Chapter 80: Zi Shan Hou (2)

Li Qiye gave off a smile, and he compellingly said: “The Heavenly God Sect, to me, it is only a matter of whether I want to destroy it or not. If I don’t mind sparing a bit of effort and expending some thought, annihilating the Heavenly God Sect – this is not a difficult matter.”

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, Li Shuangyan immediately became speechless. Others would definitely think that Li Qiye was ignorantly foolish and boasting to the heavens, but Li Shuangyan didn’t think so. She didn’t find any signs of Li Qiye joking and boasting.

Li Shuangyan couldn’t help but exclaim: “I don’t understand how you are so confident. Even though the Heavenly God Sect had only created the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom in the past thirty thousand years, you have to know that their ancestor is an extraordinary person! If our Nine Saint Demon Gate was to become an enemy of the Heavenly God Sect, we would still have to be three parts cautious.”

Li Qiye glared at Li Shuangyan, and he said: “Because I am Li Qiye!”

Because I am Li Qiye – such an ordinary phrase. However, coming from the mouth of Li Qiye with a nonchalant tone, it made others feel a domineering pressure; a grandeur manner that looked down upon the world naturally came to life.

Li Shuangyan speechlessly stared at Li Qiye for a long time. This little boy in front of her didn’t feel like a little boy! Meticulous planning and a domineering presence, he was more similar to a Mortal Emperor!

After a while, Li Shuangyan stared at Li Qiye; she slowly spoke: “Such grand matters, I need to report to my master.”

“As you wish.” Li Qiye glanced at Li Shuangyan, and he smiled. Without a doubt, he was quite satisfied with Li Shuangyan’s attitude.

Without a doubt, Li Shuangyan, this heaven’s proud daughter, had greatly changed during these past days standing by Li Qiye’s side. At the very least, in front of Li Qiye, she had let go of her arrogance as a heaven’s proud daughter. Compared to Li Qiye, she couldn’t find any aspect where she was superior.

Three days had passed in the blink of an eye. Within these last three days, countless gazes from the darkness observed the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. There was no doubt that many great sects within the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom that wanted to personally witness the conclusion of this storm. Within the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, countless powerful characters and many Royal Nobles all hoped to directly receive the news.

Since the creation of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom by the Heavenly God Sect, within thirty thousand years, it had swept through the heavens and earth. Within the most recent ten thousand years, there were few people and sects that could challenge the godly authority of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom. In the present day, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect suddenly decided to execute Dong Shenglong and Lie Zhan Hou; where did this confidence come from?

Witnessing this scene, the far away cultivators, and even the tyrant of one domain, ruling over an entire sect, couldn’t help but lament in silence. Just imagine, Lie Zhan Hou was someone who was known for how arrogant he was and how his rage and ferocity could easily conquer all four directions; he was the very definition of a ferociously violent white stallion. However, today, he was simply a man at death’s door.

If you win, you become King; if you lose, you become a bandit – this was all that needed to be said!

Prior to the departure, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect became heavily guarded. Every disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect entered a state of combat readiness. All of the sectional leaders and protectors were even more diligent regarding the defensive platforms and entrances of the sect.

The five elders of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect left through the gate to personally oversee the execution. In addition to the five elders, Li Qiye was also present with Li Shuangyan following beside him.

“Who is that disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect?” Li Qiye seemed to be an ordinary disciple, his name wasn’t resounded or well recognized. Now, this seemingly ordinary disciple walking and sitting alongside the five elders – seeing this scene made many of the cultivators surprised.

Many cultivators were speculating, and one of them said in a surprised manner: “This disciple can actually walk alongside Gu Tieshou and the other elders; could he have an amazing origin within the sect?”

After they saw Li Shuangyan accompany them, it even resulted in some of the sect leaders being shaken; one emotionally said: “Li Shuangyan, the descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate and Princess of Old Ox Country, she’s the Grand Middle Territory’s heaven’s proud daughter, ah! Could it be that the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and the Nine Saint Demon Gate are forming an alliance?”

Li Shuangyan’s appearance at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, and her accompanying Li Qiye and the five elders, visibly moved many of the spectating cultivators.

Under the presence of this dignified atmosphere, time slowly passed. Finally, the time of the execution arrived; Gu Tieshou lifted his head to look at the sky and he loudly declared: “Execution!”

At this time, not to mention the disciples of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, even the faraway spectating cultivators all held their breath. Everyone was eagerly anticipating what would happen in the next moment.

“Put down the blade!” At this time, a loud roar resounded and it spread thunderously far and wide. A dragon horse, while heavily breathing, trod the hollow sky. The pressure of a Royal Noble suppressed the disciples in front of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s execution ground.

As the dragon horse trod across the sky, a figure wearing a violet coat could be seen on top of the horse. Wearing a violet crown, the old man with broad shoulders seemed to be an important person.

“Zi Shan Hou…” After seeing this old man, the onlooking cultivators changed their expressions.

“Zi Shan Hou arrived.” Witnessing this old man, a sect leader murmured: “A previous generation Royal Noble, ah! Extremely experienced! Zi Shan Hou’s name has been prestigious for generations. He can be considered one of the Royal Nobles at the pinnacle of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom.”

“So it is Zi Shan Hou who graces us with his presence.” Seeing the old man on the dragon horse, Gu Tieshou’s pupils were focused and his demeanor became dignified. Although Zi Shan Hou’s reputation wasn’t as ruthless as Lie Zhan Hou’s, his strength was definitely higher! After all, he was a Royal Noble of the previous generation, and he was also at the pinnacle of all Royal Nobles!

Zi Shan Hou was still seated on the dragon horse when his voice resounded again: “Ancient Elders, don’t commit a mistake. Lie Zhan Hou is an important official of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom; you should quickly release him along with Brother Dong, and then follow me to the capital, accepting the emperor’s punishment and confess.”

As Gu Tieshou was about to speak; however, Li Qiye waved his hand to stop him and revealed a pleasant smile: “Confess? This word isn’t part of my vocabulary! While I still have no intention to kill you, you should get out of my sight immediately, as far as possible!"

“Who is this child? What a bold tone!” After hearing Li Qiye’s words, many of the spectating cultivators couldn’t help but look at each other. Who was Zi Shan Hou? He was a previous generation Royal Noble, and he was one of the Royal Nobles at the pinnacle to boot! He was an important official of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, yet Li Qiye, a junior, dared to use this kind of arrogant tone.

“This child from some random place, let this seat give you a little lesson in place of your elders!” Zi Shan Hou’s gaze became cold. With his grinding big hands, he sent Li Qiye a palm strike!

A “Zhang” sword sound was heard, and a sword appeared from the blue sky; however, it didn’t come from Li Qiye. Instead, Li Shuangyan already made a move. One sword to pillar the sky, decapitating all spirits! Phoenix odes emanated from her body, and her sword had its own spirit. Moves after moves activated; one sword released, and the mountains and rivers lost their colors.

“You are worthy of being the successor of the Nine Saint Demon Gate!” Seeing Li Shuangyan’s sword, Zi Shan Hou let out a cold snort. His two hands formed seals, like a giant mountain, suppressing down from above.

“Get out of here!” At this point, Gu Tieshou also took action. A Kun Peng traversed the sky, and, when the huge Kun Peng’s tail fiercely struck down, it shattered the earth with a ferocious momentum.

Witnessing the tail of the Kun Peng coming, Zi Shan Hou’s expression darkened. He didn’t dare to be reckless; he brought his hands together, and his true energy rose, blocking the tail of Gu Tieshou’s Kun Peng.

“Bang!” Even though Zi Shan Hou was able to block the strike from Gu Tieshou, his dragon horse couldn’t handle the pressure. It bellowed as it fell to the ground; it was no longer capable of standing back up.

Regarding the fight, Li Qiye didn’t pay much attention. He simply shook his head, and then he said: “Elder’s Six Variants is needlessly complex.”

Hearing these words, if it was from someone else, then it would sound extremely arrogant. However, after witnessing Li Qiye’s Kun Peng’s Six Variants, Gu Tieshou definitely did not think the words were arrogant.

Gu Tieshou began to speak: “Look at my Six Variants.”

He wanted to let Li Qiye see his Kun Peng’s Six Variants in hopes that he could get Li Qiye’s guidance to serve as reference material.

And so, after Gu Tieshou’s words came out, he approached Zi Shan Hou.

Zi Shan Hou’s face was extremely ugly. As a Royal Noble of the previous generation, today, he was unable to suppress Gu Tieshou. Immortal Emperor Merit Law – truly frightening!

“Gu Tieshou, today, I won’t bother with you!” Zi Shan Hou continued: “Today, this seat brought his Majesty’s Imperial Decree. Regardless of whether or not the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is willing, you must let the prisoners go. Otherwise, the consequences will ensue!”

“The Mortal King’s Imperial Decree!” Gu Tieshou couldn’t help but focus his gaze. The Mortal King of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom was someone with extremely high talents and a clever and calculating mind. His cultivation was extremely profound, and he was definitely someone to fear. Due to the Mortal King, the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom was now flourishing with life. It could be said that, due to the ambitious nature of the Mortal King of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, he wanted to succeed in making the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom into a never falling eternal ancient kingdom!

At this moment, Zi Shan Hou’s hands already brought out the Imperial Decree from the Mortal King. The imperial order only had a single character on it, “Amnesty”. The moment this character appeared, the torrential royal power of the Mortal King could be felt across ten thousand miles. Within this “Amnesty” character, the vast royal pressure of the Mortal King exploded; it was as if the Mortal King was currently present, turning others into loyal subjects.

Even though Gu Tieshou was a Royal Noble, when the character “Amnesty” was brought forth, he could feel the immense pressure; his blood started to roll. This “Amnesty” character carried a pressure that was akin to an unclimbable mountain that was placed inside his heart. It was so uncomfortable that it made him want to vomit blood.

The Imperial Decree only had a single character “Amnesty”, but this single character was already enough. This single character already represented the will of a Mortal King on his high throne. With this “Amnesty” character alone, it was already enough to suppress a Royal Noble!

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