Chapter 741: Cloud Soaring Venerable’s Scheme

Chapter 741: Cloud Soaring Venerable’s Scheme

Inside a divine pavilion in Alchemy City, the White Hair Alchemy God could be found seated on an elegant chair. At this time, the body of the Devil Hand Sacred Doctor was carried forward and placed in the middle of the hall.

The alchemist had an oppressive aura while seated in his chair, making him seem as if he was a God-Monarch standing arrogantly above the nine worlds, especially with his white cloak and hair as black as jade — this was a true crane among a flock of chickens.

This arrogant demeanor was not just for show, it was due to his absolute confidence!

The alchemist got up and took a look at the doctor’s body, then he looked at the disciple in front of him and raised his voice: “What happened?”

“Dear Big Brother, this is all because of that human brat named Li Qiye.” The disciple quickly said: “Li Qiye purposely planned a trap against Brother Devil Hand so that he would die miserably from the poisonous creature.”

Having said that, the disciple embellished the matters back at the Observant Monarch’s mansion. Of course, he placed the blame on Li Qiye and talked about how Li Qiye tricked the doctor as well as distracting him with baits. Eventually, the doctor was killed by the poisonous creature.

In short, to sum up a thousand words in one sentence, the death of the doctor was Li Qiye’s fault. If it wasn’t for Li Qiye distracting the doctor, he wouldn’t have died.

“Li Qiye!” After hearing the summary, the alchemist’s eyes became fierce; he was still oppressive, but not angry. He coldly commanded: “Go tell Li Qiye that I demand an explanation. Otherwise, he shall suffer the consequences!”

“I understand!” The disciple crazily rejoiced. Until now, their Bailian Clan had always been respected by the sects in this world, especially after their First Brother, the White Hair Alchemy God, was able to refine peerless longevity medicines. Their clan then obtained a very prestigious status. Even ancestor level characters had to give their clan face!

It could be said that they could do as they pleased while walking around in this world. So today, they must properly take care of Li Qiye!


After entering the Alchemy Realm, Cao Guoyao didn’t go to the main hall where the kingdom was receiving the participants. A powerful noble from the kingdom could be found preparing a quiet mansion for his stay.

Two days hadn’t yet passed after he settled before a guest came to visit him. In fact, he always had guests visiting him to the point where the mansion was quite crowded during the day. Ordinary guests were denied at the door; however, this guest was a bit special, so he had to personally go and meet them.

“Cloud Soaring Venerable, if you are here to lobby me, then forget it.” After seeing the venerable, Cao Guoyao coldly said: “Only other people work for my State of Cao, we will not be working under someone. If Young Noble Ye wants to be my friend, then I will be more than happy to have a friend like him. However, if he wants me to refine pills for him, then it is off the table. I am not anyone’s alchemist!”

There were very few people who weren’t considerate of Ye Qingcheng’s needs, but Cao Guoyao had the power to do so.

“Brother Cao is joking.” The venerable smilingly said: “Our Young Noble, of course, is your friend. It is our Young Noble’s honor to have a friend like you.”

“That is for the best.” At this time, Cao Guoyao’s expression eased as he said: “Although Ye Qingcheng wants to command the world, I will not join him. Friendship is fine, and occasionally, I can refine one or two batches for him, but to be his personal alchemist is out of the question!”

The venerable said with a smile: “Brother Cao misunderstood. Our Young Noble wants to have a relationship as equals with Brother Cao. If our Young Noble becomes the Immortal Emperor one day, then Brother Cao would be a Monarch standing side by side with him. Only Brother Cao is qualified to stand next to my Young Noble at the peak and look down on the nine worlds.”

The venerable indeed could spew out lotus flowers. Who wouldn’t want to listen to flattery of such a level?

After hearing this, Cao Guoyao’s mood became very good; he smiled and said: “If Brother Cloud Soaring isn’t here to recruit me… don’t tell me this is just a visit? You have never been one to come without a purpose.”

Cao Guoyao was very proud. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to talk to him, but the venerable was eloquent and was able to make Cao Guoyao happy immediately.

“Brother Cao wronged me just now. I actually had been wanting to visit your State of Cao for a very long time now. Spirit medicines are aplenty and rich worldly energy is everywhere — who wouldn’t want to stay in such a great country? Brother Cao might not know, but I work for my Young Noble day and night while carrying out countless errands each day. My legs are about to break from traveling from north to south.” The venerable quickly cried out his grievances.

Suddenly, his relationship with Cao Guoyao became a lot closer due to this casual conversation.

Cao Guoyao said with a smile: “Well, Brother Cloud Soaring, don’t make fun of me. If you have any important reason for this visit, just say it.”

The venerable quickly said: “Brother Cao, I came this time not for anything else, but the alchemy conference.”

“Alchemy conference? There is nothing to talk about then.” Cao Guoyao said with confidence: “Outside of the white hair brat, I don’t care for other people. Only that brat is qualified to compete for first place against me!”

The venerable quickly responded: “Brother Cao, do not take things lightly. There is someone else that you certainly shouldn’t ignore, he is definitely a strong opponent.”

“Who might that be?” Cao Guoyao said: “I’d like to see what kind of man can be a threat to me.”

“Li Qiye, an alchemist employed by the Giant Bamboo Country. He is definitely a threat to Brother Cao.” The venerable said.

Cao Guoyao didn’t take this seriously and said: “It is that Li Qiye who can refine pills like stir-frying vegetables, right? Hah, those are just rumors, they can’t be trusted. Refining pills like stir-frying? Only Alchemy Emperors are able to do so. Even Legendary Alchemists can't accomplish such a feat!”

The venerable said: “Brother Cao, it is better to believe than to not. I have carefully analyzed the information from various parties, and after a lot of scrutinizing, I feel that there is a strong possibility that it is true. Moreover, I also have a bold conjecture.”

“I’m listening.” Cao Guoyao noticed the venerable’s solemn expression and became earnest as well.

The venerable spoke with a serious demeanor: “Brother Cao, think about it. If, say, this Li Qiye has no background, an ordinary alchemist with no sect, if he could reach such a level… Okay, we’ll take a step back and say that this is an exaggeration, but many people have said that his pill refinement skill is amazing. This is enough to show that he is indeed capable.”

“Refining pills like stir-frying is impossible. If it is like you say and this Li Qiye really is that great, then I actually want to meet him.” Cao Guoyao grew eager after hearing this.

The venerable replied: “I’m afraid it is far from just so. From different aspects of my analysis and personal deliberation, my bold speculation is that this Li Qiye definitely obtained the legacy of a great Alchemy Emperor. He is versed in longevity medicines, fate pills, and even medicinal arts! Therefore, a young alchemist with no sect simply cannot reach this level! The only explanation is that he had obtained the legacy of an emperor. Moreover, it might be an extraordinary emperor at that.”

At this point, the venerable put on his most austere look and said: “I have an even bolder thought. Perhaps, this Li Qiye obtained the legacy of the legendary Alchemy God!”

“The Alchemy God’s legacy?” Cao Guoyao shook his head and said: “That is absolutely impossible. The Alchemy God’s legacy has been lost for millions of years. Countless people have searched for it across the nine words yet found no clues! As for it being an Alchemy Emperor’s legacy... this is unlikely as well.”

“Why does Brother Cao say that?” The venerable asked.

Cao Guoyao answered: “If, say, Li Qiye obtained an Alchemy Emperor’s legacy, then I should be informed of this. Our State of Cao knows all the legacies from the best Alchemy Emperors in this world. Several known legacies, right now, have great ties with us as well, so if one of them found such an excellent disciple, then it is impossible that I would be unaware of this.”

“That may not be the case.” The venerable replied: “The years are long, so who knows whether an Alchemy Emperor had lost a manual or left another legacy. There have been so many Alchemy Emperors since the start of time within the nine worlds that perhaps Li Qiye had a great fortune and obtained one of their legacies.”

“If this Li Qiye is truly that amazing, then perhaps it is just like what Brother Cloud Soaring is saying; he might have truly obtained a legacy with great luck.” Cao Guoyao thought about it and felt that this conjecture was plausible.

“The key is that this Li Qiye is also adept at longevity medicines.” The venerable said: “This alchemist has no background and is only working for the Giant Bamboo Country. This country is only a first-rate sect that’s reaching its end, a sect that cannot reach the apex.”

“What do you mean?” Cao Guoyao’s eyes became serious as he stared at the venerable.

“I know that Brother Cao has always wanted to compete with the white hair alchemist.” The venerable said: “But Brother Cao should know that longevity medicines are not your forte. However, what if you were able to obtain the longevity manual of the Alchemy Emperor level? If this manual could improve your weakness...”

“... Think about it, if your longevity medicine ability can also compare to the white hair alchemist, then at that time, not only would the younger generation want to please you, even ancestors of the great powers would want to make contributions to your cause.” The venerable’s words aimed to delude the alchemist.

He continued on: “Once you can pressure the white hair alchemist, how many people in this world would move at your beck and call? Once you become an Alchemy Emperor versed in both fate pills and longevity medicines, even an Immortal Emperor would ask you for favors.”

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