Chapter 737: Peerless Medicinal Skill

Chapter 737: Peerless Medicinal Skill

“Ahh…” The young man’s pitiful scream echoed all the way to the blue sky. His body was about to twist in half, starting with his spine. His entire body was in an agonizing pain.

Although his true fate was stained by the poison, he still had some reason and shrilly exclaimed: “Father, send me off!”

“No, my son, you have to hold on!” The monarch was distraught and quickly said: “I will find someone to cure this poison.”

“Senior, someone capable is right in front of you, why do you still want to search?” The kind Yuan Caihe saw the young man no longer wanting to live from the pain, so she reminded the monarch.

The monarch lifted his head to look at Yuan Caihe. After a split second, he immediately understood who she was referring to. He quickly stood up and cupped his hands towards Li Qiye: “Young Noble Li, this little monarch has eyes but might as well be blind. I offended you earlier, please forgive me. As long as Young Noble can save my son, you can strike or kill me if you like.”

“Monarch said too much.” Li Qiye gently shook his head and said: “I have no grievance against you, so why would I want to hit or kill you? Besides, curing is not my area of expertise.”

The monarch was at a loss after hearing this, but he had no other plan at this moment. He couldn’t help but send a glance towards Yuan Caihe as a call for help.

Ultimately, she was too kind. She gently asked Li Qiye: “Big Brother, you have a kind heart, so save the young monarch.”

“Caihe’s words are wrong. I have never had a kind heart, I am someone who kills without batting an eye.” Li Qiye shook his head and smiled. He gently stroke her hair and continued: “However, since you asked, how could I not help him?”

“I knew that Big Brother will not let someone die without helping.” Yuan Caihe smiled softly. Although her smile was not kingdom-toppling, her gentle and tranquil temperament was so beautiful that it made her seem as if she could resolve everything.

Li Qiye stepped forward and took a fang out from the young man’s wound. He threw it on the ground and lightly said: “It is true that he was ambushed by a Devil Pondleech. Its poison can indeed be fatal, but this is not the most deadly part of this matter. In fact, he will not die right now despite the vicious poison of the leech.”

“Why is that?” The monarch had to ask: “If its poison can’t kill my son, then why is he in such pain right now?”

“Normally, this poison definitely can kill him, but right now there is something inside of him that does not wish for his death.” Li Qiye answered: “It wants to use your son’s body as a breeding ground, as a host! Even if the leech’s poison is rampaging throughout his body, that thing will still let him live on.”

“What, what is it?” The monarch felt creeped out after hearing this. He could already imagine his son’s agony if he had to live like this from now on.

“It is a Leech Maggot.” Li Qiye said: “An extremely rare parasitic monster, even rarer than the Devil Pondleech. Normally, it will live inside the Devil Pondleech’s poisonous fangs and feed on the toxin there. However, when the maggot wants to lay eggs, it will control the pondleech to attack prey!”

“And this prey has to be a powerful creature. For example, a strong cultivator, a longevity spirit, or a heavenly beast!” Li Qiye continued: “This is because the maggot requires both the poison of the leech and the essence of the powerful prey to hatch its eggs! After the leech attacks, the maggot will instantly push all the poison from the leech’s fangs into the prey and climb inside as well. Because of this, after the venom runs out, the fang will also fall out, stuck in the prey’s body!”

Here, Li Qiye glanced at the fang on the ground and said: “Very few pondleeches carry this type of parasite. Only a quack would think that the fatal wound came from the leech’s poison. In fact, even without curing this particular toxin, the maggot will eventually devour it completely. After it finishes absorbing this toxin and the new host’s vitality, the egg can hatch at any time, and that moment will signal the demise of the host!”

“Of course, before the end, the host will definitely suffer the most painful experience in their life and will wish for death!” Li Qiye said: “Therefore, after being marked by this particular maggot, many hosts choose to end their lives early.”

After listening to Li Qiye, the monarch felt creeps running down his spine. This parasite’s method of murder was simply too horrifying! The knowledgeable monarch had waded through countless storms and had broad horizons, but he had never heard of this Leech Maggot before.

“How do we help him right now then?” The monarch anxiously said: “Do we need to open his chest to reach his palace, or do we completely cleanse his flesh? If Young Noble can cleanse the poison in his true fate, then my son can let go of his physical body! As long as the true fate is fine, I can help him rebuild his body.”

“There is no need to be so serious and open his chest and palace.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Those are just the practices of quacks. A real alchemist would use their own heavenly cauldron — this is their most important tool. A monster like this Leech Maggot isn’t really that ferocious and can be easily dealt with. If we have to open his palace just to deal with this maggot, then once we meet a true poisonous fiend, would we have to destroy his true fate as well?”

The monarch quickly prostrated to the ground and voiced his request: “Young Noble, please save my son, this little monarch will be forever grateful…”

Li Qiye lightly said: “Please stand up. Caihe had asked me, so I will save his life.”

Having said that, he summoned the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron and assumed control. One could only see strands of cauldron flames falling into Li Qiye’s hand. He then placed his hand on the young man’s chest. It was as if these fiery strands had their own consciousness as they delved into the young man’s body!

In the blink of an eye, the young man’s body was lit up like a transparent lantern. Under the illumination of the fiery strands, one could easily see everything inside, including his muscles and bones.

Although the fire had invaded the young man, it didn’t hurt him in the slightest. The strands entered his body in such a natural and unbelievable manner.

“This, this can’t be real!” Many alchemists present were astounded by the scene unraveling before their eyes since they couldn’t fathom this reality.

Everyone knew that the fire source of a cauldron was formed after devouring many different species of fire. Each cauldron fire was different, but one thing was certain: to be able to refine pills, their power had to be absolutely amazing.

But at this second, Li Qiye was able to control the flame and made it enter the body of a living person without damaging them at all. This was extremely fantastical and shouldn’t be possible in real life.

Even the young alchemists who were annoyed with Li Qiye were left dumbfounded and reckoned that this mastery of fire was unique in this world.

After seeing this, the Cauldron Marquis’ expression became very unsightly. Outside of shock, he was also extremely jealous. He was called the Cauldron Marquis because he was adept at controlling his cauldron, but he simply didn’t know a technique like Li Qiye’s. Even if he was to be taught, he wouldn’t be able to replicate this level of skill. This was indeed the highest level of cauldron control!

Under the light of the fiery strands, the Leech Maggot in the young man’s body was finally exposed. It was hiding in a corner of the body. After being illuminated by the fire, it let out a ferocious scream. Even though it was as thin as a strand of silk, it was still very creepy-looking.

In an instant after detecting the maggot, the fiery strands near it turned into universal laws. These strands instantly locked the maggot. Everyone could hear a clanking sound as the maggot was pulled out of the young man’s body by the fire.

“Xshhhh…” The maggot frantically struggled to escape the fiery strands with its astonishing speed. Many people quivered after seeing the ferocity of this maggot that was as thin as a strand of hair. They could already imagine how terrible it would be if this maggot was inside their own body.

“Boom!” In this moment, the fiery strands locking the maggot turned into the most overbearing flame in this world. With a little sizzle, it instantly incinerated this maggot, leaving behind nothing but ashes.

After seeing the removal of the maggot, the monarch took a deep sigh of relief. However, he couldn’t help but ask after seeing the poisonous air that still remained: “Young Noble Li, what about the poison of the leech inside my son?”

“This is even simpler.” Li Qiye controlled the cauldron and smiled before fueling the fire once more.

The remaining fiery strands inside the young man’s body ignited again. In the blink of an eye, his body caught on fire as if it was being cremated.

Out of fear for his son’s safety, the monarch had to ask: “Young Noble, will my son be okay?”

Li Qiye calmly replied: “Don’t worry, this is only burning the poison. He won’t be harmed in the slightest.”

Within the burning fire, the young man’s body began to emit green smoke. Plumes of green smoke came out and eventually dispersed. After a while, it completely dissipated.

Afterward, these fiery strands receded from his body like a tide. The young man’s vitality seemed to be restored as his face became pink again.

Li Qiye recalled the cauldron and said: “Good, it’s now up to you. The wound on his chest can be cured by your kingdom’s Soulrending Immortal Powder.”

After seeing his son’s complexion brightening up after the poison went away, the monarch rejoiced and shouted: “Quick, go get the powder and apply it on your First Brother.”

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