Chapter 743: Before The Storm

Chapter 743: Before The Storm

Inside a palace within the Alchemy Kingdom’s ancestral ground, Grandma Bai had just quickly returned after gathering enough information.

Inside the courtyard, many flowers were blossoming as Ming Yexue walked among them, basking in their beauty. Although the flowers were brilliantly colorful, all of them were eclipsed by Ming Yexue’s beauty. She was the most beautiful flower here.

“Young Miss, the Xian Alchemy Ancestor has come into being.” Grandma Bai immediately reported after seeing Ming Yexue.

“So he still came out in the end.” Ming Yexue was not surprised after hearing this. She only sighed gently and said: “What is his reason for coming into being?”

“The Alchemy Ancestor wants to refine a cauldron of longevity medicine. His venerable wants to come out and recover for a bit. Once he reaches his peak condition, he will start the cauldron.” Grandma Bai said: “He immediately left the Alchemy Kingdom after coming out, so no one in the family knows his whereabouts right now.”

“Whether he left the kingdom or not, only his venerable knows best.” Ming Yexue said drily. Her current demeanor resembled a fairy in the mortal world, intoxicating everyone.

“There is something else that Young Miss should keep in mind.” Grandma Bai said: “The Cloud Soaring Venerable recently arrived at Alchemy City and has been very active. He visited many people and is very close to the World-Pillar Monarch.”

Ming Yexue said: “Nothing good will come from the venerable. His actions are simply aiming to stir unrest and fish in troubled waters!”

“I’m afraid this is Ye Qingcheng’s scheme.” Grandma Bai said: “He wants to become the Immortal Emperor, and our Alchemy Kingdom is in his way. Young Miss is also his rival on this path!”

“Ye Qingcheng daring to extend his reach into my Alchemy Kingdom… It seems that he is very confident.” Ming Yexue was as calm as the water at the bottom of a well and said: “Does he really believe he can become the Immortal Emperor?”

“Perhaps Young Miss should teach him a lesson!” Grandma Bai said: “In recent years, Young Miss has been very low-key, resulting in Ye Qingcheng thinking that he is actually the destined prince of the heavens, that he is the only candidate for kinghood.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t need to do anything about Ye Qingcheng.” Ming Yexue leisurely said: “Young Noble Li is more than enough to deal with him, there is no need for me to take action.”

“Young Miss is very confident in Li Qiye.” The grandma couldn’t help but state: “Young Miss, please excuse my big mouth, but does Young Miss like this Li brat?”

Ming Yexue couldn’t help but chuckle. This smile of hers was kingdom-toppling and shamed all the flowers present. She gently shook her head and said: “Grandma, even if I liked Young Noble Li, he wouldn’t necessarily like me back.”

“Young Miss, what are you saying?” The grandma responded immediately: “Who in this world could compare to Young Miss? Hmph, that Li brat dares not to like you? That is only because he is blind! It is a blessing of three lives to be able to marry Young Miss.”

“Grandma, Young Noble Li can’t be measured by the common sense of this world.” Ming Yexue shook her head and said: “I still have doubts in my mind that require him to make clear.”

The grandma couldn’t help but sigh after seeing her Young Miss’ demeanor. She watched the Young Miss grow up, so how could she not understand her? However, this was also her first time seeing a man that her Young Miss liked and held in such high esteem.

“Grandma, please arrange this for me. I want to meet Ancestor Wushuang.” Ming Yexue ordered.

“Young Miss really wants to get involved in this trouble?” The grandma said: “Young Miss, you should know that the Alchemy Ancestor has quite a high status in our kingdom.”

“Of course I know this.” Ming Yexue said: “I hope that the Alchemy Ancestor will have some sense of propriety. This matter won’t be anything good.”

The grandma added: “Young Miss, the Alchemy Ancestor coming into being is not simple. This signifies his determination. If Young Miss meets Ancestor Wushuang and ruins his matters, then I’m afraid this will be quite disadvantageous for you. In the past, the Alchemy Ancestor’s prestige was great. Moreover, the Alchemy Ancestor is also friends with many other ancestors. If anything happens, you will be in quite a tough spot as a junior.”

“I am well aware of the Alchemy Ancestor’s influence.” Ming Yexue replied: “I am doing this not because of Young Noble Li, I’m doing this for the Alchemy Kingdom.”

Having said that, she paused for a moment before continuing: “It doesn’t matter if Young Noble Li is all alone. Normally, the power of a single person would not be able to shake our kingdom. It could even be said that it’s merely wishful thinking that someone could. However, I don’t think this is the case for Young Noble Li.”

“Does that mean that you think this Li brat can shake our kingdom all by himself?” The grandma was skeptical and said: “Even if the Allpine Treefather is backing him, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. Our kingdom is not just here for show!”

Ming Yexue shook her head and said: “Grandma, you need to stop using common sense when it comes to Young Noble Li. He is definitely the most frightening person I have met. Although I can’t pinpoint the specifics, my intuition tells me that he is not afraid of anyone and will kill all those who block his path! Our Alchemy Kingdom antagonizing him is not a wise move.”

“If our Alchemy Kingdom goes against him, then irrespective of how this storm will end, we will both be losers while the real winner will be Ye Qingcheng.” Ming Yexue softly sighed and said: “Ye Qingcheng wants nothing more than for endless war in this world. He has long since hoped for existences like our kingdom and the Jianlong Clan to engage in wars! The more chaotic the world is, the more favorable his position will be.”

“I understand Young Miss’ point of view.” The Grandma was very confident in her Young Miss since her vast wisdom and intelligence had few matches. She quickly said: “I will arrange with the elders for Young Miss to meet Ancestor Wushuang.”

Ming Yexue nodded her head and said: “Another thing, let Observant Monarch go visit Young Noble Li and tell him that there will be turmoil in the upcoming days. Caution will be the best policy.”

“Don’t worry, Young Miss, I will let the Observant Monarch send the message.” Grandma Bai immediately carried out the command without any hesitation or long-windedness.

She didn’t like Li Qiye. In her eyes, he was too arrogant and didn’t even put her kingdom in his eyes — this made her especially upset. Nevertheless, she still unconditionally carried out Ming Yexue’s order.

Aside from knocking random things on his dry mountain, Li Qiye used his remaining time to cultivate.

After Yuan Caihe’s arrival, he had even more time for cultivation. As one of the four prodigies, she was exceptional regarding the dao of alchemy. She learned a few things after just watching him, so after a few more poisonous creatures came, she took care of them to help Li Qiye.

Inside his room, Li Qiye’s divine rings pulsed back and forth. After eighty-one of them finished pulsing, a faint, proud shadow appeared behind him that was seemingly holding the rest of the world in disdain.

This shadow appearing behind his back seemed to be the ruler of myriad eras! This was the highest symbol of the Heavenly Sovereign realm, an Era Sovereign as other cultivators would call it!

Once reaching this level of the Heavenly Sovereign realm, it meant that Li Qiye could easily step into the Heavenly King realm.

In fact, with his dao foundation and the advantages of having thirteen palaces, he could easily reach the king realm in a very short time.

However, Li Qiye did not do this. In the previous levels, Li Qiye was cultivating like an ordinary practitioner. This time, Li Qiye chose to slowly polish himself at the Era Sovereign level.

Li Qiye had a different understanding and interpretation of the Era Sovereign level! Because of this, he spent a lot of time and effort at this level instead of soaring to the king realm.

Moments passed by as his fate palaces floated up and down. His life wheel disappeared along with the divine rings before Li Qiye finally took a deep breath and stood up.

The madam was waiting outside. She put a cloak on him right after he appeared and softly said: “Young Master, the Observant Monarch is waiting outside. He said that Fairy Ming told him to visit you, will you meet him?”

Li Qiye gently nodded and said: “It seems that Yexue found out which big shot from the kingdom took action. Let us go.”

In the main hall, Li Qiye met the monarch. The monarch bowed after seeing him and once again thanked him for saving his son’s life.

After the monarch took his seat, Li Qiye slowly asked: “What news did Yexue send you here for?”

“Dear Young Noble, the princess told me to tell you that our Alchemy Ancestor has come into being.” The Observant Monarch spoke carefully.

Although he didn’t know the details of this matter, he could guess a thing or two. He also knew — very clearly — that something big was going on.

“I got it.” Li Qiye smirked. An ancestor coming into being was within his expectations. Now, Ming Yexue’s news confirmed his speculation.

“The princess also told me to remind Young Noble to be very careful in the upcoming days.” The monarch spoke: “Especially of Ye Qingcheng’s people, to avoid falling into a trap.”

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