Chapter 793: Ming Yexue’s Secret Identity

Chapter 793: Ming Yexue’s Secret Identity

After seeing this scene, not just the emperor, but even the ancestors couldn’t believe it because Li Qiye’s was removing a clause of the blood oath from the past!

This blood oath could be said to have trapped them through the long years. They had no choice but to live reclusively without being able to compete and sweep through the world!

They wanted to somehow break this oath, but no one expected for Li Qiye to dispel it without any conditions.

“I am making an exception to remove one of the blood oaths. From now on, your kingdom can come out again. However, the remaining suppressions remain. If your kingdom wants me to remove the blood writ completely, then that will depend on your showing in this generation.” Li Qiye slowly uttered.

“My lord…” Even the alchemy emperor was shocked. He didn’t expect for Li Qiye to not only forgive his juniors, but also mercifully remove one of the clauses from the past.

After the first war, the Divine Beast Realm was obliterated and their kingdom suffered utter defeat. Under the invincible army and the unbeatable Empress Hong Tian, their kingdom could have become the second Divine Beast Realm at any time.

However, the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor’s pleading convinced Li Qiye to forgive their kingdom out of old sentiments. Eventually, the kingdom was imprisoned and had to form this eternal blood oath. That was the only way for their lineage to continue.

The other ancestors were in disbelief and at a loss for words as well. They didn’t know what to say. This was not only showing mercy but also kindness to their kingdom!

“There is no need to thank me. If you have to thank someone, then go show your gratitude to Yexue.” Li Qiye said indifferently: “I only dispelled this clause to prepare for Yexue’s future. This is also to give your kingdom a way out. I hope that you all will not disappoint me again. Otherwise, I won’t bother to care about your kingdom’s fate later on!”

The alchemy emperor and the other ancestors bowed deeply. It could be said that Li Qiye was more than generous to their kingdom.

Li Qiye finished dealing with the kingdom while Ming Yexue began to take its reins. She was someone with great wisdom, so her ruling the kingdom was quite trivial. Moreover, with the Alchemy Emperor behind her, all issues were easily dealt with. This allowed for the kingdom to usher forth a new beginning.

“I want to know about some matters.” After dealing with the kingdom’s affairs, Ming Yexue finally came to see Li Qiye during her spare time.

She was still peerless and beautiful as always. The number one beauty of the Stone Medicine World would always be intoxicating no matter the occasion.

“You should already know what you want to know. I trust that Hundred-Life has talked to you about the past.” Li Qiye chuckled while looking at her.

Ming Yexue slightly frowned. Even her frown was beautiful and would cause others to feel pain due to her discomfort.

“I want to know about my origin. The forefather didn’t tell me about it.” Ming Yexue said.

Li Qiye looked at her for a while before gently patting his lap and saying: “Have a seat.”

Ming Yexue was caught off guard. This gesture — to any woman — would be considered quite disrespectful, let alone a beauty like her.

However, instead of reacting with fiery rage like other girls, the smart Ming Yexue remained calm and slowly walked over to sit on his lap.

To have the number one beauty in the Stone Medicine World sitting in their embrace was wondrous luck! Li Qiye gently held her slender waist then hugged her. As a sweet fragrance assaulted his nose, he slowly said: “Close your eyes and feel it with your heart.”

Ming Yexue listened and slowly closed her eyes as she leaned against his chest. At this second, she let go of all thoughts and relaxed!

She felt that this current situation was so natural and comforting that it was as if this was how things were a very long time ago. To her surprise, she seemed to be traveling back to the past, to a very distant time when she was protected by him just like this.

The atmosphere became quiet as time continued to flow. For Ming Yexue, this type of comforting position was where she belonged, her home!

“Am I a reincarnation?” After a while, Ming Yexue softly asked while still leaning on Li Qiye, maintaining her charm and peaceful demeanor.

“No, you are not a reincarnation. You are you, the past and the future don’t matter, only the present is important.” Li Qiye gently stroked her hair and spoke with a touch of love in his voice.

“I’m still a bit lost. I feel like I have known you for a long time now.” She shook her head in response.

“This isn’t surprising at all.” Li Qiye smiled and replied: “I understand your current feelings as you rightfully want to know your background! However, there is no need to rush things. After I take you to the Bi’an Beastworld, you will come to learn some secrets. When that time comes, I will tell you of your origin.”

“Bi’an Beastworld?” Even a supreme beauty with great wisdom like her was startled after hearing this name.

“Impossible, the Bi’an Beastworld has not appeared for a very long time. Legend states that after the Divine Beast Realm was destroyed, the Bi’an Beastworld never appeared again.” She glanced at him with confusion.

However, she suddenly realized and emotionally uttered: “You can make the beastworld appear again!”

“Smart.” Li Qiye gently pinched her nose and chuckled: “Don’t worry, the beastworld will appear again, and I’ll take you to a few places. That’s that.”

“How can this be?” Ming Yexue said in disbelief: “The legend states that after the beast realm was destroyed, some Immortal Emperors tried to find the beastworld, but they came back empty handed.”

Incredible matters which others deemed to be impossible even for Immortal Emperors were not out of the question for Li Qiye!

“This world is full of possibilities.” Li Qiye smiled: “There will be even more wonders for you to witness in the future. There are many things in this vast world that are beyond your imagination. You will understand them eventually.”

Ming Yexue didn’t say anything else. She gently rested herself on Li Qiye’s chest as if she was tired. She seemed to be so lazy and comfortable at this moment that it was as if time had stopped.

Li Qiye stayed at the kingdom for a very long time. Eventually, with the help of the ancestral vein beneath the kingdom, Li Qiye successfully refined the Phoenix.

The Phoenix was now complete. It was no longer only a skeleton but had flesh and blood. Its heart powerfully jumped up and down as its entire body emitted a supreme immortal light. When the immortal laws appeared, it gave off the sensation that a real phoenix was about to be reborn.

In the previous battle where the ancestral ground was torn asunder, the Phoenix was able to borrow the essences of the world to rebuild its body! Later on, Li Qiye used the refinement from the Death Chapter and borrowed even more profound force from the vein to give it some intelligence!

It seemed to be alive right now. Any spectator would find that there was no problem with it; it was definitely a living immortal bird.

However, it had yet to become a true phoenix. Although it had some spirituality to it, this bird still did not have a true fate or soul. There was a ways to go from becoming a true phoenix — a real living creature.

After hearing Li Qiye, Ming Yexue, Madam Zi Yan, and Yuan Caihe all shockingly exclaimed: “What?! You want to release this Phoenix!”

“Big Brother, this is a phoenix!” Even the calm Caihe was astounded. Anyone else would keep this Phoenix indefinitely. Moreover, Li Qiye had expended countless efforts on it. He repaired its skeleton, gave it flesh and blood, and also granted it intelligence.

After spending so much effort just to release it... Nobody would believe such a story. They would consider Li Qiye crazy.

Li Qiye remained nonchalant about this decision. He smiled: “If I don’t let it go, then it will always be a fake phoenix, one without life! Only by releasing it would it have the chance to become a real phoenix in the future via rebirth through fire!”

“But, but, if you let it go, it will be gone forever!” The madam had to comment.

Li Qiye shook his head: “Zi Yan, sometimes we have to rely on fate. For me, I may lose a phoenix, but for the phoenix, it will have a chance to be reborn! This is a miracle! Although this miracle will not be performed by me, I have played a part in it. This is a cause for joy.”

“Big Brother has a big heart, truly admirable.” Yuan Caihe emotionally sighed. No one else would be willing to let go of a priceless treasure like this Phoenix, but Li Qiye was able to let it go with such a nonchalant and carefree demeanor. It was difficult for others to act in this style.

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