Chapter 792: Blood Writ

Chapter 792: Blood Writ

While Li Qiye was staying in the ancestral ground, many great changes had taken place within a short period of time within the kingdom. The Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor began a radical reformation.

As the strongest ancestor and the most authoritative figure, the emperor had the power to change the path of the kingdom. Moreover, his actions had also earned the support of Ancestor Wushuang, the oldest being and the second most powerful existence in the kingdom. Both of them knew that they didn’t have much time left to carry out these necessary changes.

In the alchemy emperor’s eyes, this reformation must be done. Even the Blood Era Stones would not be able to seal him for long. Even the best stones would not be able to halt the erosion of time when he was too powerful. Moreover, he had chosen a successor for this generation who was peerless in both intelligence and background. The chosen Ming Yexue would be able to lead the kingdom to a new prosperous future.

Most importantly, Ming Yexue would follow Li Qiye in the future — this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the kingdom! No matter when and no matter what happens, as long as Ming Yexue was still alive, Li Qiye would care about the kingdom!

This was the best opportunity for the kingdom. Prior to this, they would have either been destroyed by Li Qiye or suffered internal separation till the point of collapse. Thus, the alchemy emperor’s current actions were to give the kingdom a chance at revival. However, this process would be costly and arduous.

Nevertheless, the alchemy emperor was going to proceed at any cost. He came into being to personally take over the kingdom in order to give it a second chance!

During this reformation, Yuan Caihe who was a respected guest was planning to leave. She met Li Qiye and said: “Big Brother, you have met your goal this time. Although you didn’t participate in the conference, you are the uncrowned king of the younger generation of alchemists.”

“You want to leave?” Li Qiye looked at her and gently nodded. He had been recasting the Phoenix recently and didn’t have the opportunity to talk with her.

She nodded: “Yes, Big Brother. I have been away from the Serene Garden for a while now, so I wish to go back. I hope that you will come and see me when you have time.”

“You should stay here for a little bit longer. I have many things about the dao of alchemy that I want to pass down to you.” Li Qiye said softly.

He really liked Yuan Caihe for her calm and gentle personality. It gave him a warm feeling. Because of this, he wanted to pass down the Alchemy God’s legacy.

Yuan Caihe was in a slight dilemma. She calmed down and had to say: “Big Brother, your alchemy legacy is priceless across the ages. I am not one of your people, so this doesn’t feel right.”

One must know that Li Qiye’s dao of alchemy was supreme. Any person or sect would want it. If it was someone else, they would be ecstatic after hearing such a good offer.

However, it was different for Yuan Caihe. She was a calm and uncompetitive person, without greed. At the same time, she also knew that whoever inherited this dao would have to shoulder an even greater responsibility.

“Little Sister, I trust you.” Li Qiye said: “The dao of alchemy is only a branch on the great path for me. My ambition does not lie there, so whether I become an Alchemy Emperor or not doesn't matter. Alchemy is more of a hobby to me.”

“However, I do not wish for this supreme dao of alchemy to be lost. Nevertheless, finding someone suitable and worthy of my trust in this world is very difficult.” Li Qiye gently sighed here: “This is what Big Brother wants to entrust to you, to keep on passing down this legacy! Your Serene Garden is not that far from Giant Bamboo, so in the future, I will let it protect your sect.”

Yuan Caihe hesitated for a moment before replying: “I’m afraid I will let down Big Brother’s trust. I know my own talents the best, I am only good at plant cultivation. I really can’t say I have any talent regarding pill refinement.”

“You have been very good at mixing medicines. Remember, didn’t you do a great job at refining the salve for Tie Yi?” Li Qiye smiled: “How can you know that it is impossible without trying? Plus, I’m not asking for you to be renowned in this world. I only hope that in the future, this legacy can continue to be passed down to suitable candidates.”

Yuan Caihe finally agreed and gently nodded: “Since Big Brother thinks so highly of me, I will have to try my best. As for future accomplishments, we’ll let time tell the tale.”

Li Qiye smiled at her open-mindedness then said: “I have also finished recasting the Phoenix. While I still have some free time in the next couple of days, I will pass on the important points to you.”

Later on, Li Qiye passed down his alchemy dao to her. Although she was not a competitive person, she was certainly brilliant, allowing her to learn very quickly.

Time seemed to slow down for Li Qiye as he was imparting his legacy to Yuan Caihe. Her tranquil nature seemed to have affected him as well, allowing him to feel peace.

For Li Qiye, his had been a path of carnage from the ancient past till now. His endless journey was filled with inevitable conflicts. But now, this ephemeral period of peace was a time for him to rest.

After a full reform initiated by the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor, the leaders of this conflict — outside of the three dead God-Monarchs — were all sent before Li Qiye.

“My lord, deal with these unfilial children as you wish.” The alchemy emperor brought these ancestors to Li Qiye.

At this time, the ancestors kneeling on the ground included Virtuous Paragons, legendary masters, eternal existences, and even God-Monarchs. They initially wanted to use this opportunity to move their army, but they didn’t expect to have hit a steel wall.

The ancestors were pleading guilty with their heads down. In this war, their kingdom had completely lost. It was either the kingdom’s destruction or them pleading guilty; they only truly had the one choice!

“No one can escape from ambition.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head while gazing at the ancestors: “To tell the truth, I didn’t mind that all of you broke the vow of past. However, if I don’t raise my blade against those who attempt to kill me, then it will seem like I am too merciful.”

The Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor could only lament with a sigh. This was already the second time the kingdom had been forgiven by Li Qiye. in the past, even if Empress Hong Tian didn’t destroy the kingdom, the army under Li Qiye could have trampled over the kingdom all the same. Just imagine, even a powerful and invincible force like the Divine Beast Realm was destroyed under the steel-hooves of his cavalry, let alone their kingdom!

The alchemy emperor couldn’t ask for Li Qiye to forgive the ancestors. It was just as Li Qiye had said, how many more times could he try to beseech Li Qiye? Forgiving the kingdom twice out of past emotions was already extremely considerate!

The pleading ancestors had no other choice at this time. If they didn’t do so and caused the demise of the kingdom, then they would be eternal sinners of the kingdom.

“Hundred-Life, you don’t need to sigh.” Li Qiye glanced at the emperor and said: “I have already forgiven your kingdom. Do you still think that I will wash my hands with these juniors’ blood?”

“Thank you for your forgiveness, my lord.” The alchemy emperor quickly rejoiced and bowed after hearing this.

Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “Don’t be so quick to thank me. Although I won’t bother washing my hands with their blood, there will be consequences. All of you need to exert yourself since I require the Heavenly Annihilations of three Immortal Emperor True Treasures! Afterward, all of you shall be sealed and buried underground. I do not want to see any of you again. Do not come out until your kingdom faces possible extinction!”

“We thank his lordship!” The alchemy emperor happily commanded the ancestors.

These ancestors were ready to die when they came here. For the sake of the kingdom, they would hold no grievances even if Li Qiye killed them. However, they didn’t expect to be spared.

These kneeling ancestors felt no shame for prostrating before Li Qiye. Even their forefather was only a junior before him, they were more like great great grand disciples!

“Take out the blood oath of past!” At this time, Li Qiye commanded the alchemy emperor.

After hearing this, the alchemy emperor was aghast while the other ancestors turned completely pale. One of the ancestors pleaded: “It is due to our ignorance that we violated the oath. My lord, please punish us…”

Li Qiye interrupted him and dismissively said: “If I wanted to destroy your kingdom, do you think you would still have the chance to kneel here? I only need to activate the blood oath and a disaster will instantly befall your kingdom.”

The ancestors didn’t dare to say anything. This blood oath was the result of their defeat in that year. Eventually, the emperor took out the blood oath. This was a blood writ crafted from countless drops of longevity blood. On top of it were many brandings of true fate vows. This seal involved the entire ancestral vein and the emperor foundations of the kingdom. There were invincible emperor universal laws protecting this seal along with the enchantments from many Godking generals!

Lastly, at the very top was a slender mudra. It seemed to be able to pierce through time itself and suppress the eras. Not even emperors were able to escape its power!

The ancestors felt a suffocating sensation after seeing the blood oath. They uncontrollably quivered at its sight. This was the legendary dark hand, the Commander-in-Chief that suppressed their kingdom with his invincible army along with Empress Hong Tian!

“Buzz—” Li Qiye’s forehead opened. The most profound seal in this world emerged from his endless sea of memories. A ray of light fell onto the blood seal, causing a universal law to disperse. The blood writ grew slightly dimmer.

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