Chapter 744: Imperious

Chapter 744: Imperious

Regarding this matter, Li Qiye only smiled and said: “I will keep Monarch’s words in mind. You have come far so you must be tired.”

The monarch couldn’t help but be worried after seeing Li Qiye’s nonchalant attitude. He added: “Many events occurred and the situation keeps on changing recently. If Young Noble doesn’t mind, then you should come stay at my place for a while.”

The monarch’s invitation could be described as full of good intentions. This request was mainly because of Li Qiye saving his son’s life.

He was aware that someone was aiming for Li Qiye and how the situation was quite disadvantageous for him. However, if Li Qiye stayed in his mansion as a guest, no one would dare to make a move recklessly. After all, no matter who they might be, they would have to give a noble like him some consideration. His backing was the imperial family as well as the Stone King of the Alchemy Kingdom.

“I appreciate your goodwill.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “However, I am someone who does not retreat. The stronger the enemy is, the mightier I shall be. If someone wants to cause trouble, then let them come. I will not go anywhere, I will stay here, waiting. The winner has yet to be decided!”

The monarch could only secretly sigh in his mind; he didn’t dare to persuade Li Qiye any further after hearing this.

However, trouble comes after being mentioned. After the monarch left, trouble came immediately. A disciple from the Bailian Clan was outside of the building and stated that he wanted to see Li Qiye.

“Young Master, a disciple from the Bailian Clan, a junior brother of the White Hair Alchemy God, wants to meet you. He has his senior brother’s seal.” The madam informed Li Qiye.

“Seal of the White Hair Alchemy God? What the hell is that?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh.

The madam explained: “Although the white hair alchemist is part of the younger generation, he carries a lot of weight in the Stone Medicine World. He even has his own seal. Seeing the seal is the same as seeing him in person.”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Seeing the seal is like seeing the person? Such arrogance.”

The madam continued: “In this world, many people from the previous generation, including ancestors from the great powers, all rely on him for their longevity medicines, so his seal has considerable influence.”

“He’s just an alchemist. Even an Alchemy Emperor’s seal is only a piece of scrap metal in my eyes. Tell him to scram.” Li Qiye smiled and waved his sleeve dismissively. To him, the white hair alchemist’s seal was nothing. Back during those years, his iron order commanded the nine worlds!

“Li Qiye, my brother said that if you do not give my Bailian Clan an answer, there will be no place in the Stone Medicine World for you…” After being turned down, the Bailan disciple stomped his foot angrily.

Over the years, the alchemists from their clan had always been honored guests in all the sects. Others dreamed of having one of their alchemists as a guest in their sect, not to mention that he carried the seal of his senior brother.

Therefore, after being denied an audience, he stood outside and aggressively spewed out harsh words.

“No place in the Stone Medicine World for me? Li Qiye…?” While the disciple was releasing his anger outside, a leisurely voice came from inside. Li Qiye actually came out!

This disciple arched his chest and arrogantly said: “That’s right, it seems that you are smart. If you didn’t come out, then don’t even think about showing your face in this world anymore.” After seeing Li Qiye, this disciple thought that Li Qiye was scared by him, so he became quite pleased with himself.

“When you put it that way, I’m truly a bit scared.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “Okay, anyone who comes should be treated as guests; I should at least listen to you. Since you came bearing the seal of the White Hair Alchemy God, what is your intention?”

This disciple scowled before speaking: “At the Observant Monarch’s palace, you killed our Brother Sacred Doctor, so my First Brother wants you to pay for your crime and give us an answer, otherwise—”

“Otherwise? No otherwise.” Li Qiye interrupted the disciple and smiled cheerfully to say: “In fact, I have something to tell your First Brother as well.”

“What?” The disciple proudly said: “You better go see my First Brother and say it!”

Li Qiye happily said: “Ah, it is very simple. Tell him to scram as far away from me as possible, flee to the ends of this world. Otherwise, if he comes to provoke me again, I will personally crush him!”

“This thing doesn’t know life from death!” The disciple’s expression greatly soured after hearing this. He became serious and spewed out threats: “Ignorant brat, do you not know that my brother does not need to do anything to kill a junior like you? With one command, countless people will come for your head—”

“Pop!” Before this disciple could finish this threat, Li Qiye had already kicked him flying!

In the blink of an eye, this disciple soared through the sky like a shooting star and disappeared in the distance.

After kicking him, Li Qiye gently patted his palms and smirked before commenting: “It’s finally quiet.”

The worried Yuan Caihe, who had been standing next to him the whole time, reminded him: “Big Brother, you should be careful of the white hair alchemist. Among us four, he is the most influential. As long as he sends out his intention, many experts from the previous generation will be willing to contribute, including ancestors and eternal existences.

“There is a particular saying in the Stone Medicine World: provoking the White Hair Alchemy God is the same as poking a beehive. If he wants someone dead, these powerful existences would be more than happy to bring this person’s head to him.”

“Let them come. The more people who show up, the more exciting things will be. This land requires more nourishment from blood.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Besides, it is more fun this way. Killing one or two is so meaningless. Massacring a few thousand is more interesting.”

His words made Madam Zi Yan speechless. She could already smell the stench of blood. Amidst her shock, it was as if she could see a scene of blood flowing like rivers.

“Bang!” The moment the white hair alchemist saw the dying disciple being carried back, he immediately shattered his desk with one palm with an extremely unsightly face.

The disciple that was kicked flying by Li Qiye was on the verge of death. If another disciple from the clan didn’t bring him back, perhaps his corpse would have been lost in the wilderness.

“This Li Qiye has gone too far!” The alchemist’s expression was cold as his uncontrollable anger erupted. Even eternal existences in this world would have to give him face, let alone a mere Li Qiye.

“First Brother, you… you must avenge me. This Li Qiye deserves ten thousand deaths!” This disciple cried miserably. He wanted to stand up but couldn’t.

The alchemist’s eyes revealed a murderous intention as he awe-inspiringly spoke: “Rest assured, I will avenge you.”

After the wounded disciple was taken away for treatment, the alchemist sat down on his chair and coldly said: “Send out this news. Tell that Li Qiye to kneel outside of my doors before sunset. Otherwise, I will tear him to pieces in front of everyone!” [1. Tear him to pieces was dismembering with five horses — an old imperial punishment. It is used as an expression of speech for killing someone ruthlessly in this particular usage.]

His command quickly alarmed the entire city, and a storm immediately surged. No one questioned his capabilities. As long as he said the word, countless people would be willing to go take Li Qiye’s head for him!

Someone gleefully said after hearing this news: “That Li Qiye is unlucky for provoking the white hair alchemist. Just wait for the beehive to come stinging, a bunch of old geezers is about to come out.”

Another movingly said: “Angering the white hair alchemist is definitely not wise. Why would Li Qiye be so arrogant? Not too many people are willing to oppose the alchemist in this world.”

Tie Yi also heard the alchemist’s desire and went to inform Li Qiye. After hearing this, Li Qiye was not angry. He calmly smiled and said: “Let him come, I’ll be waiting.”

However, Li Qiye didn’t manage to wait for the alchemist to take action as another person had arrived. On the same day, a powerful blood energy soared through the sky as if a divine bridge was connecting the horizons.

This blood energy was extremely powerful and traveled at a frightening speed. It instantly crossed the entire Alchemy City and reached Li Qiye’s mountain.

“What person is so domineering and arrogant like this?!” This blood energy crossing the city immediately shocked many people.

Everyone knew that Alchemy City was a place with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. In this land, not to mention the nobles of the kingdom, many poisonous insects hid in the deep caves and swamps.

Many experts, including the ancestors of great powers, would not act recklessly after coming to this city. They would converge their blood energy and maintain a low profile. But now, this energy soared through the entire city in the blink of an eye. Such a grand approach was truly glaring.

The owner of this blood energy soaring in sky with great speed was a young man. He didn’t bother hiding his blood energy. It could even be said that he purposely emitted his energy. Realms floated around his body as if he had formed his own world!

Layers of starry lights emerged from this young man’s body like celestial shields protecting him. Under such radiance, this young man appeared to be even more sacred, almost akin to a deity. It was as if he was a general from the heavens descending down to the mortal world. The only difference was that he didn’t wield a battle spear!

Such an arrogant young man letting his energy soar through the city was indeed a rare sight. Not many geniuses would dare to do so. After all, this was Alchemy City!

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