Chapter 763: The Mighty Tie Yi

Chapter 763: The Mighty Tie Yi

The madam herself was shaken by Tie Yi’s strength. Normally, Tie Yi always had a cowardly look and escaped at the first sign of trouble. Who would have thought that he would be able to deter an existence like the alchemy ancestor?

“Little demon, come meet your doom!” The ancestor’s expression was unsightly to the extreme. He was a legendary master, yet he suffered in the hands of this no name demon. It was only their first exchange, yet it was still extremely humiliating to him.

He cried out and soared to the sky. Under his wrath, his blood energy erupted to its most powerful state. For someone with weak longevity blood like him, erupting his blood energy to this level was truly reckless.

“Here I come!” Tie Yi remained undaunted in the face of this eruption. He laughed then soared in the air straight at the ancestor.

At this time, Tie Yi was like a completely different person. No one would be able to recognize the coward that he was. His aura engulfed the world as if he had been reborn with a domineering presence.

“Die!” The ancestor’s invincible treasure slammed down without holding anything back to meet Tie Yi’s offense. In the blink of an eye, this invincible treasure blindingly lit up and broke all the laws in this world. The world seemed to be trembling under this blow, along with all the cultivators in Alchemy City.

“Boom!” The alchemy ancestor was worthy of his fame. This blow tore the fabric of space. Even when Tie Yi took out a powerful Life Treasure to meet it head on, he still couldn’t stop this oncoming attack and was blown away.

One could hear a loud detonation as the void was shattered. From this scene alone, one could easily imagine just how terrifying the attack from the ancestor was.

Tie Yi stabilized himself and coughed out several gulps of blood and murmured: “This body is becoming weaker and weaker, I really am getting old!”

The spectators finally heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the ancestor wounding Tie Yi. If a legendary master like the ancestor was defeated by an unknown little demon, it would be too hard to take in.

However, outsiders didn’t know that this was not the ancestor wounding Tie Yi, it was Tie Yi’s old wounds coming back due to the battle!

“Die!” The ancestor didn’t give Tie Yi an opportunity to breathe. The invincible treasure lit up again and carried with it an unstoppable momentum!

For the ancestor, if he couldn’t kill this unknown little demon, then it would be difficult to re-establish his reputation.

“Who’s afraid of who!” Tie Yi also laughed wildly and pounced forward to meet the ancestor head on. It was as if he was an awakened lion, ready for battle.

Li Qiye watched the battle between the two for a bit before losing his interest. He looked at the land of the Xian Clan and smilingly said: “It is time to flatten this land.”

Having said that, he took out a pouch.

“Whooooosh!” In this instant, the wind suddenly howled. Poisonous insects and ferocious monsters came out one by one after being released by Li Qiye. Loud roars resounded as if a flood of monsters had arrived like a stampeding cavalry.

These creatures crowded the Xian Clan’s gate. There were eight meter long Red-eyed Winged Centipedes, Toxic Horned Lions as tall as little mountains, Black Widow Snakes that stretched like rivers, True Fire Virulent Toads spewing out poisonous flames, Iron-Hoof Evil Bulls full of poisonous parasites…

Many people gasped at the sight of Li Qiye quickly releasing so many poisonous creatures. The infestation wreaked havoc across this land left them with a terrifying and creepy sensation.

Looking at the poisonous serpents with dripping saliva and spiders full of green hair, the beasts with evil flames surrounding their bodies… All of these terrorizing images caused people to tremble; some even wanted to vomit.

“Where, where did he get so many poisonous creatures from?” Even a Demon King was aghast in the face of so many monsters.

“Red-eyed Winged Centipedes, Toxic Horned Lions, Black Widow Snakes, True Fire Virulent Toads, Iron-Hoof Evil Bulls…” An old alchemist could name all of these creatures. He paled as he murmured: “These are all indigenous species from the Alchemy Kingdom. The majority of them hide around in the dangerous locations here, how did Li Qiye get them?!”

An alchemist realized something and uttered in shock: “Don’t tell me he captured them just recently...?”

A few people knew the ancient rumors of Alchemy City. In an archaic age when the phoenix and divine tree tried to obtain rebirth via fire, they left behind divine ashes that cultivated this land. This turned the city into a treasure ground for spirit medicines and grasses as well as a land occupied by many poisonous creatures and fierce beasts.

Because of this, there were still locations in this city where many of these creatures resided. From then on, these areas became so dangerous that even Heavenly Kings wouldn’t dare to venture inside.

“How incredible, just what level has Li Qiye’s insect mastery reached?!” An Alchemy Saint uttered in disbelief: “Legends describe the Insect Swarm Alchemy Emperor coming to Alchemy City to capture many poisonous creatures. However, besides him, very few people later on managed to catch so many.”

After witnessing Li Qiye’s amazing display of prowess, many were frightened. In just a moment, they became very wary of this insect mastery branch from the dao of alchemy.

Although this was a world with the highest concentration of alchemists, an art like insect mastery was inferior in the eyes of many alchemists. First, one had to be a Legendary Alchemist before learning insect mastery. If one was able to reach this level, they would obtain a very proud status, and countless people would be willing to work for them. There was no need to waste energy researching insect mastery. It was enough to specialize in pill refinement. Second, even for many Alchemy Emperor lineages, insect mastery was not well researched!

As a result, insect mastery and even wood mastery were very rare among alchemists. A few lineages had such abilities, but their alchemists still chose to focus on refining pills instead.

It was very rare for someone to take insect mastery to the extreme like the progenitor of the Insect Swarm Valley, the Insect Swarm Alchemy Emperor.

“Activate the formations, prepare for battle!” The World-Pillar Monarch was alarmed and shouted after seeing so many poisonous creatures outside of their gate.

With a series of booming explosions, lights flashed among the peaks of the Xian’s residence. Even sweet fragrances could be smelled.

“Raaa...” At this time, there were creatures that had infiltrated the clan. However, the dozen of them all bellowed miserably. It didn’t matter whether they came from the sky or the ground, they twitched on the ground and instantly died.

“Increase the power!” The monarch gave another command to the disciples of his clan with a loud shout.

Fiery lights appeared inside a few valleys and caves on this land as if they were burning something. An even stronger medicinal fragrance quickly enveloped the entire residence.

The poisonous creatures crowding outside of the Xian Clan were very afraid of this smell and couldn’t help but retreat. Even those who were not afraid of this smell didn’t want to enter the Xian Clan; it was as if they could sense the danger.

“Alchemy formation!” An alchemist who was watching this scene emotionally commented: “The Xian Clan is indeed a branch from the imperial family. By having such a powerful alchemy formation in their clan, they could even stop a huge number of poisonous creatures.”

“Haha, fool not knowing your own strength, do you really think you are unbeatable with your insect mastery? Don’t forget, our Xian Clan is a branch of the imperial family. Regarding the dao of alchemy, nothing compares to our Alchemy Kingdom in the nine worlds!” With the protection of the formation, Xian Miao sneered with complete confidence as if victory was a foregone conclusion.

Although his words were unpleasant, they were backed by logic. It was difficult to find a lineage within the nine worlds comparable to their Alchemy Kingdom regarding the dao of alchemy.

“Should you be so proud of such a trivial formation?” Li Qiye smiled and patted his Myriad Heavenly Cauldron: “Open…”

The cauldron opened its mouth wide. With a boom, its mouth seemingly turning into the gigantic jaws of a beast capable of swallowing the heavens. Its raging flames immediately turned into a giant vortex.

In the blink of an eye, this fiery vortex sucked in all the medicinal fragrances that covered the Xian Clan. With another loud bang, the cauldron spewed out its own fragrances. Moreover, all of these fragrances suddenly caught on fire.

They created a sea of fire that ran along the alchemy formation’s runes from the Xian Clan, causing the entire formation to blow up.

“Bang—” In an instant, explosions could be heard from within. Under the raging flames, the formation initially powered by cauldrons blew up. The central area of the formation exploded as well.

Many mountains collapsed instantly due to the explosions. Suddenly, loud screams came from everywhere as flesh and blood spattered in the sky. With the formation’s collapse, the experts that were controlling the formations were blown away; many headed to their deaths!

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