Chapter 750: Expanse King

Chapter 750: Expanse King

Even if it was only one section of the physique law, it was enough for Li Qiye. At this time, his eyes blazed as his heavenly gaze activated to derive this universal law.

Although it was just a single strand, it was created from countless intertwined runes. Every magical rune was in pairs, and these pairs twisted together to eventually form this law.

Just this one strand was as vast as an ocean. The mantras inside were floating with incomparable profundity. Despite it being a short law, it was just as mystical as an unparalleled merit law.

Under his dao derivation and calculations with his heavenly gaze, the entire law was imprinted in his mind.

This imprinted seal eventually turned into an endless chapter inside his head. It contained mantras just like the will of the heavens or the cosmos of the nine heavens. It poured down, seemingly wanting to cover his entire sea of memories.

Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique! A complete physique law created by Immortal Emperor Jing Yu finally appeared inside Li Qiye’s mind.

Back when he was the Dark Crow, he had already obtained the complete version and researched it for several generations. It could be said that outside of the creator himself, no one in this world had a deeper understanding of this physique than himself!

Later on during his hibernation, he erased this section from his memories. Today, he finally obtained a part of it. With just this single strand of law, he was able to derive the profundities within and retrieve the memories of the past.

To Li Qiye, the bet was just to be more thorough. He understood that even the threat of death would not make the young noble hand over the physique law!

Of course, if the young noble had been willing, then nothing could have been better. However, his lack of compliance was fine as well. Li Qiye only wanted the moral high ground to own the physique. Since the young noble lost the bet, even if the sea sect later came to demand it be returned, righteousness would be on his side!

Fortunately for him, he was able to derive the law just in time. The moment his memories of the physique appeared again, the strand of law in his hand slowly dissipated.

The young noble died after his body was turned into a bloody mist. After losing the support of his true fate, this strand of law very quickly lost the power of the dao, so it dissipated a few moments later.

“Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique.” Li Qiye grew intoxicated by the profoundness of the grand dao. Such a supreme secret law was extremely enchanting and craved by all.

During his immersion, danger suddenly came for him once more. This danger was completely silent; there were no signs, the assailant only quickly attacked from behind.

In this moment, Li Qiye’s intuition warned him, so he dashed away at a supreme speed. However, with a bang, his back was still struck, causing him to go flying.

“Be careful…” The madam and Yuan Caihe were frightened. However, it was all too late. This ambusher was much stronger than them.

Li Qiye, who was blown towards the horizon, immediately stabilized his body and coldly glared at the ambusher.

At this point, an old man emerged from within the clouds. An aura of water appeared alongside his figure. This person was a great character from the demon race; he had a human body and a fish head adorned with a crown.

Although this old man was quite aged, he still had an oppressive aura. The moment he emerged from within the crowds, the clouds in the entire area were swept away completely.

It seemed as if there was a boundless ocean floating right behind his back. It was as if wherever he went, the area around him would become an endless ocean.

“Expanse King!” A few spectators gasped in horror after seeing this old man coming out of nowhere.

The old man came down from the clouds and uttered in a deep tone: “Junior, I admit that you have a little bit of skill.” Each word of his was like a hammer smashing into the heart of others. At this time, he was not hiding anything. A Virtuous Paragon’s aura swept through the world like a flood.

The attack of a paragon was indeed extraordinary. However, his ambush still didn’t kill Li Qiye, startling him quite a bit.

“The Expanse King is a real master. He has ruled over the expanse for almost ten thousand years without any dissension.” Even Heavenly Kings took deep breaths after seeing the appearance of a Virtuous Paragon of this caliber.

“Worthy of being the most amazing genius from the expanse in the past. After holding on for so long, he finally stepped into the realm of paragons after the end of the Difficult Dao Era to become an Early Era Paragon.” Among the experts of the older generation, a character who was from the same generation as the Expanse King gently sighed.

The Expanse King was an enlightened fish. That year when he got on land from the expanse, he revealed extremely frightening talents. It could be said that becoming a Heavenly King during the Difficult Dao Era was harder than reaching the heavens, let alone a Virtuous Paragon. The Expanse King became one of the most powerful Heavenly Kings at that time and controlled a vast ocean. Eventually, he was able to become an Early Era Paragon.

“I am very curious. I don’t recognize a nobody like you, so why did you ambush me? There has to be a reason.” At this time, a gruesome wound could be found on Li Qiye’s back. However, due to his mighty physique, this wound quickly closed.

“I have no grievance against you.” The Expanse King’s fish head was particularly ugly, especially when he grinned. His smiling figure caused all the spectators to be creeped out. He coldly smiled and said: “Unfortunately, you have offended someone you shouldn’t have.”

He leered at Li Qiye and stated: “If you confess your wrongs and prostrate before the White Hair Alchemy God’s door right now, I will spare your life!”

After hearing this, not only Li Qiye but all the experts from afar understood what was going on. So the Expanse King was doing this for the white hair alchemist!

The status of the Expanse King far exceeded ordinary kings and sect masters. As a Virtuous Paragon, it was difficult for a junior to obtain his assistance. However, since the start of his cultivation, it had been ten thousand years. He was old and needed longevity medicines to supplement his withering lifespan.

Who in this world had better longevity medicines than the white hair alchemist? Because of this, it was not strange for the Expanse King to assist the alchemist.

With one word, countless characters from the older generation would help the alchemist achieve his goal!

Li Qiye smirked and replied: “And if I say no?”

The Expanse King dryly answered: “If you don’t prostrate before the alchemist’s door, then this king will personally take action and let you suffer a fate worse than death. Perhaps I will bring your head to the alchemist as a present.”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile and leisurely say: “Although I don’t know who the hell this alchemist is, since his dog wants to bite me, I won’t hold back!”

“Thing not knowing life from death, cease your resistance!” The Expanse King’s expression sank. In the blink of an eye, he casually raised his hand, causing the sky to darken as he caught a star! This was a treasure that aimed to suck Li Qiye inside!

“Not good, it is the Expanse Net!” Many spectators were astounded to see this treasure being sent down.

Many experts who knew the origin of the Expanse King’s treasure became wary. It turned out that his treasure was called the Expanse Net. Rumor has it that this net was refined from the evil mist of the vast sea. People also said that the moment this net was cast, powerful cultivators were like doomed butterflies stuck in a spider web.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye’s eyes became fierce the moment this net came down. A terrifying murderous intent appeared in his eyes. He did not try to run from this net and instead shouted: “Kill!”

With that, another treasure came rushing out.

With a loud bang that caused the earth to shake and the celestials to lose their brilliance, an old bell came out and turned into a majestic mountain. This mountain seemed to have come from the ancient past — eternal!

This mountain soared through the sky and shattered the void. With such power, even the Expanse Net was instantly shattered; it couldn’t bear even one blow!

Declivity-Mountain Bell, a supreme treasure that was mysterious and archaic; it was comparable to a true treasure of an Immortal Emperor. When it came out, even the world would tremble in fear.

“Is that an Immortal Emperor True Treasure?” The faraway spectators quivered in horror as well after this treasure came out. Its power was too great, suffocating even Heavenly Kings.

However, knowledgeable experts knew that this was not a true treasure because its emergence did not carry the aura of an Immortal Emperor as one would expect.

“Not good...” The Expanse King was horrified the moment the mountain destroyed the net. This all happened too quickly so he couldn’t react in time.

With endless blood energy from his moving life wheel along with the Yin Yang Sea of Blood, Li Qiye was able to power the mountain bell. One could easily imagine how mighty its power was. Its attack could even shake the strongest attack of any Immortal Emperor True Treasure.

In this moment of life and death, the Expanse King released endless dao laws and summoned treasure after treasure to block this attack. However, without an imperial life treasure or true treasure in his hand, his powerful treasures couldn’t compare to the mountain bell.

With explosions, the treasures all shattered. The Expanse King couldn’t escape in time, and his blood gushed out due to the attack. With a miserable howl, the king was slammed by the bell, splattering his flesh everywhere.

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