Chapter 771: Phoenix

Chapter 771: Phoenix

Even the two God-Monarchs took deep breaths at this moment. They knew more than outsiders and recognized what the deathfire that had just burnt the entire city was. However, this fire was something impossible for beings like them to fathom.

Ever since that year, no one could make the raging fire emerge again. It was just like a piece of wood that burnt halfway then extinguished. A very long time later, even if one set it on fire again, it wouldn’t be the same fire as the past.

Thus, it was impossible to make the firewood relive the same past fire. It was impossible even for Immortal Emperors unless they were capable of reversing time or communicating with the underworld!

But now, the deathfire that had engulfed this city appeared once more, and the two God-Monarchs knew what it was.

Li Qiye shouted: “Appear now, it is time for me to harvest!” A hurricane of death energy sprung from the Death Chapter and turned into a universal law that drilled into the ground.

“Thump, thump, thump.” A series of monstrous heartbeats resounded as if a gargantuan heart was thumping.

The ancestral ground quaked with each beat as if something was about to break itself out of the ancestral ground.

“What is that thing?” Everyone in the city could hear the heartbeat. They couldn’t help but look towards the ancestral ground in shock.

“Junior, we can’t allow you to live any longer!” The disturbed monarchs cried out and attacked with reckless abandon at the same time, disregarding the cost to their blood energy. The two imperial true treasures unleashed their power!

“Begin…” Li Qiye simply snorted in the face of two invincible treasures. Countless laws from the chapter emerged, and death energy appeared in the flame!

“Screech!” Amidst all the commotion, the skeletal bird let out a loud cry and spread its wings. The deathfire covering the city seemed to have absorbed a great power and surged towards the bird’s body like a flood bursting through a dam. After the absorption, an unbelievable heatwave swept through the city, and the bird underwent monumental changes as if it had been revived.

“Screeech!” A Phoenix's cry resounded as an immortal brilliance erupted from the bird. At this time, the bird in the sky ceased to be a mere bird, it had become a Phoenix!

“A Phoenix…” All were stunned after seeing the transformations taking place in the sky. Even an ancestor from a great power screamed out in fear!

A Phoenix, a real Phoenix. These beings were extremely holy and sacred. Nothing could imitate their supreme presence as they appeared before the world.

“A Phoenix, the legend of Alchemy City is real!” An old undying from an ancient lineage had to cry out.

“Boom!” The attack from the Brightflame Cauldron came forth murderously, capable of suppressing myriad laws and destroying all things!

However, the moment the Phoenix soared to the sky and attacked, even the God-Monarch with his cauldron was powerless. The beast swept through the invincible imperial aura and instantly blew the monarch flying with spurting blood.

“Zhang zhang!” The tunes of a zither accompanied the endless power of the Divine Beast Zither that surged forward! One could hear different roars within the tunes as well as images of divine creatures jumping out: True Dragon, Phoenix, Qilin…

The Phoenix’s roar echoed across the nine heavens as it glided down from above. It tore apart everything in its path. In an instant, one could see it killing the beastly images from the Divine Beast Zither.

Such a scene was truly moving! Tearing a dragon and splitting apart a phoenix! This made people’s hearts want to jump out from their fleshly cages; no one could look straight at this overbearing and domineering spectacle.

“A fake is still a fake in the end. It doesn’t matter if the weapon uses universal laws to create them, they can’t compare to a real Phoenix.” Li Qiye nodded after watching the Phoenix killing the beasts from the zither.

The madam emotionally spoke: “This Phoenix is so powerful...”

Li Qiye shook his head: “More like it is too weak. Strictly speaking, it is not a real Phoenix since it took form from one’s corpse. If it was still alive, then it would be unfathomable. Keep in mind that when it wanted to be reborn via fire, it was already comparable to an Immortal Emperor! Unfortunately, something unexpected happened that resulted in its demise!”

“This majestic creature actually existed in this world?” Yuan Caihe was in awe.

Li Qiye slightly shook his head: “Strictly speaking, it does not belong here, at least not in this world!”

“Poof!” The monarch could no longer bear it. Although he had recklessly expended his blood energy to fuel the zither, it couldn’t turn the tides. Even more divine beasts surrounded the Phoenix only to be torn apart by it. Eventually, this monarch vomited blood. An imperial true treasure required the support of a large amount of blood energy, so he could no longer sustain it.

While all were horrified by this scene, someone murmured: “They have to unleash an Imperial Massacre or Heavenly Annihilation!”

However, the monarchs also knew very clearly that once they unleashed a Heavenly Annihilation, their death would be a foregone conclusion because of their withered longevity blood. A Heavenly Annihilation would require the support of all of their longevity blood! Once the blood was used up, only death would await them!

“Buzz!” In the blink of an eye, another imperial aura rushed out from the ancestral ground. The moment it appeared, the thumping of the heart finally died down.

An ancestor felt this aura and exclaimed: “A third Immortal Emperor True Treasure, the one from Immortal Emperor Yao Zu!”

The Alchemy Kingdom using all three of its defining treasures would frighten just about anyone!

“This is all of you forcing my hand.” Li Qiye’s eyes turned cold. He opened his mouth and sprayed out more longevity blood on the Death Chapter.

“Buzz.” The death energy of the chapter turned into a tidal wave that rushed into the ground.

Longevity blood was extremely precious to cultivators, but Li Qiye had spat out two mouthfuls. He grew pale since his loss was considerable this time around.

‘Rumble!” At the center of Alchemy City, a gigantic divine tree rose from below. One could hear crackling noises the moment this tree emerged as it was instantly burned by the deathfire.

The endless deathfire turned this divine tree into a fire tree. Great spiritual souls jumped inside the deathfire. This was the result of the divine tree burning.

“Screech!” The Phoenix sang again. The moment the phoenix flame on its body turned into a vortex, the burnt divine tree also flew upward. The phoenix carried the tree on its back, and the spiritual fire on the tree’s body rushed into the phoenix’s body, empowering its phoenix flame and making it even more dazzling!

With another screech, the Phoenix’s chest opened. Waves of immortal universal laws emerged in a dazzling manner before turning into a vortex.

“Thump, thump, thump.” The deafening heartbeats resounded again, even stronger than before.

“Stop it!” The two wounded monarchs from the Alchemy Kingdom were alarmed. They knew what the Phoenix wanted to do.

However, even if the kingdom wanted to suppress the thing being sealed, they were powerless. This Phoenix didn’t only have its own phoenix flame, it also had the divine flame from the tree. This made it extremely powerful!

“Boom!” Eventually, after a loud blast, an extremely mighty force tore apart one location in the ancestral ground. An item then flew out from below!

It soared out and instantly flew into the Phoenix’s exposed chest. Under the protection of the immortal laws, the phoenix’s chest immediately closed.

An ancestor with great eyesight saw the thing that flew into the Phoenix and exclaimed: “That, that was a heart!”

“Oh god…” Tie Yi dropped to the ground with a pale expression, absent-minded as he murmured: “The legend is real, the kingdom was really storing that item… So unbelievable, they actually had a phoenix’s heart!”

“The legend is real. Alchemy City used to be called Phoenix City!” Someone who knew the old legends became stupefied.

This legend stated that a very long time ago, this land had a divine tree and a phoenix. Eventually, the phoenix aimed for rebirth and burned the divine tree. However, it couldn’t reach its goal and was instead burnt to ashes!

“No…” The monarchs from the kingdom screamed unwillingly after seeing the heart rejoin the body of the Phoenix.

“Buzz…” After regaining its heart, the immortal rays of light from the Phoenix’s wings began to pulse.

It was as if multiple Immortal Worlds were appearing inside this pulsing brilliance. The Phoenix appeared to be invincible at this moment. Even ancestor-level characters were completely suppressed!

“Junior, don’t even dream about leaving today!” The two monarchs grimaced!

“Rumble!” A series of thunderous detonations rang out. Terrifying figures emerged from the ancestral ground, accompanied by a blinding radiance that illuminated the entire Alchemy Kingdom!

However, it did not stop there. After these terrifying figures emerged, a series of huge imperial formations appeared in the depths of the ancestral ground. These formations that were capable of imprisoning the heavens rushed to the sky!

Meanwhile, imperial weapons appeared one after another. They emitted invincible auras to protect the entire ancestral ground. At this moment, the ancestral ground had turned into a citadel protected by Immortal Emperors. Even a God-Monarch would feel chills in their heart upon arriving at this scene!

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