Chapter 818: Four-eyed Basilisk

Chapter 818: Four-eyed Basilisk

“Ah...” The partially dismembered elder bellowed. He was already wounded, so he was instantly killed by the skeletal knight that he had summoned.

“No…” All of a sudden, screams could be heard everywhere. Many disciples died to the skeletons. Only three to five managed to escape.

Blood filled the ruins in a short moment as it flowed down the muddy soil. The numerous corpses lying on the ground in addition to the skeletons standing there made this night even more eerie.

“Blechh…” After Tie Lan’s bindings were removed, she couldn’t help but vomit repeatedly after seeing this scene. She had seen blood and death many times as a general, but this was her first time seeing skeletons massacring cultivators.

“Oh man.” The old turtle peeked out from his shell and paled as well. He shuddered the moment he saw these undead skeletons, overwhelmed by a creeping sensation.

Li Qiye looked at Tie Lan who was puking and insipidly said: “In the next few days, stay inside for me and stop overestimating yourself. Otherwise, I’ll throw you into the most terrifying location in this world!”

With that, he stepped inside. After puking for a bit, Tie Lan turned even paler. She silently stood there and didn’t want to argue against Li Qiye.

“Go hang their heads on the door.” When he reached the door, Li Qiye commanded the turtle before disappearing into the room.

The turtle could only lament its fate. How could he dare to not listen? But wouldn’t doing so result in him offending the Tombskull Sect?

However, In Li Qiye’s eyes, killing a dozen people was no big deal.

On the second day, the Ox-Herder Country’s Su Mingchen hastily came by for a visit. He didn’t show off at all and even turned into a different person to secretly come to the Heavenly Flame County.

“Oh my god, did you really kill everyone from the Tombskull Sect?” Su Mingchen’s legs quivered after seeing the skulls hanging outside of the Tie Clan’s entrance. He looked at Li Qiye with a twisted expression, as if he had just eaten bitter gourd.

Li Qiye nonchalantly replied:: “They’re already dead, what’s the big deal?”

Su Mingchen’s bitter expression didn’t leave his old visage. His head was about to explode; the thing he didn’t want to see the most had happened.

“Boss, what am I going to do? Right now, the people from the Tombskull Sect and Sacred Demon Tribe are gathering their disciples, saying that you stole their Corpse Monarch.” Su Mingchen grimaced.

He received this news early in the morning and was completely frightened, so he immediately came running here.

“What else can you do?” Li Qiye gave him a look: “You should do what you must. It is no big deal even if you go inform the Heavenhoof Ravine.”

Su Mingchen jumped after hearing this and immediately swore: “Boss, let the heavens be my witness, this lowly one definitely did not inform the ravine. Otherwise, I would not have shown up here.”

“There is no need to worry about it.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said: “This matter isn’t something you can control.”

Su Mingchen could only sigh after hearing this. He was truly unlucky this time; this ominous star was causing him to lose sleep and his appetite. And now, he even caused so much trouble! Perhaps his country would be ravaged by war soon.

Su Mingchen couldn’t help but plead: “Boss, can’t you compromise at all?”

“Compromise? Why should I?” Li Qiye glanced at him and smiled: “I didn’t compromise even against the Alchemy Kingdom, so why should I with the Tombskull Sect?”

Su Mingchen was speechless, but this young man was telling the truth. This ferocious man even killed God-Monarchs from the kingdom and came out completely fine. Why would he care about the Tombskull Sect?

“You just pretend like you don’t know anything and say that you are cultivating in seclusion, stay in hiding.” Li Qiye looked at him: “If there is something you must do, then tell the people in the Heavenly Flame County to temporarily leave. In the next few days, some more vile people will come.”

“Very well, I will send the command.” Su Mingchen sighed one last time before leaving. It was just as Li Qiye had said, there was nothing he could do right now. He couldn’t afford to offend Li Qiye or the Tombskull Sect, so he could only play the part of a turtle with its head hidden in its shell.

It was night time after he left. The experts from the Tombskull Sect had yet to come, but something even more bizarre happened.

It was an especially quiet night. Due to the weed-infested ruins around the Tie Clan, the scene became especially melancholic.

“Is anyone here?” A faint, pervasive voice rang in everyone’s ears.

Tie Lan was the first to wake up. However, this voice that echoed in her ears made her fall into an even deeper slumber.

“Who is it?!” The old turtle was born in the wild, so he was very cautious. He jumped up after hearing this voice.

“It’s me, is anyone here?” The voice kept on assaulting the turtle’s ears. The cautious turtle relaxed after hearing this voice; he was hypnotized into a deep sleep as well.

The night became silent once more. Eventually, someone entered the Tie mansion. His steps were very light as if he was a ghost in the stillness of the night.

It was a young man with very colorful and eye-catching clothing. Anyone would be startled after seeing his face because he had the head of a rooster. This was a demon with a human body and rooster head.

Moreover, this demon had four eyes, each round and large. They were visible even in the curtain of the night as if they were precious stones.

The young man came to check on Tie Lan first, then the old turtle. He nodded in satisfaction after seeing that both of them were in a deep slumber.

Eventually, this rooster demon arrived at Li Qiye’s room. Li Qiye was also sleeping there peacefully. After seeing Li Qiye under his spell, the demon couldn’t help but laugh egotistically and say: “Everyone calls this Li Qiye a terrifying brute, but this is the best he can do? Hahaha, my hypnosis is invincible and can instantly mesmerize him in one go.”

He continued murmuring while being quite pleased with himself: “It doesn’t matter if he is Li Qiye or Li Baye, I have to take him first then interrogate him later.” With that, he reached out to grab Li Qiye. [1. Li Qiye = Seven Nights; Baye = Eight Nights. The demon is saying who cares if this is Li Qiye or not, might as well take him back first.]

At this time, Li Qiye suddenly opened his eyes. This made the demon jump back several steps.

“You, you aren’t hypnotized?” The demon stared at Li Qiye in disbelief: “Impossible, my hypnosis is unbeatable!”

Li Qiye slowly got up to look at the demon and leisurely said: “Basilisks are quite rare, especially one with four eyes.”

“You, you know me?” The demon was startled, but then he became quite proud and laughed: “It seems that my handsomeness has spread wide across the entire world. Even a lowly character like you knows who I am. Hehehe, I can easily imagine just how notorious my fame is as a Four-eyed Basilisk!” [2. This part is a bit weird to translate. The basilisk refers to himself as “ this super handsome” or “chief”. Just know that it is a very egotistic self-pronoun. It is also similar to the nickname of Chu Liuxiang, a very famous thief; a Chinese version of Robin Hood from Gu Long’s novels.]

Li Qiye chuckled at the smug demon and said: “Of course I know the Basilisk Tribe. In the past, I’ve stewed some of their members before. The taste was not bad. Although it wasn’t as good as dragon meat, it could still be considered a delicacy in this world.”

“My ass!” The demon immediately jumped and shouted: “Li, quit your bullshit. Do you know how powerful my Basilisk Tribe is? We are the noble god race of the Stone Medicine World! You actually dared to stew our people? Watch me stew you instead!”

Its four eyes quickly shifted and shot out a very bizarre ray. The moment this light covered Li Qiye’s body, a strange buzz could be heard. Li Qiye was immediately petrified into a statue.

The demon pompously declared after seeing his petrification succeed: “Hahaha, foolish human brat. Daring to bluster about eating my race... Hmph, I’m gonna bring you back this time and throw you into a pot and take my time stewing you. This handsome one has lived for so long yet I haven’t tasted human flesh yet!”

“Crack!” However, he didn’t have much time to gloat. The sound of rocks breaking emerged as the stones on Li Qiye’s body shattered and fell to the ground.

The demon’s smirk quickly froze. He stared at Li Qiye as if he was a ghost and pointed at him: “Impossible! Even if I can’t mesmerize you, it is impossible to dispel our petrification unless we remove it ourselves!”

Li Qiye patted the dirt off his shoulders and grinned: “Your skill is still quite lacking. I actually thought your four eyes would be much more powerful than this, but you are not even using them to thirty percent of their potential, how disappointing.”

The demon’s face turned red. Not even in his dreams would he expect Li Qiye to be able to withstand his petrification. One must know that his tribe had two great abilities. The first was mesmerization and the other petrification. No one dared to look in their eyes because only their tribe was able to remove the petrification.

The innate ability of a four-eyed basilisk was even stronger. They should be able to petrify Heavenly Kings, and he clearly froze Li Qiye. However, the petrification was suddenly nullified.

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