Chapter 800: Heaven Suppression Fist

Chapter 800: Heaven Suppression Fist

Jian Wushuang took a deep breath and summoned her most powerful defensive weapon. With a buzzing sound, a sacred light engulfed the sky with its grand imperial might. A huge imperial city stood before her.

In the blink of an eye, she took charge of the entire city. Immortal Emperor’s universal laws intertwined around the city with multi-layer barriers. It was the ultimate, impregnable defense.

“Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian’s Imperial City.” After seeing her treasure, Li Qiye nodded approvingly: “Although the defense of this weapon can’t be listed among the top ten, it is not a bad imperial weapon at all.”

Imperial City was the name of Jian Wushuang’s life treasure. After being summoned, it would turn into a city that seemed to have an emperor inside with their universal laws for protection.

“Boom!” Another series of explosions rang. Jian Wushuang’s life wheel emerged like an endless sea of blood under the stars. She channeled her longevity law to its limit, causing her longevity blood to soar like a phoenix. The moment the creature flapped its wings, endless tidal waves of surging blood energy covered the sky.

Under the empowerment of Jian Wushuang’s blood energy, the imperial laws came together to form huge runic shields that added another layer of defense to the imperial city.

The city alone was strong enough, but the addition of the shields fortified it even further. It seemed as if nothing could break through it at this moment!

Under this barrier, defeating Jian Wushuang with just one move was impossible even for a Virtuous Paragon. Perhaps a God-Monarch would be unable to carry out this task.

The impenetrable city boosted her confidence. She coldly stared at Li Qiye and uttered: “Go ahead, I want to see just how you will defeat me in one strike!”

“Okay, you need to be mentally prepared so that you won’t break from this.” Li Qiye chuckled.

His eyes turned serious as his life wheel rose to the sky as well. In the blink of an eye, the Yin Yang Sea of Blood erupted into a furor. His blood energy continued to rise with no signs of slowing down, causing the sky to shake. This blood energy was far stronger than Jian Wushuang’s.

She became alarmed at such domineering blood energy. The reason for its might was not only because of his amazing longevity treasure, but more due to the fact that his longevity blood was impeccably pure. It might be the purest in this world!

This was due to his great foundation in the previous levels, allowing his longevity blood to contain absolutely no impurities.

“Boom!” With a loud detonation, Li Qiye’s thirteen fate palaces ascended! The thirteenth palace immediately took control of everything! With the opening of these palaces, an endless worldly energy proliferated into a vast expanse. If this kept the current trend, then the earth vein taken from the Tiger Emperor City inside the fate palace would eventually become an ancestral vein and reach an unfathomable level!

“Impossible…” Jian Wushuang was shocked after seeing this. No matter how arrogant she might be, even she wasn't able to keep her cool. An earth vein inside a fate palace was terrifying enough, but what was even more frightening was the thirteen palaces! This was completely unheard of!

Four palaces to form a domain, eight to establish a kingdom, twelve to bring the heavens into existence, then what would thirteen palaces turn into?

The thirteenth palace lingered up high as the ruler of all realms and the nine worlds. Even the high heavens would not be able to reach its soaring profundity.

“Heaven Suppression Fist!” Li Qiye instantly attacked. He unleashed one fist without any transformations or techniques!

This fist contained a wave of condensed worldly energy from the palaces that seemed to be controlling the entire world for their own use.

The most terrifying thing, however, was what was inside Li Qiye’s true fate. A blinding item emerged like a little boat.

This tiny vessel seemed to be able to shoulder the entire world, allowing Li Qiye to have boundless vitality. He was no longer a single person for he was shouldering the high heavens and ruling the ten worlds! Within his vitality were countless living beings. At this very second, he appeared to have gained the ability to create life. This was the ultimate and most supreme ability. Just him alone was comparable to billions of existences!

This fist was unstoppable. Even imperial laws were suppressed under this mighty force. The heavenly dao were screaming even though they belonged to an Immortal Emperor. Even the laws of the heavens were eclipsed at this moment!

After the imperial laws were suppressed, even the Imperial City couldn’t withstand this fist. “Pop!” It swiftly struck Jian Wushuang and blew her away as she spurted a mouthful of blood.

She couldn’t move at all as she tried to stand back up. Her entire body was sealed. Her dao foundation, true fate, fate palaces, and the imperial weapon were all imprisoned by this fist!

The world seemed to have turned quiet at this moment as if time stood still. Li Qiye slowly put down his fist.

Li Qiye basked in this ultimate power and said with felicity: “This is the right feeling, above the high heavens and being the sole sovereign!”

At this moment, he looked towards the sky and saw a tribulation cloud with pulsing lightning condensing. How terrifying was this?! That one fist had alarmed the high heavens!

However, this tribulation didn't descend. The clouds dissipated and the sky became bright again.

“Old villainous heavens, it seems like I still haven’t reached a level high enough to threaten you, so you won’t try to suppress me.” Li Qiye faintly smiled after seeing the clouds disperse.

This fist was more terrifying than people could imagine. It was his own creation and had the name of Heaven Suppression Fist. This name was not an exaggeration. Li Qiye was aiming towards the high heavens. One day, when he reached full mastery, he would seal the heavens!

This fist contained too many ultimate profundities and mysteries of the thirteen fate palaces, including the vessel of life! When he created this fist, he used it to connect the mysteries of the thirteen palaces with the mysteries of the vessel of life!

The vessel of life was a supreme merit law obtained from the other side of the golden sea back at Necropolis. It was related to the enigma of life and its creation.

After his recent meditation sessions, Li Qiye began to develop something to complement this merit law. Although it had yet to be completed and could even be said to be only twenty to thirty percent complete, it still had an exhaustive framework. If this merit law could be completed, then in the future, perhaps he would be able to create life and become a real creator of all existences!

Li Qiye named this supreme art the vessel of life, and the meaning of the name was quite apparent.

Under the ultimate power of the thirteen palaces and the vessel of life, Li Qiye was able to create the most powerful fist in this world. When empowered by both laws, its power was unfathomable and could even cause the high heavens to turn furious and try to suppress Li Qiye!

In Li Qiye’s eyes, this fist would come to be unbeatable in all eons. Countless Immortal Emperors had created fist techniques; however, none of theirs would be able to compare to his own. His fist was the true sovereign of fists!

This was inevitable since no one besides him had thirteen palaces and the vessel of life. Just having one of these alone was more than enough for someone to become an Immortal Emperor, let alone both of them.

“How was my fist?” Li Qiye looked away from the sky and stared at Jian Wushuang before chuckling.

No outsiders could watch this fight. Because of this, Li Qiye chose to test his newly created Heaven Suppression Fist.

Despite its power, he wouldn’t easily use it because the high heavens would not allow for this technique to exist. Once either the vessel of life or the fist technique reached a level where they could threaten the heavens, the heavens would absolutely suppress Li Qiye!

Jian Wushuang was stunned on the spot. Even if Li Qiye’s fist didn’t seal her, she would still be dazed silly.

Thirteen palaces had exceeded the confinements of rationality. Everyone knew that the ultimate pinnacle for cultivators was twelve palaces, but Li Qiye had thirteen. Throughout history, this was an unprecedented occurrence.

She had no way of describing this fist that was capable of suppressing the heavens. She had seen countless imperial laws, but they were not comparable to this fist. It had no variations or transformations, just a simple sealing affinity; however, this direct fist was related to an ultimate profundity. She wouldn’t be able to learn it even if she tried for the rest of her life.

She was completely shaken and couldn’t calm down. Ye Qingcheng and Mei Aonan were both brilliant geniuses in present times. This was especially true for Ye Qingcheng. Although she was arrogant, she had to admit that he had incomparable talents.

However, when compared to this Li Qiye standing before her, both of them were not enough to reach the apex. Li Qiye’s fist alone was enough for Ye Qingcheng to spend a lifetime to reach enlightenment!

In the past, the Stone Medicine World praised Ye Qingcheng and believed that he would surely become the Immortal Emperor. After seeing this fist, Jian Wushuang couldn’t help but want to utter: “Ye Qingcheng is nothing!”

She finally understood why Li Qiye said such words earlier and realized that compared to Li Qiye, all other geniuses in this world were nothing!

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