Chapter 781: Crushing Defeat

Chapter 781: Crushing Defeat

This question made the alchemist contemplate for a moment. The group came together again for another exchange and finally, the alchemist mused: “In our, very conservative, opinion, Virtuous Paragons shouldn’t use this longevity medicine. One should at least be of the eternal existence level to use it, or else it would be too much of a waste.”

“How many years will a God-Monarch gain?” A voice came from the distant ancestral ground of the Alchemy Kingdom.

These words shocked the crowd. Without a doubt, even the kingdom who was known to have the best alchemy dao had a God-Monarch who was tempted by this medicine!

“As I have said, for a God-Monarch who has never taken longevity medicines before, it should be able to increase their lifespan by six to seven hundred years.” The alchemist answered.

In reality, this was an impossible notion. Those who had reached the God-Monarch realm would have already taken countless longevity medicines. It could even be said that this type of medicine was completely useless for them.

“This is an alchemy Longevity Fruit that we have never seen before. Referencing past records, our conservative estimate for a God-Monarch who is taking this type of medicine for a second time is four to five hundred years because this is a Longevity Fruit, the ultimate form. If it is the third time, then it is hard to say. Perhaps one hundred years, or maybe only seventy to eighty years.” The alchemist explained quietly.

“What if it is the fifth time?” Another ancient voice came from the ancestral ground. Needless to say, another God-Monarch coveted this medicinal batch.

After all, an alchemy Longevity Fruit was exceedingly rare. Even for the kingdom, they only had one person capable of refining such medicines. However, he had stopped refining pills for some time now!

“Hmm… we have no answer for this.” The alchemist spoke: “In fact, until now, few people have had the chance to use an alchemy Longevity Fruit.”

“For the fifth usage, three more years is absolutely no problem.” When the alchemists here couldn’t come up with an answer, Li Qiye leisurely said: “Unfortunately, my longevity medicine is not for sale to you!”

Everyone went silent after hearing Li Qiye. They all knew that he and the Alchemy Kingdom were like fire and water and understood why he wouldn’t sell his medicine to the kingdom!

The God-Monarch did not respond. He knew that opening his mouth would only bring about further humiliation!

“A medicine specialized for God-Monarchs…” An ancestor from an old family asked: “Young Noble Li, what is the price for this medicine? Just set a price.”

A few great ancestors were moved and salivated when thoughts of this type of medicine surfaced in their minds. Although they would not be the ones to use it, they had even more powerful ancestors back home.

Li Qiye leisurely said: “What’s the hurry? The bet isn’t over yet.”

These ancestors didn’t dare to say anything after these words came out. Li Qiye’s longevity medicine refinement had astonished them. They wanted to ask him for more help, so they didn’t dare to offend him!

“Now then, who is the victor?” Li Qiye stared at the white hair alchemist.

The alchemist went pale and could no longer maintain his standout demeanor. It seemed that his soul had left his body, resulting in a sluggish state. This was too big of a blow for him. He actually didn’t even care for his life at the moment, such a defeat was too difficult to accept!

He had always been a heaven’s proud son, an alchemy genius. Although he was not as proficient as Yuan Caihe when it came to plant cultivation or Cao Guoyao in pill refinement, he thought of himself as being untouchable in longevity medicines among the younger generation. He was confident enough to dare challenge Legendary Alchemists of the previous generation!

However, he had suffered complete defeat in the field he excelled at. His single imperial warning was enough for him to take pride in, and he was very satisfied with such a result. However, Li Qiye refined a medicine that had four warnings!

Such a blow was unbearable and simply shattered his pride. Losing to Li Qiye's might would have been fine since even Immortal Emperors lost when they were young, let alone him. However, losing to Li Qiye in longevity medicine refinement was beyond his tolerance because it was his best area, his source of pride! This defeat completely shattered his confidence!

“Why did god give birth to me after creating you!” The paled alchemist leered at Li Qiye with forlorn eyes; his confidence was completely shot.

This quick shift in mentality from confidence to nothingness left him in despair.

Li Qiye simply shrugged: “Isn’t this the nature of life? There is always a higher mountain, a broader horizon, a greater man.”

“I see… A broader horizon and a greater man...” The alchemist chuckled with a mournful look: “Li Qiye, you are capable. I accept my loss today. This White Hair Alchemy God can stay true to his words even in defeat!”

Having said that, his body quivered, blood dripping down from the corners of his lips.

Eventually, he fell straight down as his eyes slowly closed. There were no complaints; he had no fear of death as it had become a form of relief for him.

“What a pity.” Li Qiye lightly shook his head while looking at the alchemist’s body. In fact, if the alchemist accepted his loss earlier, Li Qiye would have spared him. In his eyes, this alchemist was much more likable than Cao Guoyao.

Unfortunately, the alchemist was even prouder than Cao Guoyao and couldn’t handle defeat. He preferred the peace of death over bowing down before Li Qiye.

Many people emotionally sighed while the scene remained silent. The Stone Medicine World had lost a great alchemist.

“Excessive pride leads to one’s demise.” An older alchemist gently sighed: “There are times when even emperors taste defeat, so why bet with your life?”

Many here still viewed the alchemist as an extraordinary genius despite losing. They all knew of his arrogant attitude, and many didn’t like him when he was alive. He was too difficult to get along with.

However, after losing his life, even those who didn’t like him felt mournful. The world had lost a great alchemist.

After a period of silence, a great ancestor had to inquire: “Young Noble Li, is your longevity medicine for sale?”

In fact, Ming Yexue also wanted to buy this batch of medicine for the God-Monarch in her sect. However, she didn’t say anything since she understood that it would only make things difficult for Li Qiye.

Li Qiye took the two batches of medicine because the alchemist’s portion had become his spoils of victory. He then shook his head as a response to the ancestor’s question: “Don’t ask me about this, you should be asking Fairy Yuan.”

Having said that, he handed the medicines over to Yuan Caihe: “The materials were from the Serene Garden, so these two batches belong to the garden as well. Take them, it is up to you whether to sell or not.”

Yuan Caihe was a bit hesitant, but under Li Qiye’s gentle, insistent nod, she eventually accepted the two batches.

“Fairy Yuan, are they for sale? Just name the price.” Many ancestors were happy after seeing the change of owners. This was because many great powers had friendly relationships with the Serene Garden. Moreover, Yuan Caihe was a very amiable person. Buying from her would be much easier than buying from Li Qiye.

Yuan Caihe announced to the covetous old ancestors: “Gentlemen, for the sake of fairness, the medicines will be entrusted to the largest auction house in the Stone Medicine World. The highest bidder will walk home with them.”

Some were happy while others were worried after hearing this decision. A few immediately left to return to their sects so that they could tell their seniors to prepare enough funds for the upcoming extraordinary auction.

“Let us go.” Li Qiye boarded his carriage to return to his quarters.

Not long after their return, many people came to visit. There was no lack of ancestor-level characters among them.

It was understandable for so many sects and even ancestors to visit. With the death of the white hair alchemist, Li Qiye had become the new alchemy prodigy. Moreover, his longevity medicine refinement skill was even better than the white hair alchemist’s!

Which lineage didn’t want to have a good relationship with a genius like Li Qiye? This was especially true for the ancestors. They hoped to build friendly ties with Li Qiye since they would eventually seek his assistance to refine medicines when the day that they require them came.

Li Qiye let the madam see to the visiting sects. According to his plan, the Giant Bamboo Country’s status became much more prestigious.

This made others realize that in order to ask Li Qiye for help in refining medicines, they must establish ties with the Giant Bamboo Country. If the madam could put in a good word for them, then the situation would change completely.

The endless stream of guests continued for the next couple of days. Eventually, Li Qiye stopped the madam from seeing more guests and announced his closed cultivation session along with a new boundary line at the base of the mountain. No one was allowed to climb the mountain to bother them.

No one dared to make a fuss about this approach. At the moment, everyone wanted him to refine pills, so who would want to make him angry?

What’s more was that they understood that Li Qiye was not the same as before. With one word, how many people would be willing to help him? Because of this, who would want to offend him?

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