Chapter 782: Heaven Restoration Salve

Chapter 782: Heaven Restoration Salve

Li Qiye’s announcement was also not just an excuse. Before his seclusive session, he told Tie Yi: “The materials are ready. I plan on refining a batch of ointment to cure your injury. However, you need to rest before I am finished so that it can be more effective. For the couple of next days, don’t cause any trouble by stealing from others. Bring yourself to your peak state and prepare to take the medicine.”

Tie Yi was ecstatic after hearing this and excitedly said: “Young Noble can rest assured, I will play nice here and won’t cause any trouble. I’ll keep an eye out for you during your seclusion so that no one can disturb you.”

“There is no need for your protection.” Li Qiye smilingly shook his head: “You should know best since you have suffered for so long. If you are not lacking money, then it is best to nourish your body right now.”

Having said that, he handed a prescription to Tie Yi: “Before using my ointment, take these spirit medicines first so that the effects will be even better. After all, your injury is different from others. It is a miracle that you have lived until now.”

The medicines on Li Qiye’s list were all very precious and acted as great supplements.

After glancing at the medicines on the list, Tie Yi determined that he had the ability to buy them. Of course, he was not lacking money and wealth, so he could afford these precious supplements.

Tie Yi hesitated for a moment before asking: “Young Noble, can you actually cure it?”

Li Qiye responded with a smile: “I can understand what you’re feeling. Being tortured for so long has left a mark in your heart. However, do not worry, this is definitely the right cure. I’m not being arrogant when I say this, but if my Heaven Restoration Salve cannot cure your injury, then nothing can cure it. You would have to sit there and await death if that were the case. I can even boast that there is no ointment better than the Heaven Restoration Salve! Even the Alchemy Kingdom’s Soulrending Immortal Powder is inferior to my ointment.”

“Ah, I absolutely believe in Young Noble’s abilities.” Tie Yi quickly replied with a smile.

Li Qiye glanced at him with one eye and said: “Don’t worry, the reason I gave you this list of supplements is because I don’t want you to have to use my ointment a second time. Even for me, this ointment has a price beyond your imagination, so I have to be a bit frugal.”

Tie Yi was overjoyed and his spirit soared after hearing this. His injury had always been a thorn in his mind. He had used countless ointments and precious spirit medicines, but they couldn’t resolve the problem at its root. But now, he finally saw a sliver of hope.

After sending Tie Yi away, Li Qiye sealed the room with the pentagate. He told the madam and Yuan Caihe to stay before taking out the prepared materials.

“Big Brother wants to refine some ointment?” After seeing the materials, even if Yuan Caihe didn’t know the formula, she could still see his aim.

Li Qiye gently nodded: “That’s right, I’m about to refine some ointment. I might need your help when the heavenly flame comes down. Perhaps you will have to help me control the cauldron and its fire.”

“Me?” Yuan Caihe was taken aback. She slightly shook her head: “Big Brother, I’m afraid I can’t do it. I am not versed with pill refinement and am much worse compared to Cao Guoyao and them.”

“I believe in your abilities.” Li Qiye smiled: “Not just anyone can be called an alchemy prodigy. Plus, wait until you see my technique. You will understand at that time.”

“This doesn’t feel right.” Yuan Caihe hesitated: “Big Brother’s pill refinement technique is supreme, but I am an outsider.”

It was clear as day that Li Qiye’s pill refinement method was absolutely peerless. For anyone else, especially alchemists, they would never be able to resist the temptation of watching it firsthand. However, it was different for Yuan Caihe. Despite being an alchemist, she was a reserved person and didn’t compete with others. What would be irresistibly tempting to others was not for her.

Li Qiye gently stroked her hair: “In my mind, you are not an outsider. Moreover, the dao of alchemy is only a hobby to me. If you can actually inherit my alchemy legacy, then I would be more than happy to pass it to you.”

“I have learned many things from Big Brother regarding plant cultivation.” Yuan Caihe smiled calmly and spoke in a formal manner: “Since Big Brother favors me so much, I can only obey.”

Li Qiye nodded and told the madam: “Zi Yan, prepare yourself as well. Maintain your peak state, I will require your help when the time comes.”

“This, is it necessary?” The madam was inwardly shaken. This was an unbelievable matter to her; her Young Master was nonchalant even when refining an emperor longevity medicine, so she felt that no medicine could possibly trouble him. She couldn’t imagine him requiring help during the refinement process.

“Yes.” Li Qiye nodded and solemnly said: “The refinement of this ointment requires powerful energy to control the most tyrannical flame. I am not certain that I can handle this, so every once in awhile, I will need your blood energy to replenish my own depleted blood energy.”

The madam took a deep breath and nodded: “Don’t worry, Young Master. I will do my best.”

His trust in her caused her to feel an indescribable sense of warmth.

One must know that an alchemist was most vulnerable when they were focusing all of their attention on pill refinement. At such a key period, her Young Master was counting on her — this was indicative of his trust.

“Big Brother, what kind of medicine are you trying to refine?” Yuan Caihe had planted countless spirit medicines, and few people were more knowledgeable than her in this regard. She took a careful look at the materials and asked: “And what kind of technique would require more blood energy than you can supply?”

She knew that refining emperor level medicines was as easy as turning one’s hand to Li Qiye. Therefore, refining ointments shouldn’t be difficult for him at all.

“With regards to the materials, this batch is not supreme at all. Although the main leading ingredients are quite rare, they aren’t imperial medicines, let alone immortal medicines.” Li Qiye chuckled: “There are two crucial points when it comes to this batch. The first is the formula itself while the second is the refinement technique.”

“The second point is the most important.” Li Qiye didn’t mind teaching Yuan Caihe about the refinement process: “This medicinal cauldron of mine cannot be described with mere words. It goes far beyond myriad refinements and heavenly tempering. Each iteration of refinement and purification has to result in the most essential base of the materials. Even a single strand of medicinal effect is tempered again and again. Each transformation is mixed with a perfect ratio…”

“Big Brother, what kind of ointment is this?” After hearing a detailed explanation of the process, even the calm Yuan Caihe was moved. She immediately understood that this was a heaven-defying process.

Li Qiye smiled: “A long, long time ago, people used to call this ointment the Heaven Restoration Salve!”

“Heaven Restoration Salve!” Yuan Caihe jumped after hearing the name: “The number one medicine in all the realms, the Heaven Restoration Salve? Rumor has it that the Soulrending Immortal Powder was based on the Heaven Restoration Salve!”

Li Qiye smilingly revealed: “Actually, the old ancestors of the kingdom had never seen the formula of this salve, they only heard a little bit about the techniques. These ancestors were indeed amazing Alchemy Emperors. After hearing bits of the process, they were inspired and created their own techniques which eventually culminated in the famed powder of their kingdom.”

“These are the materials for the salve?” Yuan Caihe looked at the materials in disbelief and commented: “Legend has it that the salve came from the Alchemy God. It is unbelievably supreme. Even when one’s true fate is gravely injured and only a strand of their soul remains, the salve can still rescue them! Outside of complete death, the salve can cure anything.”

“You can put it that way.” Li Qiye gently nodded: “Of course, it isn’t that easy. Refining the salve requires a supreme dao of alchemy. Moreover, if only a single strand of soul remains, the restoration process would be very difficult even with the Heaven Restoration Salve in the hands of an Alchemy Emperor. It is indeed a challenge.”

Coming from the Serene Garden, Yuan Caihe knew more about the salve than Madam Zi Yan. She was completely astonished as she spoke: “Although the salve has been lost for a long time, many alchemists and even Alchemy Emperors have researched it down to this day. Many of them guessed that the materials for this supreme salve must be immortal medicines or even true immortal medicines!”

She wasn’t the only one who held this notion. Anyone who knew about this salve would be in disbelief. The Heaven Restoration Salve was not refined using immortal medicines. Outside of the rare leading materials, the others could be considered precious, but they were definitely not exceedingly rare!

Compared to the fame of the Heaven Restoration Salve, these materials were far too ordinary and cheap!

“Those are just rumors.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “The salve earned its reputation not from its precious ingredients but rather from the peerless refinement technique. Endless refinement into perfection is the most appropriate way to describe this salve.”

“Heaven Restoration Salve...” Eventually, Yuan Caihe commented in amazement: “The thing that is restoring the heavens is not the medicine itself, but the dao of alchemy! Using alchemy to reach the heavens is only a minor path. Using the alchemy dao to restore the heavens is the grand path.”

“You have entered the dao of alchemy.” Li Qiye smiled: “Let us begin. Although refining this batch will not take too long, it is definitely a complicated process.”

Yuan Caihe and the madam couldn’t help but take deep breaths. They were excited to be able to aid in the process of creating this supreme medicine. This was an extraordinary opportunity!

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