Chapter 790: The Curtain Falls

Chapter 790: The Curtain Falls

The alchemy emperor consented: “I will pass the lineage down to Yexue and hope that she will be able to grasp the kingdom to bring about a new administration. Perhaps in the future, it will be a brand new Alchemy Kingdom.”

“I can give you time.” Li Qiye glanced at the alchemy emperor: “But in the future when I pave the way, I will take Yexue with me. Because of this, you must be decisive lest internal turmoil become a problem. When that time comes, don’t blame me for not giving you sufficient time.”

The alchemy emperor breathed in deeply and gently nodded: “My life is nearly over. I won’t be able to hold on for much longer, so I will pass on my legacy to Yexue in this generation. I have already planned to reform the kingdom. Recently, during my previous meditation session, I have solved some mysteries and was able to recover some vitality, thus I have decided to come into being for this generation!”

“Do a good job of preparing for the future.” Li Qiye gently sighed as well. If the alchemy emperor chose to not be buried in this generation, then this meant that he would die from old age. It was difficult to say how much longer he would live for. This came down to his own willpower.

His acquaintances and those who stood by his side left one by one under the merciless flow of time. Nevertheless, time was able to grind away all pain. Li Qiye had grown accustomed to the numbness. No one was truly immortal in the endless river of time.

The alchemy emperor went silent as well. As an Alchemy Emperor, he was able to increase his own lifespan many times. However, a person must eventually taste death; there is no chance for rebirth. He couldn’t elude death, no one could. However, he was prepared to face his own mortality when the time comes. It was just a matter of time.

“There is one thing that you need to prepare for. I want to enter the Drystone Courtyard to reach the land of origin.” Li Qiye spoke after a moment of silence. He glanced towards the far depths of the Alchemy Vein once more. That place was full of mysteries and unknowns.

“My lord has that item now?” The alchemy emperor followed his gaze as well.

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “I’m only going there to take a look. It is only to test a theory of mine and requires me to personally go there for verification. As for entering the origins of the three veins, I’ll come up with a way when the time comes.”

The Alchemy Vein’s land of origin was also known the three veins’ origin. This was because there were three ancestral veins in the Stone Medicine World: the Alchemy Vein, the Beast Vein, and the Stone Vein. They were the reason why this world turned into three realms.

Rumor has it that the mysticisms and amazing essences from the three veins all came from the same location. However, this location had remained a mystery all the way until now.

For millions of years, powerful existences had tried to find it by rigorously searching the three veins. However, few were successful. Even Immortal Emperors were not necessarily able to enter the origin of the three veins. No one knew where this land full of mysteries and surprises was located or what was waiting within.

“I will make preparations, my lord.” The alchemy emperor nodded: “However, my lord should be aware that although we have a shortcut straight to the Drystone Courtyard, its success rate is very low even for our Immortal Emperors. I can’t guarantee anything either, so my lord should be prepared for failure.”

“I know, but it is still worth a shot. Failure doesn’t matter, I still have other methods.” Li Qiye agreed.

Outside of the ancestral ground were spectators shocked from the forceful teleportation. Many people realized that it was an incredible technique that belonged only to Immortal Emperors.

However, one didn’t exist in present times. The majority of them speculated that this was something an emperor left behind during their own era. Of course, no one knew the exact details.

One day passed. Those who were more daring returned to Alchemy City. People were still anxious with trepidation because one misstep could result in death.

The first arrivals heaved sighs of relief. Nothing had happened and the city looked the same. When they gazed towards the ancestral ground in the far distance, it remained tranquil and still; there were no signs of a big event occurring.

The crowd grew curious as to what the ending of this storm was. How would Li Qiye and the kingdom’s feud conclude?

Although everyone wanted an answer, it remained a mystery. No one dared to pry into it for fear of both the kingdom and Li Qiye. They didn’t want to get in trouble with either party.

Another big question was Li Qiye’s background. Why was it that he had such methods and incredible techniques?!

With the conclusion of this battle, he was the reason why people quivered; he was the one who left many questions in their minds. Who knew how he had such heaven-defying means? The world didn’t even know of his true strength.

Ever since his first appearance, no one had seen him personally take action. Until now, he was able to smilingly destroy all his enemies without even lifting a finger.

And so, numerous discussions rose around this focal point. Many sects wondered about his cultivation. Some speculated that it had reached an unfathomable level.

There were also those who thought that Li Qiye’s cultivation was ordinary and that he relied on a supreme dao of alchemy to control all things, including the heaven and earth. This allowed him to have many different methods, such as wood mastery and insect mastery… Many had witnessed these two wondrous techniques with their own eyes.

This speculation was very popular since the techniques from the dao of alchemy exceeded their imagination.

Both his admirers and even some haters, especially the alchemists, hoped that Li Qiye would reach the peak and become an Alchemy Emperor. Many alchemists considered Li Qiye to be their pride, their aspiration!

Although alchemists had always been well-respected in the Stone Medicine World, there was a notion that alchemists had inferior battle capabilities. This made many alchemists quite unhappy.

Despite having many techniques, an alchemist’s true power could only be exerted once they were at the legendary level! However, once they reached this level, there was no need for the alchemist to personally take action since their words were able to rally great support! To the chagrin of this group, this only further exacerbated the misconception of weak alchemists. However, Li Qiye’s showing of his supreme alchemy techniques before the world proved that alchemists could sweep through all things.

The alchemists became excited because of this, so they viewed Li Qiye as their pride and hoped that he could become an emperor. They hope to see their new Alchemy Emperor rampaging through the nine worlds in the future! This would be the most glorious event for all alchemists.

Many people in the present felt that Li Qiye was definitely going to become an Alchemy Emperor. Although the time it took him to rise to fame had been short, they held him in high regard.

In this world, the best candidates for this position were the four prodigies. However, Cao Guoyao and the White Hair Alchemy God had lost to Li Qiye and died in the end. As for the other two, Yuan Caihe did not compete with the world and had no ambition for the throne while the Alchemy Kingdom’s Mu Qiao was even more reclusive. Plus, rumor has it that he was only good at physique paste refinement.

Thus, the new consensus was that Li Qiye was the new Alchemy Emperor of this generation. After the conflict, Li Qiye had become the newest star in the Alchemy Kingdom in just one night. His quick ascent allowed him to directly catch up to the number one in the Stone Medicine World — Ye Qingcheng!

“If Ye Qingcheng is to become the Immortal Emperor of this generation, then Li Qiye will surely become the Alchemy Emperor!” Someone made this claim regarding Li Qiye’s future. This made his fame even more prominent and widespread!

Others from different areas also came for questions after Alchemy City calmed. However, the ancestral ground remained quiet. Li Qiye did not show himself, so no one dared to inquire about the end of this conflict.

However, there was finally good news after just a few short days. The kingdom’s people finally showed themselves. The anticipated alchemy conference had finally begun!

The conference’s organizers consisted of the kingdom’s nobles with the Observant Monarch as the chief executive. Besides the judges from the great powers, the Alchemy Kingdom also sent an elder to preside over the conference.

This news was a breath of relief. The issue between Li Qiye and the kingdom was no longer important; the start of the conference meant that at the very least, this conflict was finally over.

Although some people wanted to see even more excitement, they recalled the time when the auras of Immortal Emperors erupted. Their ferocious battle caused them to jitter in fear. After personally experiencing that destructive peril, no one wanted another battle to take place. If it did come down to another battle of this caliber, the entire kingdom might sink and cause the Alchemy Realm to collapse. Should this happen, the entire world would be affected as well. No one wished to see such a catastrophe.

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