Chapter 746: Beat Him

Chapter 746: Beat Him

“It’s about to start.” Many people who came to watch the fun were anxious after the murderous intent swept through the area like a frigid gale. There were some who even wanted Pei Yu to kill Li Qiye.

Li Qiye lazily opened his eyes to look at Pei Yu and said: “It seems that I am the only person named Li Qiye here.”

“You are just an ant who won’t be prancing around for much longer.” Young Noble Pei Yu sneered and also didn’t care for Li Qiye. He told Yuan Caihe: “Sister Yuan, in less than two days, this place will be stained with corpses and blood. You are better off following me into the city, it will be safe there. Staying with this person will only invite disaster or even death.”

Yuan Caihe had yet to speak before Li Qiye waved his hand dismissively and said: “Caihe does not want to go with you, so leave. Don’t disturb me cultivating here.”

Pei Yu’s expression sank. He wanted to make a move but managed to hold back while coldly saying: “Li Qiye, whether it is for personal reasons or because I am a disciple of the Crystallized Sea Sect, this young noble has good reason to take your dog head! However, the head on your neck has already been claimed by someone else, so I will let you live one or two days longer!”

There was no doubt that Pei Yu knew some inside information, so he came to take Yuan Caihe away.

Pei Yu not taking action surprised the spectators. An arrogant person like Pei Yu would definitely take revenge and kill Li Qiye because of the feud between them. However, Pei Yu actually managed to hold back today. What character actually managed to make the young noble so careful?

“You are talking as if you have the ability to take off my head.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh at the young noble’s arrogance and said: “Even if you try, you alone are not enough to take me down.”

Pei Yu glanced at Yuan Caihe once before glaring at Li Qiye and aggressively declared: “Although your life was claimed by someone else, it is fine for me to teach you a lesson and break your legs! Make your move, I will show you with my bare hands!”

“Really?” Li Qiye smiled and looked at the young noble to say: “You really don’t need a weapon?”

“Do it!” The young noble smiled proudly. He had great confidence in his strength, so he said: “My hands are more than enough to teach you a lesson—”

“Pop!” However, before the young noble could finish speaking, he was struck by a fist and blown into the sky. Blood spurted everywhere as the crisp sound of bones breaking appeared!

His jaw was shattered by this fist, causing his face to be pitifully mangled!

“Impossible…” This sudden development left everyone watching in the distance astonished. Young Noble Pei Yu was a Life King, yet his jaw was broken after the first exchange. This was simply impossible unless a Virtuous Paragon was his opponent.

“Too weak.” At this time, Li Qiye remained standing at the same spot and wiped off his hand with a smirk on his face. It seemed as if he didn’t make a move at all! “You actually dare to say that you will teach me a lesson at this level? Is the descendant of Immortal Emperor Jing Yu this weak? Go back and train for another ten thousand years.”

Pei Yu finally stood up straight at this time with his mangled jaw. A single fist from Li Qiye breaking his jaw was the most humiliating thing he had ever experienced.

“Zzz…” In the blink of an eye, his jaw was reformed, perfectly intact. He was ultimately a Life King, so he could easily recover an injury of this degree.

“Little bastard, die!” How could the young noble maintain a graceful demeanor at this time? He crazily screamed and created an endless sea of meteors that descended towards Li Qiye. These innumerable star-like universal laws were not only able to grind Li Qiye to dust, they could also seal the entire area.

Such a powerful attack was absolutely capable of shattering this land!

“Cosmic Grasping Palm!” Many cultivators were horrified by this attack. It was a famous emperor law from the Crystallized Sea Sect!

“Boom!” However, before people could make sense of things, the young noble was blown away again and disappeared among the layers of clouds.

Despite his endless universal laws and the vast sea of meteors, he still couldn’t stop Li Qiye’s advance. Li Qiye trod freely even under Pei Yu’s imperial attack as if nothing could stop him!

Moreover, Li Qiye’s speed was too swift. It didn’t matter if it was the cultivators from the far distance or the madam right at the scene, no one was able to see Li Qiye since his speed had reached the zenith.

The Soaring Immortal Physique, the Void Imperfection Physique, and the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique — Li Qiye’s three physiques had all appeared, so even a Life King like Pei Yu was not worth mentioning!

By utilizing the speed of the soaring physique, the void physique that was capable of repelling all laws, and the suppressive properties of the godly physique, what could Pei Yu do?

“What… is going on?” The spectators were horrified. Even Heavenly Kings were not able to understand the events that just transpired!

The madam was shaken as well. Although along the way, she had seen Li Qiye take action several times, he had never personally made a move and only used the Death Chapter to control the dead.

Now, Li Qiye truly attacked and easily defeated Pei Yu in the blink of an eye. Despite her great cultivation, she still couldn’t make out what was going on.

Many people glanced at each other in confusion. The young noble was utterly defeated in such a puzzling way.

In their opinion, someone like Pei Yu should be able to defeat a nobody like Li Qiye without any problems!

However, contrary to their expectations, the young noble had brutally lost, resulting in their astonishment.

If, say, Li Qiye used a supreme emperor law to defeat Pei Yu, then everyone could accept it. However, Li Qiye attacked without laws or techniques. Not even the fluctuations of blood energy could be felt. It was an inexplicable bout.

Very few people could see through the mystical properties of the three physiques. In fact, even those who could see through Li Qiye’s speed and situation wouldn’t be able to guess correctly.

Who on earth would think that someone would be able to cultivate three physiques at the same time?! It was essentially impossible.

“This is…” The cowardly Tie Yi hiding in the background grew pale after seeing this and stared at Li Qiye as if he was a ghost! Although he didn’t completely grasp what just transpired, he understood a thing or two. He couldn’t help but shiver as his body became cold. He recalled a particular legend, a legend regarding the Black Dragon King. This legend was still only speculation since future descendants couldn’t verify it.

Moreover, those who knew this legend were fewer than few, but he was among those rare individuals. He took a deep, calming breath and praised his own fortune for not opposing Li Qiye!

“Boom!” A moment later, Young Noble Pei Yu fell down from the sky. He was covered in blood and his entire chest was caved in. Li Qiye’s fist had crushed his chest.

“Crank clack!” The sound of bones snapping appeared. The young noble used an unbelievable method to restore his shattered chest cavity. Almost immediately, his chest was whole again.

“Indeed worthy of being a Life King who had surpassed their life reduction! Such plentiful blood energy and strong vitality. This truly makes other people envious. Young age is indeed one’s greatest asset.” An older expert noticed that the young noble didn’t even waste any energy to reform his chest and commented with envy.

There were many people stronger than Pei Yu, especially Virtuous Paragons of the previous generation. However, to be able to easily recreate one’s body like him without wasting any blood energy was simply wondrous!

“Little bastard, you have enraged me!” The young noble couldn’t help but growl. The first time when Li Qiye broke his jaw could be attributed to his lack of caution. However, he used an emperor law earlier, yet Li Qiye still struck him flying into the sky and shattered his chest. How could he withstand such humiliation?!

What was even more shameful was that he didn’t understand what actually happened from start to finish. If Li Qiye had supreme speed, then he could understand that. However, the perplexing part was that not only did Li Qiye have superior speed, he could even move freely under the influence of his emperor law. His law simply couldn’t impact Li Qiye’s movement.

To the young noble, this was the same as meeting a ghost! Ever since he became accomplished in the dao, this was the most bizarre thing he had encountered!

“Enraged you?” Li Qiye gently rubbed his fist and said: “You should thank the heavens that you are still alive because I chose to spare your life! You better use all of your abilities or I will end you with the next move. This is your last chance!”

“Boom!” The furious young noble’s body erupted with a loud bang. At this second, it was as if he shouldered the Heaven’s Will as the stars became bright. From the firmament descended a boundless radiance that was completely focused on his body as if he was the destined prince of the heavens!

Universal laws appeared one after another and imprinted themselves on his body, causing his body to seem like a piece of crystal or a crystallized being — very beautiful. [1. The word 晶 has several meanings - crystal; clear, bright; radiant. The first appearance of this word was with sea, so using crystal sea was a big risk without an actual explanation in the text. Radiant-Sea was a safe bet, so radiant also continued to the name of this law. I’ll change the sect’s and technique’s name to crystal to match the narrative for older chapters.]

“Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique!” Someone exclaimed out loud after seeing the young noble’s crystal clear body. Eyes were opened wide as people scrutinized the young noble for a better look.

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