Chapter 764: Massacring The Xian Clan

Chapter 764: Massacring The Xian Clan

The alchemy formation was broken in an instant by the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron. Chaos ensued in the Xian Clan as the shrill screams that came from within caused the World-Pillar Monarch’s countenance to be quite unsightly.

The alchemy formation could be considered one of their prided creations. Ordinary clans wouldn’t be able to have such a formation, but it was broken so easily by Li Qiye.

“It can also do this? A cauldron breaking an alchemy formation… this is so unreal….” The spectators watching this fight were astounded after seeing the Xian’s alchemy formation explode.

“This kind of alchemy formation is not even worthy of me taking action. My cauldron alone can already easily break it.” Li Qiye smirked dismissively.

Terrifying roars could be heard right after the formation went down. Without its deterrence, all the poisonous creatures rushed into the Xian residence. Their rampage caused the land to shake and the pavilions to be crushed.

One of the poisonous serpents slithered all the way to a high peak and spat out some roiling mist. This mist instantly spread everywhere and shrouded one mountain after another, eroding many valleys. Many disciples from the Xian Clan immediately screamed and met their demise after being invaded by this mist, leaving behind only bodies on the ground.

One of the spiders full of green hair quickly rushed into the residence and spewed out countless webs. These webs covered the sky and surrounded the disciples before they could fight it. Sizzling sounds could be heard after they were covered by this silk. Amidst their screams, their bodies began to rot!

Some golden bees flew inside and swiftly shot out a barrage of poisonous needles as thin as hair. Many disciples couldn’t dodge in time; they weren’t ready to escape as they were hit by the needles. Once stricken, no matter their cultivation, their body instantly froze up as if petrified.

Poisonous toads, ferocious rhinos, and dark bulls… all kind of creatures invaded the Xian residence like a tsunami. They trampled this land with devastating force. Buildings fell one after another from their onslaught.

Li Qiye only smiled while watching the fight from outside of the gate. There was no need for him to personally take action.

“Ahh—” Screams came left and right from within the residence. All the Xian disciples came to fight. The World-Pillar Monarch didn’t have time to watch Li Qiye as he rushed to the frontlines to fight these monsters.

Many people had begun to pay attention to this battle as early as three days ago, but no one had ever thought that it would begin in such a manner.

There were many speculations regarding how things would begin. Some believed that a great character from Allpine Mountain would act as the vanguard. Others believed that Li Qiye would take out that invincible treasure to bombard the Xian Clan… However, no one thought that Li Qiye didn’t need to take action and would just leisurely stand there, directing his horde of monsters to attack the Xian Clan.

The crowd was dumbfounded and sent into a daze. This offense from Li Qiye was indeed too powerful.

“Who would ever dare to say that alchemists had weak combat potential from now on? Insect mastery and wood mastery — both of these techniques can easily massacre a clan or even destroy a sect!” An alchemist lamented after seeing this scene. However, there was a tinge of pride in his words!

“Damned beasts, stop running amok!” In the depths of the Xian Clan came five gray-haired old men that instantly formed a formation. They carried treasure medicines and divine roots and initiated their grand formation, coming forward with a powerful, sweeping momentum.

“Bang!” A series of rumbling occurred. Under the pressure of the formation from the five old men, many monsters receded like a tide since they couldn’t withstand this attack.

“Five elders of the Xian Clan! They are all amazing alchemists and were once renowned in the world.” An alchemist who recognized the five was startled from seeing their formation.

These five elders were the most exceptional alchemists of the Xian Clan. Although they couldn’t compare to the Xian Alchemy Ancestor, they all had remarkable accomplishments.

They formed another alchemy formation to expel and kill these poisonous monsters. This was enough to prove their worth on the dao of alchemy.

“An alchemist-based formation?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Let me show you what a heaven-made poisonous formation can do!”

Having said that, a dao of alchemy emerged. Li Qiye’s hands instantly formed five runic incantations that flew out and imprinted themselves on five different creatures.

“Croakk…” A Gold-striped One-eyed Frog as big as a mound jumped out from the poisonous herd.

“Pluff…” A Crimson Flame Serpent with a tongue as big as an arm came forth.

“Zhiii…” A scorpion with an iron carapace crawled out from the mass.

Next, a hundred meter long centipede with a thousand blade-like legs arrived. Just its movement alone could sweep through many experts and take their lives.

One spider covered in poisonous needles also rushed out from its peers.

These five poisonous creatures instantly formed a team and pounced towards the five Xian Elders at an unbelievable speed. They attacked together in the blink of an eye. The frog spewed out poisonous mists while the crimson serpent unleashed its fire to burn this mist!

The burning mist immediately turned into a sea of fire. In this same moment, the spider spat out a large amount of webs that was accompanied by needles towards the sea of fire. In an instant, they became extremely vile fiery nets that locked the entire sky…

The five creatures unleashed their combination attack towards the five elders. “Boom! Boom! Boom!” The scorpion shot out four needles towards the four cardinal directions that turned into formation pillars. In the blink of an eye, the five elders were trapped inside. At this time, the poisonous fire had turned into lava. Moreover, the webs had locked the area inside the formation, so the five elders couldn’t take half a step backward let alone escape.

“Open!” The five elders wildly shouted and unleashed their formation’s most powerful state. However, the combined attack of the five creatures with their venom, fire, webs… All of these powers worked together in harmony, causing their power to soar exponentially!

“Ahh!” In just a brief moment, the sea of magma refined the five elders’ alchemy formation. The five elders were also incinerated while they screamed pitifully.

“What is this?!” The spectators were amazed. From the start, the five elders were able to push back these creatures. But now, these five monsters instantly reversed the situation and killed all five of them.

“This is the legendary Five Poisons Mutual Generation, a natural formation that abides the laws of the world. There is no need for formations or techniques since the five poisons rely on their natural harmonizing affinity to create this formation.” A Legendary Alchemist who didn’t want to show his face understood this particular method. His eyes widened as he murmured: “Five Poisons Mutual Generation… this is easier said than done! To be able to display this natural effect in a formation in an instant... This allows for the strength of the poisons to rise by at least ten times!” [1. A form of Five Elements Mutual Generation.]

“Scram!” When the poisonous creatures invaded the depths of the Xian Clan, Cao Guoyao finally showed himself. He summoned a cauldron and spewed out an alchemy mist to stop the flood of monsters.

Cao Guoyao was indeed a great alchemist, especially after obtaining the insect mastery arts of the Insect Swarm Valley. He alone was even stronger than the five Xian Elders as he stopped the incoming horde.

“Not bad, let’s see if you can stop this!” Li Qiye saw this scene and smiled. He took out a tiny bottle and let out a creature.

“Buzzz!” Cao Guoyao, who was battling the poisonous horde, suddenly heard a small humming sound. He lifted his head and noticed a little white silkworm flying forward. This silkworm had a pair of wings, so it flew very quickly.

Such a cute and tiny white silkworm would make anyone think that it was completely harmless.

“Evil Silkworm!” However, Cao Guoyao acted as if he had seen a ghost. He quickly recalled his cauldron and turned around to flee without a care for anything else.

“Ahh—” However, he didn’t make it too far before he let out a shrill scream. His body dropped to the ground and began to twitch as a terrifying scene ensued.

A strange fleshy growth began to bud as if a bean sprout was growing on his body. The moment this fleshy meat reached a certain size, it began to crack and spew out black blood. The little silkworm flew out of Cao Guoyao’s body and immediately sucked up all of the black blood.

“Fuck, where did Li Qiye get an Evil Silkworm?!” A knowledgeable alchemist paled at the sight of this little silkworm. His legs grew weak as his butt hit the ground.

“Is… that little white silkworm that terrifying?” A disciple couldn’t help but ask after seeing his master frightened to such an extent.

The alchemist said: “If it is not terrifying, then Cao Guoyao wouldn’t have tried to flee! He obtained the arts of the Insect Swarm Valley and was fighting so many poisonous creatures alone; do you think he was afraid of them? However, after seeing this little silkworm, he ran right away!”

He eventually calmed down and licked his lips: “Evil Silkworm — this devilish thing is very rare. Some of them live in some vile marshes in Alchemy City. I only heard that the Insect Swarm Alchemy Emperor caught one after coming here. Later on, it was groomed by the valley to become a devil that could easily kill Virtuous Paragons! Rumor has it that this evil silkworm is still protecting the valley to this day!” The alchemist quivered while recalling the tale.

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