Chapter 780: Heavenly Medicine

Chapter 780: Heavenly Medicine

When the longevity blood melted, the new medicinal concoction in the cauldron slowly flowed down like a spring. It seemed that at this moment, it had its own life. While watching it flow, others could feel the blood inside their bodies flowing, resonating along to the same rhythm as well.

Many were immersed in this scene and forgot that this was a duel. Back during the white hair alchemist’s refinement, the people here were also lost in the process. However, the two intoxicating feelings were completely different from each other.

People were lost in the alchemist’s refinement technique and great mastery. Each of his actions was full of beauty. Even those who weren’t alchemists could understand the meanings behind his movements.

Li Qiye’s refinement was different. Although people were also drunk in its wonders, they forgot about Li Qiye’s actions. No one paid attention to his fire mastery or how he controlled his cauldron.

At this time, the only thing in their eyes were the changes in the concoction within the cauldron. It was as if the scene playing out had turned into the most fascinating event in this world.

If one was to say that the white hair alchemist’s actions were full of beauty, then the transformation of Li Qiye’s medicinal concoction was a supreme work of art.

The alchemist’s personal skill let people know that he was an incredible Legendary Alchemist while Li Qiye was showcasing his medicinal concoction to let people know that this newly refined essence was peerless.

As the concoction continued to change, clouds began to gather in the sky. Once the layers of clouds were thick enough, a vortex appeared above Li Qiye and emitted an increasingly louder sound.

“The imperial warning is coming.” A person exclaimed in fear: “To witness two imperial warnings within such a short amount of time... This duel is truly spectacular.”

People were holding their breaths to witness the attack of the imperial warning. They wanted to see if Li Qiye could withstand the warning’s might or not. If he could, then another emperor medicine was about to come into existence.

“Om—” Powerful detonations resounded from within the vortex as if the grand dao was dancing. An alchemy rune had been successfully formed inside.

Another loud blast echoed. This alchemy rune came sweeping down with a ferocious momentum as if god himself sent down this warning. The rune seemed to be the culmination of the Heaven’s Will!

However, when everyone thought that Li Qiye was about to having a fierce battle with the imperial warning, the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron suddenly opened its mouth and immediately devoured the imperial warning like a predator feasting upon its prey.

After it was eaten by the cauldron, the imperial warning's sound stopped, like a clay ox drifting into a sea. [1. Meaning: to disappear with no hope of returning (like a clay figurine dissolving in water.]

“Boom!” The second imperial warning descended.

“Pluff!” However, before people could react to its presence, this second warning was also devoured by the cauldron!

Devour! This scene left everyone standing there silly. Everyone knew that a cauldron under an alchemist’s control could stop tribulations and fight against heavenly flames. However, no one had heard of a cauldron eating imperial warnings before.

At this moment, people seemed to have forgotten that this was the second imperial warning since everyone was still shocked from the scene of the cauldron devouring the first warning.

“Damn, even if you’re hungry, you shouldn’t act like this. Leave some for me!” Li Qiye couldn’t help but curse after seeing the cauldron eating two warnings instantly.

“Boom!” The third imperial warning descended. Li Qiye was one step ahead of the cauldron this time. He grabbed it and soared into the sky.

With a loud roar, Li Qiye’s main fate palace emerged and opened. His pillar of life flew out, towering all the way to the firmament as if it was supporting this entire world.

“Boom!” This third warning was caught by the pillar of life. A mysterious ancient rune appeared along with a strange rhythm. The rune sent out divine chains that coiled around the imperial warning and pulled it back to the pillar. Countless runes then instantly overwhelmed the warning.

The crowd was dumbfounded as their jaws dropped to the ground. A cauldron devouring imperial warnings were shocking enough, but Li Qiye was now using his pillar of life to seize the warning directly!

What was even more bizarre was that his process of subduing the warning gave birth to a peerless illusion depicting the warning as mere prey while the pillar was a spider’s cave. The pillar’s divine chains were webs capturing the warning and dragging it deep into the cave.

This ludicrous scene was still hard to believe even when everyone saw it with their own eyes. It was testing the limits of logic.

“Boom!” The fourth warning descended. However, the result was the same. The divine chains from the pillar of life instantly locked onto this warning and dragged it inside again.

Eventually, this warning was swallowed by Li Qiye. The clouds dispersed, signaling the end of the tribulation. This batch of longevity medicine was finally completed!

Meanwhile, Li Qiye still seemed to be unsatisfied despite having swallowed two imperial warnings. His pillar of life seemed to be changing, giving off an even more mysterious and profound feeling. There was a hint of the alchemy dao within the pillar’s runes.

The spectators couldn’t calm down. After a long time, someone regained their wits and realized that there were a total of four warnings, so they exclaimed: “This, this was four imperial warnings!”

By this time, Li Qiye had recalled his cauldron and handed a box that contained the medicine over to Ming Yexue.

Those who appraised his medicine were immediately astounded. This medicine had taken form, but its form was a bit strange. It looked like a piece of manure tinted yellow. Anyone would be grossed out by its appearance.

“What? This doesn’t make any sense. How could it take this form after triggering four imperial warnings?” Many of them were at a loss for words after seeing its shape.

They thought that the medicine would definitely take form after triggering four warnings. In their minds, this medicine should at least be a golden dragon, a divine phoenix, or a white tiger at the very least!

However, Li Qiye’s medicine seemed to be a pile of manure. No one could accept this readily as it was too illogical.

In contrast to the others, Ming Yexue’s knowledge was quite vast. She startlingly exclaimed after checking Li Qiye’s medicine: “Medicine morphing into a Longevity Fruit!”

Other famous alchemists also quickly gathered. After a meticulous examination, they nodded: “That’s right, this is indeed a medicine in the form of a Longevity Fruit. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this.”

“Longevity Fruit…” Young cultivators might be unaware, but the ancestors were immediately shaking with excitement after hearing this. This medicine in the shape of a fruit was unfathomable. Its ability to decrease resistance must be far stronger than the medicine in the form of a Heavenly Hound.

“Well? How much lifespan can one gain by taking this longevity medicine?” Several ancestors with frightening backgrounds eagerly inquired at the same time.

After finishing their examination, one of the alchemists finally stepped out.

Having noticed that the examination was finished, an ancestor pressed the issue again: “So?! Is this medicine really amazing?”

This alchemist cleared his throat and spoke: “After our examination, we can safely say that this longevity medicine is suitable for God-Monarchs. Even a Godking will have good results after taking it. However, if an Immortal Emperor consumes it, the effect will be minimal.”

Causing four imperial warnings was more than enough for the medicine to be considered of the finest level. Legend states that when the warning sounds six times, even Immortal Emperors could use the resulting medicine.

The crowd was moved after hearing this result. A medicine for God-Monarchs that was also effective for Godkings simply meant that this medicine was of the highest quality.

The alchemist explained: “This is an alchemy Longevity Fruit. We have never seen it before, but our conservative estimate is that a God-Monarch will be able to gain six hundred to seven hundred years of life. For a normal Godking, it should be three hundred to four hundred years. Of course, these are conservative estimates since this type of longevity medicine is simply too rare.”

“What?! More than five hundred years? An emperor medicine can extend life for this long?” An ordinary alchemist felt that this was simply ridiculous and questioned this evaluation.

The alchemist pondered for a moment before replying: “Generally, ordinary emperor medicines cannot break the five hundred year threshold. However, for medicines with three warnings or more, there is definitely a high chance of crossing this threshold. To be more exact, this batch is no longer within the confines of emperor medicines. It is in between the emperor and heavenly levels. If a Godking can gain more than five hundred years of life after using it, then it would be considered a heavenly medicine.”

The alchemist paused for a moment before continuing: “However, this batch’s effects exceed the emperor level, so we place it between emperor and heavenly medicines.”

“Heavenly medicine…” An old alchemist was astonished and had to utter: “Don’t people say that only Alchemy Emperors are capable of refining heavenly medicines?”

There was a reason behind its name; it meant that this was a gift from the heavens. These types of medicines can be divided into three levels: Heavenly Medicine, Myriad Medicine, and Era Medicine!

These three types were in their own league and could only be refined by Alchemy Emperors!

It was just as the alchemist had said, even emperor level medicines would not be able to increase one’s lifespan by more than five hundred years. If a Godking could gain five hundred years, then the medicine would be called a heavenly medicine!

“That is why we’re placing it between the emperor and heavenly levels.” The alchemist said solemnly.

“How about its ability to reduce resistance?” An ancestor impatiently said: “I have used longevity medicines twice already. How many years will this particular medicine give me?”

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