Chapter 751: Dark Serpent

Chapter 751: Dark Serpent

Nevertheless, the Expanse King was still a paragon even though he was only at the early era level. After his scream, although his body was destroyed by the mountain bell, his head was still intact.

There were terrifying cracks on his head, making it seem as if it would split apart at any moment, but he was still holding on. For a paragon, as long as his true fate was still there, he wouldn’t be able to die.

The head tried to turn around and escape. If he remained with such a grievous injury, he would definitely die in this place.

“Where can you run to?!” Li Qiye’s speed instantly reached its zenith and quickly caught up to the king’s head. An Early Era Paragon was not as fast as the Soaring Immortal Physique of Li Qiye, not to mention that the paragon was seriously injured.

“Pop!” His head received a heavy blow from Li Qiye. Even if he was stronger, the already-cracked head released all of its contents due to the blow from the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique. Chunks of his brain splattered everywhere. Moreover, his head was crushed by Li Qiye’s foot, but he was still alive.

“Junior, don’t go too far!” The Expanse King was already basically half dead. He couldn’t help but quiver inside. Never would he expect a paragon like him to end up in this tragic state so quickly.

He was full of regrets. If he knew that Li Qiye had such an invincible treasure, he wouldn’t have been so bold.

The spectators from afar were shaken as well. Although no one could recognize the mountain bell, it was still a terrifying artifact even if it wasn’t an imperial true treasure!

Someone murmured: “No wonder why he can act so arrogantly. So he had this powerful treasure as his ace.”

Even descendants of imperial lineages wouldn’t necessarily have true treasures of the emperor level, let alone a sect-less junior.

No matter who they might be, including ordinary paragons, they would be very wary of an imperial true treasure or something of the same level. Unless they had a similar weapon, even a paragon might not have a great advantage in a direct confrontation!

Although the Expanse King was a paragon, he was only a new Early Era Paragon. In the beginning, he was too careless and thought that he could easily capture Li Qiye. He didn’t think that Li Qiye would start with an emperor level weapon and directly blow him into pieces.

“Too far?” Li Qiye cheerfully said: “I like to hear these words the most. Since you said that I have gone too far, very well, I will give you a chance right now. Hand over all of your treasures then hang your head from the highest peak of Alchemy City. Only then will I spare your life. If not, I will stamp your dog head, no, fish head into paste!”

“Little bastard, go to hell!” The Expanse King was still a king and a paragon after all. How could he suffer such humiliation? In this instant, his head cracked opened and his dao foundation erupted. His true fate began to blaze!

He wanted to self-destruct and take Li Qiye along with him.

“Boom!” A thunderous detonation occurred. When a paragon blew up his own dao foundation and true fate, the generated force had absolute power.

Due to the blast, everything within the radius of a thousand miles was shattered like glass. A dreadful black hole appeared and the fabric of space-time became chaotic, especially where Li Qiye stood. Everything here could be crushed into nothingness.

“Pop!” Unfortunately for the king, five bronze doors appeared around Li Qiye amidst this terrifying blast. The pentagate protected him and blocked this terrifying explosion.

The self-destruction of a paragon caused a fallout that swept through ten thousand miles. Many spectators in the distance were blown away by the aftermath since they couldn't resist such a force.

“Boom!” In the blink of an eye, the ground suddenly split. A huge shadow crawled up from the ground. This was a huge monster.

“Xuuuu.” The thing that rushed out from the ground opened its mouth to spew out an endless amount of poisonous mist that completely shrouded the area.

Moreover, Li Qiye was the target, so he was immediately drowned within.

“Dark Serpent!” A Demon King cried out from the distance. He used his fastest speed to run away after getting a good look at this huge creature that appeared from the ground.

“Dark Serpent, not good!” Yuan Caihe was startled after seeing the poisonous mist everywhere. She brought the madam back into their courtyard. At this time, a particular fragrance that was being emitted from the trees inside the yard formed a barrier of air to protect them from the mist.

There were many spirit trees and treasure medicines in this yard. Some were recently planted by Li Qiye and Yuan Caihe. At this time, the spirit tree that was preventing this poisonous mist from approaching was planted by Yuan Caihe.

The vast quantities of poisonous mist quickly spread throughout the area. Many people in the distance reacted quickly enough to run away. However, there were also those who couldn’t do so in time and were flooded by the mist. They immediately fell to the ground and twitched for a while before their bodies turned black and stiff.

“Such strong poison.” Madam Zi Yan was astonished after seeing this. Normally, ordinary poisons were not effective against cultivators.

Yuan Caihe explained: “The poison of a Dark Serpent is not immediately fatal, but once it invades the body, the whole body will become stiff in an instant. Their blood energy would be sealed so the victim wouldn’t be able to move. Even a Heavenly King would not be able to escape. Without taking the antidote within six hours, death would be assured as the body slowly melts into a black liquid.”

She was very knowledgeable about spirit medicines, and as a prodigy, she also knew about poisonous creatures.

“Where did this Dark Serpent come from?” The experts who were able to run far away were frightened as they looked back at the spreading mist. This extremely powerful poison could corrode one’s true fate and destroy their fate palaces. Not even Heavenly Kings could resist it.

An Alchemy Saint at the scene quivered and said: “This doesn’t make any sense. Dark Serpents dwell in the wet depths of darkness. This place is too dry, so it shouldn’t have any Dark Serpents.”

Although he did not say it explicitly, the implication was crystal clear.

“Xuuuu…” At the center of the poisonous mist with howling winds, the Dark Serpent jumped up and opened its mouth to spew out even more mist towards its target — Li Qiye.

However, as this mist covered the sky, Li Qiye was not afraid at all. He shifted his body around in the mist to avoid the serpent’s attack.

Many spectators at a safe distance noticed that the serpent was only attacking Li Qiye and looked at each other. The wily experts immediately knew that this was not so simple. Someone was using the Dark Serpent to attack Li Qiye!

“This brat is so scary. He just killed an Early Era Paragon and isn’t afraid of the Dark Serpent’s poison.” An alchemist said: “I heard that Li Qiye’s dao of alchemy is incredible as well. If this is true, then it is not strange for him to be able to resist the poison.”

In fact, Li Qiye was not relying on the dao of alchemy to repel this poison. He had medicines of the immortal level, so how could this serpent’s poison do anything to him?

Eventually, after escaping the serpent’s attacks, Li Qiye circled around its head and suddenly unleashed dozens of needles that penetrated its skull.

After being struck by the needles, it suddenly stopped as if petrified.

“Back to where you came!” Li Qiye shouted a mantra. With a boom, the Dark Serpent seemed to have received the command and immediately crawled back into the ground, disappearing without a trace.

“What is that?” A cultivator in the horizon was puzzled by how Li Qiye was able to control the serpent.

An alchemist was shocked after seeing this scene and shouted: “Insect mastery skill!”

After hearing this, someone who was pale from fear stated: “Don’t tell me that Li Qiye is a disciple of the Insect Swarm Valley? Only they know how to control poisonous creatures.”

The Alchemy Saint shook his head and said: “Not necessarily. This world is vast, so the Insect Swarm Valley is not the only place that knows how to control poisonous creatures. In fact, this is part of the dao of alchemy, but very few people are adept at this art.”

The Insect Swarm Valley were masters of controlling poisonous creatures. Till this day, it’s name instilled fear in whoever heard of them.

At this time, a loud bang could be heard from the horizon. After hearing this, people instantly looked towards that direction. Some activated their heavenly gazes and mirrors to have a better look.

Inside Alchemy City, the Dark Serpent suddenly came out from the ground and commenced its attack. Its large whip-like tail fiercely swung everywhere like a huge mountain range tumbling around.

The Dark Serpent was attacking a mansion. A cry came out from inside as a treasure fly out to stop the onslaught: “You dare?!”

“Bang! Bang!” The Dark Serpent seemed to be mad. Not only did it use its huge body as a weapon, it also spewed out poisonous mist.

“Go!” The person in the mansion clearly didn’t want to fight against the serpent. With a shout, the entire mansion hovered up from the ground and flew out of Alchemy City.

“That is Cao Guoyao’s abode... a mansion from a monarch of the Alchemy Kingdom. After Cao Guoyao came, it was handed over to him.” A person movingly uttered after seeing the serpent attacking the owner.

After knowing who the serpent attacked, many people began to wonder. At this moment, it was clear as to who had controlled the Dark Serpent.

This sudden development that occurred in Alchemy City attracted the attention of many parties, especially when Cao Guoyao’s mansion flew out from Alchemy City while the huge Dark Serpent gave chase right after it. Many experts and alchemists were quite alarmed and followed right behind them to find out what was going on.

“Li Qiye, what are you trying to do?!” The mansion’s speed was very fast. In the blink of an eye, it stopped one thousand miles away from Li Qiye.

Cao Guoyao was currently seated in a high pavilion of the mansion. His eyes were fierce when he shouted at Li Qiye.

“What am I trying to do?” Li Qiye looked at Cao Guoyao and narrowed his eyes to smilingly say: “Nothing, I only allowed this beast to return and find its master. It seems that it has found him.”

“What venomous slander!” Cao Guoyao shouted: “Everyone here saw that you controlled this serpent to attack me. Do not change black to white and right to wrong!”

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