Chapter 785: Alchemy Kingdom’s Plan

Chapter 785: Alchemy Kingdom’s Plan

The madam worriedly said: “If the ancestors want to go big this time, I’m afraid they are definitely prepared. Maybe even a Godking will come out!”

“Don’t worry.” Li Qiye chuckled: “The kingdom is ready, but so am I. If those geezers want to die, then they can’t blame me for not giving them any face. I will be more than happy to flip over the kingdom just in time to borrow their ancestral vein!”

The madam could only smile in response. She knew that her Young Master wanted to use their ancestral vein to revive the Phoenix.

“Big Brother, what should we do now? Leave the Alchemy Kingdom for now?” Yuan Caine was also concerned for his safety.

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “No, we have to find Old Man Tie Yi first. He is surely still in the city. After finding him, we’ll decide what to do based on the Alchemy Kingdom’s response.”

The madam gently sighed. She knew that another great battle was on its way. It would be a scene of carnage that exceeded imagination.

In the recent couple of days, Li Qiye’s refinement had created a huge commotion that garnered great attention. However, another matter was very eye-catching as well.

The kingdom’s scouting legion suddenly appeared. Countless experts came out of nowhere along with several infamous ancestors.

“What could have happened to warrant this response?” Many experts that were staying in the city were startled from the kingdom’s strong presence.

The imperial family had always been very low-key and people rarely came out. But now, the sudden appearance of this many experts and ancestors was akin to the release of a dam, scaring many people.

The young alchemists participating in the conference were frightened out of their minds. They wanted to join the conference to become famous, but before the event could begin, numerous twists and turns had happened.

“Black Fox has appeared.” No one knew whether the kingdom purposely released this information or if someone else found out by chance. In short, their scouting legion’s appearance and matters regarding Black Fox immediately spread.

Many were in disbelief after coming across this news. It rekindled their memories because Black Fox had faded from the world for a long time. Someone commented in bewilderment: “No way, didn’t Black Fox die already? Rumor has it that the kingdom killed him back then!”

The story regarding his death back then was very plausible, so many trusted that he had been killed by one of the kingdom’s ancestors.

“He didn’t. The kingdom is moving to capture Black Fox. There’s also one more thing to note, Black Fox is Li Qiye’s driver!” In actuality, the kingdom was quickly spreading this news to all the nooks and crannies in the city.

“That driver?” The crowd was caught off guard after hearing this news. However, after thinking about it again, Li Qiye’s driver was able to fight against the Xian Alchemy Ancestor. It seemed that it was not so surprising after all.

Other speculations ran rampant as well. Not long ago, Li Qiye and the kingdom were going all out against each other. However, now Li Qiye’s driver suddenly turned into Black Fox, inevitably making others doubtful of this information. At the very least, the kingdom had no convincing proof that this was the case.

A few even wondered if the kingdom was willfully framing Li Qiye or not!

Skeptical or not, many people were ready to watch the events unfold. Of course, there were also those with different goals.

One day, the ancestors who were chasing after Black Fox in different directions suddenly retreated back to the ancestral ground.

“What is the kingdom doing?” The sudden withdrawal and the ancestors surrounding the entrance of the ancestral ground attracted a lot of attention.

The kingdom’s disciples who were guarding the entrance were dazed as well. In the blink of an eye, a great army surrounded the entire location. The ancestors with their terrifying auras took their breaths away. The disciples felt their legs grow feeble; they couldn’t stand straight after not knowing if they had done something wrong to warrant this situation.

At this time, an ancestor that had sealed this area coldly uttered: “Black Fox, show yourself!”

“Hahaha, your kingdom is too slow. It takes this long to find me here?” A guard disciple shook his body and laughed. Who could this be besides Tie Yi?

The other disciples were scared out of their wits after seeing their junior brother suddenly turn into someone else. They turned and fled from this inevitable disaster.

“Black Fox, it is not too late to surrender.” Another ancestor spoke with a harsh demeanor.

“Black Fox?” Tie Yi shook his head: “I have said many times that I am not this Black Fox you speak of. I am only a lowly driver.”

“If you are not Black Fox, then why did you run to this place?” The ancestor retorted: “This clearly shows that you have a guilty conscience! If you turn yourself in, my kingdom will show leniency.”

Tie Yi laughed in response: “After seeing your aggressive approach, a coward like me would naturally flee.”

“If you are not Black Fox, then surrender. If we come to find that you are innocent, then we will not cause trouble for you.” The ancestor replied.

The ancestors here wanted to take action, but alas, they had no evidence. Prior to this, Ye Qingcheng assured the kingdom that his sources were absolutely reliable! When the kingdom was chasing Tie Yi, his methods of escape were the same as Black Fox’s in the past.

Although the kingdom was certain that Li Qiye’s driver was Black Fox, they didn’t have conclusive evidence. There was no other way since no one knew Black Fox’s background. He had always been shrouded in secrecy.

Tie Yi shook his head in response: “I don’t trust your Alchemy Kingdom in this matter. Once captured, one can make a little rabbit admit that it is a wolf!”

“Fool.” The ancestor’s expression turned cold as a powerful bloodlust surged forth. He awe-inspiringly uttered: “In that case, don’t blame us for being merciless!”

The majority of the cultivators watching this commotion held their breaths. They knew that this storm would definitely spread to Li Qiye as well!

“I heard that people are chasing my driver. I didn’t believe it at first, but now that it is happening before my very eyes, it seems that I have no other choice.” A relaxed voice came at this time.

“Li Qiye is here!” The experts present were shaken after seeing the slow arrival of a carriage. Li Qiye was currently famous, and his feud with the kingdom was common knowledge. They all felt that a great war was about to happen.

This time, the driver was Madam Zi Yan. Li Qiye lazed around in the back with Yuan Caihe next to him.

A few cultivators admired his calm demeanor, even those that were annoyed with him. What kind of courage and determination did this require?

The ancestors smirked after seeing his arrival. They were eager to spill dirty water on Li Qiye and take action against him. Alas, the only obstacle was the lack of evidence.

But now, Li Qiye brought himself right to their doors. To them, nothing could be better than this! It was simply ignoring the accepting heavens and barging into the unwelcoming hell!

“Young Noble...” Tie Yi smiled awkwardly when he saw Li Qiye approaching. He understood the kingdom’s goal and didn’t want to involve Li Qiye. However, Li Qiye was here, so even if he wanted to avoid this disaster, it was not to be.

“Li Qiye, you came just in time!” One of the ancestors sneered. The army of the kingdom and even a few ancestors shifted their positions. In the blink of an eye, they instantly surrounded Li Qiye. Even if he wanted to escape, all of his paths were completely blocked.

Even a slow-witted person would know that the kingdom was about to deal with Li Qiye.

“This battle is inevitable. Who knows who the victor will be in the end?” A cultivator standing outside murmured.

Li Qiye stepped down from his carriage and glanced around at the kingdom’s experts that surrounded him. His gaze fell upon the old ancestors.

“It seems that your kingdom is ready to attack me.” Li Qiye smiled at the crowd.

“You commanded Black Fox to steal our kingdom’s treasures. Your sins are unforgivable!” An ancestor coldly responded. He slyly claimed that Li Qiye was the real culprit behind the scenes and quickly dragged him into this affair.

They wanted to hit three birds with one arrow. First, they could capture Black Fox and Li Qiye. Second, that would regain the Phoenix. Third, they would have an excuse to bring the war to Allpine Mountain so that their kingdom could rise again!

“Lies!” Tie Yi’s expression quickly sank. He immediately understood the sinister intent of the kingdom after hearing this; they aimed to capture his Young Noble!

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