is too devilish!” Many people were astonished after hearing this. At first, people thought that the Exorcism Formation was suppressing the Corpse God. Who would have thought that Li Qiye was taking advantage of the formation? This was the same as giving up one’s wife and losing an army as well! [1. Beauty trap, one of the 36 stratagems. This phrase is saying to lose everything after a failed military deployment; losing your hot beauties as well as an army.]

“My turn.” Li Qiye smiled at the five ancestors. His chapter rotated once more as death energy filled his body.

“Boom!” With a loud explosion, the Corpse God attacked. His body turned into a ray of light, and in the next moment, screams accompanied the splattering of blood. The five ancestors were instantly killed with their blood spurting like springs!

“Little animal, you want to die!” A junior killing his descendants right in front of his nose made the Diamond God livid. He went straight for Li Qiye.

However, before he could reach his goal, the Corpse God appeared before Li Qiye and easily stopped his attack.

Li Qiye stood right there and leisurely commented: “You are so far from being a God-Monarch that you can’t compare to this Corpse God at all.”

“Good, good, let me check out this peerless genius of the past then!” The Diamond God had a twisted expression. He couldn’t catch Li Qiye without killing the corpse that protected him.

“Without an imperial weapon or the crystal physique, you are no match for it.” Li Qiye chuckled and channeled his death chapter, letting its energy surge once more.

“Boom!” The tyrannical Corpse God stomped at the Diamond God!

The god was furious from being looked down upon like this and rushed to meet it head on.

“Rumble!” In the blink of an eye, the Diamond God and the Corpse God had exchanged five blows in the sky, causing widespread destruction.

“Boom!” The Diamond God was blown away by the corpse while spewing out a mouthful of blood.

“Die!” The maddened Diamond God finally attacked with his imperial weapon. It crossed the sky and suppressed the heavens. On the other hand, the Corpse God soared in patterns as if it was dancing, like a flood dragon against the oncoming imperial weapon.

“Bang!” In an instant, the battle waged on, causing the sun and the moon to lose their brilliance. Countless people were tense from fear due to this terrifying battle!

The Diamond God indeed became a lot more powerful with an imperial weapon in hand. Even a God-Monarch might have to retreat in the face of this combination!

However, the Corpse God’s power was far beyond imagination, especially after being purified by the Exorcism Formation. It became even mightier, as if this was its true power!

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