Chapter 756: Divine Steeldemons

Chapter 756: Divine Steeldemons

Even the ancestors of great powers who came to watch from a distance became serious after seeing the four monsters. As for Heavenly Kings, they were all very cautious.

At this point, even more people became aware of this battle. Inside Alchemy City, a few undyings and ancestors who were here because of their juniors participating in the conference couldn’t help but become interested, especially after Li Qiye defeated the Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique. After this news spread, even the hidden ancestors had to show up.

The Divine Steeldemons, despite being called demons, were not actually demons. They were extremely poisonous creatures as well as a type of ferocious beast. Although a few creatures had a certain level of intelligence, these demons were very close to being as smart as cultivators.

Their bodies were as tough as steel. Ordinary treasures and weapons wouldn’t be able to harm them in the slightest. Moreover, they were coated with a layer of extremely powerful toxin. Even Heavenly Kings wouldn’t be able to repel this level of toxicity. In addition, their speed was also wondrous and their arms were like sabers. It was as if they were natural saber users. The moment they attacked with their arms, they would utilize some peerless saber arts.

Under their special saber arts and poison, ordinary kings wouldn’t be able to escape death. One was already terrifying enough, but the four of them together was something else entirely. They linked their consciousness so that they could bring forth the perfect offense and defense!

They oppressively headed towards Li Qiye as a black mist began to shroud their bodies. At this moment, their poison broke out; wherever they trod immediately turned black. The vegetation they passed by immediately withered and turned into a black liquid.

They turned the area into a poisonous wasteland. The living creatures couldn’t escape and died tragically! Nothing could live in these locations as they turned this land into a dwelling of the dead.

“I’ll accept these little toys.” Li Qiye watched the furious demons poisoning the land and smiled. With a clanking sound, his Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law appeared. A gigantic lock fell out from his chest and locked his body.

In this moment, fire runes emerged all around his figure and covered him like a divine armor, protecting him.

“Here I come!” Li Qiye roared and used an unbelievable speed to rush forward. The moment he attacked, the four demons launched their counterattacks. They formed a formation as their saber-like arms unleashed a wondrous art!

In the blink of an eye, it seemed like stars were being cut down from the sky. When their saber formation slashed forward, a poisonous energy filled the air, engulfing the world within its mist. Any living creature that touched this mist would instantly die and turn into a black liquid.

“Could he stop the four demons without using his invincible treasure?” A few Stone Kings and Demon Monarchs watching the fight couldn’t help but murmur after seeing Li Qiye rush forward with his bare hands.

Back when the four demons rampaged over the lands of the Stone Realm, the number of Heavenly Kings that died at their hands was not few. They even destroyed an archaic sect. Even when its ancestor came into being, he still couldn’t save his sect. Eventually, his lifespan withered along with his blood energy. After being poisoned, he was killed by the demons.

“Pluff— plufff—” However, the slash of the demons couldn’t hit Li Qiye. They might be fast, but they were far from being comparable to Li Qiye’s soaring physique. Li Qiye then used his mighty weight along with his supreme speed to slam into the four demons.

Just imagine the terrifying impact from the combination of the two physiques! Even the steeldemons couldn’t handle it and were blown away instantly. One could even hear the sound of something breaking.

Due to the collision with Li Qiye, cracks actually appeared on their tough bodies! It was a shame that they met Li Qiye. Li Qiye’s body could even destroy treasures of the Heavenly King level, let alone their bodies; it didn’t matter how tough they might be.

“Impossible…” Even Cao Guoyao was in disbelief after seeing this sudden development. He knew just how powerful his four demons were. Deadly poison, unsurpassed speed, incredible saber technique, perfect and inscrutable offense and defense…

All of these things allowed his demons to triumph over all in the Heavenly King realm. They could even have a chance of harming an ordinary Virtuous Paragon. Because of this, he wasn’t afraid of powerful enemies with them guarding him.

However, Li Qiye not only blew them away, he showed no signs of being poisoned even after directly confronting the monsters. How could Cao Guoyao accept this?

As a great alchemist, the moment he came into contact with the four demons’ poison, he would still need to use precious medicines to protect his own body. Otherwise, death was assured. However, Li Qiye was unharmed even after direct contact, as if the poison couldn’t hurt him.

How could Cao Guoyao know that Li Qiye also cultivated the Void Imperfection Physique? Imperfection was not to be found on this physique, and myriad laws were unable to invade it. Great toxins were not able to harm it. Moreover, Li Qiye’s heaven sealing law was also locking his body. The endless refined fire would not allow the poison to invade his body!

“Just what physique does this brat cultivate? What kind of emperor law is this?” Even an old undying was shaken after seeing this.

His unparalleled speed and absolute force left others in dismay. Just what kind of physique or merit law might this be?

After the four demons were blown away, four refined fiery laws like divine chains flew out from Li Qiye’s hand while issuing clanking noises. They instantly coiled around the four monsters and sealed them. At this point, only strange sizzling sounds could be heard.

Under the terrifying flames of refinement, its law imprinted itself on the monsters’ bodies. Green smoke came out but was sealed right away so they couldn’t run.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” All of a sudden, detonations due to collisions could be heard nonstop. Li Qiye swung the four fiery laws around as if he was playing with kites. The four demons were swung around in the sky powerlessly and slammed into each other. After continuous impacts, even more cracks appeared on their bodies. If this were to continue, even their tough bodies would eventually shatter.

Although they wanted to use their poison to bypass the fiery laws to kill Li Qiye, this was essentially impossible. The fire from Li Qiye’s heaven sealing law was incredible. It consisted of refined flames from the sun, karmic fire from cultivators, and also fire from his cauldron of life… After arduous refinement, this type of fire could easily burn the poison of the demons!

“Is this actually happening?” Many people rolled their eyes after seeing Li Qiye swinging the demons into each other like kites. The force of the collisions caused even the sky to shake.

Even Heavenly Kings paled after hearing about the four rampaging demons in the past, but now, Li Qiye easily dispatched them in such a manner, so how could the crowd not be dumbfounded?

Cao Guoyao was both shocked and angry after seeing this. In the past, in order to tame these four demons, he had expended countless efforts. During the taming process, their State of Cao lost numerous experts.

But now, his four strongest demons seemed extremely fragile before Li Qiye.

“Boom!” Eventually, the four demons fell onto the ground and couldn’t tell north from south. Under the numerous collisions, their bodies almost broke apart.

Before they had the chance to fight back, a chapter appeared in Li Qiye’s hand. Alchemy laws came out from it to form runic symbols. With a buzz, these runic symbols instantly imprinted themselves into the heads of the four demons before disappearing.

After this process was over, the four demons suddenly became frozen as if a martial arts expert had knocked on their meridians.

Li Qiye clapped his hands and cheerfully said after sealing the four demons: “I’ll accept these little things from you, with some reluctance of course…”

With an ugly expression, Cao Guoyao shouted: “Return!”

He commanded the four demons, but they had no response. After issuing the command several more times without any response, he became even more livid.

After overpowering the demons, he needed several more years to tame them so that they would show absolute obedience to his commands. But now, Li Qiye managed to gain control of them so quickly. He simply couldn’t believe it!

How could he know that Li Qiye cultivated the Alchemy God’s Grand Canon? Inside were many writings about techniques for controlling poisonous creatures!

The angry Cao Guoyao yelled at Li Qiye in a deep tone: “Li Qiye, our bet was about insect mastery, not brute force!”

At this point, he had no time to call Li Qiye brother any longer. The only thing he wanted to do was to kill Li Qiye!

“Yes, we are competing in insect mastery.” Li Qiye cheerfully responded: “Earlier, you were controlling the four demons, and I have now tamed them. Therefore, it is my turn to control the demons and your turn to tame them. Don’t disappoint everyone here, they initially belonged to you after all. If you can’t even tame them again, then I cannot guarantee what will happen.” Having said that, a universal law flashed on his forehead and reached the four demons.

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