Chapter 799: Unkillable

Chapter 799: Unkillable

Li Qiye only smiled in response to Jian Wushuang’s haughtiness. He gently shook his head and spoke: “I have to remind you of a few points regarding this matter. First, even your ancestor’s bow wouldn’t be able to kill me. It is truly a brutal weapon, but this is only by your standards since you haven’t seen a real merciless weapon. Second, you are gravely mistaken.”

“Hmph, about which part?” Jian Wushuang snorted and was unconvinced.

Li Qiye looked at her bow and smiled: “I know exactly what you were thinking when you created this bow. You considered my undead creatures and immortal technique to be evil!”

“Am I wrong?” Jian Wushuang sneered: “Only the legendary evil undead from underground would be able to absorb death energy to reach an unkillable state!”

“Little missy, do not be so shortsighted. Not all undead creatures are evil.” Li Qiye shook his head: “First, I am not an undead but a happy, living being. Second, I cultivate the grand path, the most stately of them all, the true profundities of the grand dao. Only when you become enlightened in these true profundities would you be able to see the real peak, the thing called eternal life and immortality, understand?”

Li Qiye had zero patience for Jian Wushuang in the past, and he also gave her zero respect. However, he had a rare moment of patience when talking with her right now.

Jian Wushuang raised her bow and vaingloriously said: “I’ll find out with my bow if you are an undead or not.” She exerted great efforts in order to create this bow and believed that it could nullify Li Qiye’s undying characteristic.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but shake his head in response: “Girl, your bow can indeed stop the dead, but it cannot stop me. Your bow was made from the oldest root of the Sacred Sandalwood Tree. After being polished, it was then immersed in Flawless Soul-Destroying Aqua to take shape. Not only this, you also used the Five Elements Evil Slaying Chant for its refinement. The next step was to carve the Godslaying Eighteen Arrows created by your Jian Ancestors. And finally, the last step was to use the Soul Suppressing Immortal Incantation during the refinement in a cauldron.” [1. My lord, so many names…]

Li Qiye praised with a tinge of emotion: “This is indeed a good bow. There is no doubt that you have an incredible talent for the dao of archery. In fact, it’s no weaker than your forefather’s in the past. The only regrettable thing is that you have wrongly mistaken me for an undead.”

Jian Wushuang was stunned. No one knew about the creation of this bow since she personally refined it. There were no other witnesses. Her techniques were the most powerful and ancient methods known to very few people!

But Li Qiye was able to reveal the process so easily as if he knew it like the palm of his hands, as if he was the one who created it! This made her suspect that Li Qiye was spying nearby when she was refining this bow. Of course, that would be impossible.

“Less words! We’ll know once you have a taste!” Jian Wushuang sneered and prepped her bow to lock onto Li Qiye.

“Very well, begin. I want to see just to what level you will be able to injure me.” Li Qiye stood there defenselessly without a care in the world.

“Pluff!” An arrow shot out in a peerless manner, causing blood to spurt. It pierced through Li Qiye in the blink of an eye. Jian Wushuang didn’t stop at all; she unleashed a storm-like barrage of arrows that drilled countless holes in Li Qiye’s body.

It didn’t stop there. After adding holes to his body, Jian Wushuang shot a buzzing arrow made out of a universal law. It emerged all around his wounds and sealed his entire body. This type of law tore apart his wounds as waves of power intertwined around his body to create a sacred marking like myriad Buddhas expelling evil!

Sure enough, it was effective at this time. Li Qiye’s death energy grew weaker from the suppression, and his wounds took longer to heal.

“Not bad at all. Using arrows as the seal, you are really proficient at archery.” Li Qiye was in writhing pain during this murderous process, but he was still able to laugh.

“Zzz—” A very faint sound rang. Just when Jian Wushuang thought that her method was effective in suppressing Li Qiye’s evil technique, the Death Seal emerged from his body in an instant, causing his wounds to heal ten times faster than normal. It seemed as if Jian Wushuang’s suppression not only failed to stop his evil art, but it had become its nourishment instead.

“This feeling is really not bad. The most sacred power turning into death energy, pure and full of life. Nothing is more delicious than this.” Li Qiye commented with an indescribable enjoyment despite the pain!

Jian Wushuang was astonished since she didn’t expect this development. She cried out again before unleashing another attack.

“Pluff!” Another arrow struck Li Qiye and instantly turned him into a block of ice.

She didn’t stop after unleashing this terrifying ice arrow, she immediately added an invisible arrow on top of that. It met Li Qiye’s body, causing his blood to stain the ice while he was sealed inside.

She wanted to use this powerful ice element to seal Li Qiye’s death energy to prevent him from reviving. Thus, the moment he was frozen, a flurry of invisible arrows gave him one fatal blow after another!

Under the sealing of the ice and the barrage of arrows, he definitely couldn’t survive or come back to life afterward.

However, the mysteries and power of the Death Scripture were not something within her scope of comprehension. Another buzzing sound appeared. Li Qiye’s wounds quickly healed once more. She was unable to kill him!

“Girl, although you are stronger than before and came up with great ideas on how to kill me, unfortunately for you, your attacks are mere feasts for me.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head in jest.

The injuries caused by her attacks were all turned into death energy, filling himself up to the brim. This sensation was incredible despite the pain!

“Expel!” Jian Wushuang unleashed a spatial arrow. The moment it struck Li Qiye, his body was immediately dismembered. The space around him fragmented so that his mutilated body couldn’t come back together.

“Pluff!” One more arrow left the bow. The hottest arrow in this world instantly pierced and immolated what was left of him with true fire, aiming to render him to ashes.

The worst had yet to come. The true fire from the arrow invaded every corner of Li Qiye’s body like maggots. It would not stop until his entire being was burned to ashes.

One must admit that Jian Wushuang’s archery was supreme. She had an unparalleled perception for the quintessential way of the bow and arrow.

“Zzz—” However, all of this killing only turned into death energy under the Death Seal. The graver the injury, the more powerful the Death Seal became!

“Just die already!” Jian Wushuang wasn’t ready to see Li Qiye recover again. In the blink of an eye, she unleashed all of her archery techniques that included incantation magic, exorcism magic, and the evil destroying affinity… All forms of destruction and suppressive methods came at him at once.

Blood splashed everywhere from this onslaught. Jian Wushuang even ground Li Qiye into pieces. But ultimately, the wounds turned into more death energy, and Li Qiye was still alive and kicking as if nothing had happened.

After this shot, even if Jian Wushuang had more confidence and pride, she would still have to give up! She was completely helpless because Li Qiye was unkillable regardless of her archery techniques!

She was only helping him; the wounds she inflicted in an attempt to kill him were being turned into the tastiest of delicacies! If was as if she was doing him a favor!

She had no choice but to give up without saying anything. At this moment, she couldn’t even express her rage or unwillingness to give up.

“I’m not attacking anymore!” She simply couldn’t suppress Li Qiye’s undying method, let alone break through it.

Of course, if she was able to defeat it, then the Death Scripture would not be worthy of its name. It would not live up to its fame as one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures.

Eventually, Li Qiye heaved a long sigh and movingly said: “Living feels really good. Of course, dying doesn’t feel that bad sometimes.”

Jian Wushuang’s attacks were indeed frightening and painful. However, this was nothing to Li Qiye. In the distant past, he had experienced far more painful and frightening things!

Jian Wushuang raised her brows and couldn’t help but stare at Li Qiye to ask: “What is this merit law?!”

She was no longer imperious or aggressive and didn’t call it a devilish art.

She had no choice but to be convinced without the strength to refute. This type of unkillable technique would be able to dispel all doubts!

“Well, it’s a secret.” Li Qiye touched his chin and revealed a mysterious smile: “Wait until you pledge loyalty to me and are trustworthy enough. When that day comes, maybe I can think about it and tell you this secret.”

“Hmph, stop dreaming.” She held her head high once more in her usual proud and unreachable manner to sneer: “There is no way you will be able to defeat me bare-handed in one blow.”

“Don’t be so sure.” Li Qiye laughed: “Here is your chance. Get ready, you can attack or defend but there is only one chance. Your defeat is imminent the moment I attack.”

These words left Jian Wushuang with quite an unsightly expression!

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