Chapter 736: Devil Pondleech

Chapter 736: Devil Pondleech

The monarch gritted his teeth and said: “Very well, if Virtuous Nephew can save my son, then my Wish Scepter will be yours!”

In order to save his son, the monarch had to give up his treasure. Although there were ancestors from the kingdom that could cure this poison, they were all buried underground. He couldn’t just meet them as he pleased. Even if an ancestor was willing to save his son, the delay might adversely affect the treatment.

“If Monarch is willing to trade the Wish Scepter for his life, then everything will be easy.” The sacred doctor said: “The Devil Pondleech’s poison affinity is Yin, and luckily, I also have the ashes of Heartspark Grass to stabilize the toxin and prevent it from spreading.”

Having said that, he took out a small box that contained ashes. People could sense a wave of heat assaulting their faces. It was apparent just how powerful the Yang affinity of this particular grass was.

All the alchemists watched the sacred doctor with bated breaths. Everyone knew that his medical skill was unmatched in this world, so they wanted to see him in action just once.

“This is the wrong approach.” When the sacred doctor wanted to apply the ashes of Heartspark Grass on the young man’s chest, a leisurely and calm voice appeared.

The doctor looked back; the speaker was, of course, Li Qiye whom he was especially annoyed with!

Li Qiye and the two ladies were about to leave, but they stopped after seeing the gravely wounded son of the monarch being carried in.

The always-arrogant doctor was proud of his medical ability. Although his conditions were very harsh, he had indeed saved many people near death. Many injuries that rendered even bigger sects helpless were healed by him. Thus, the sacred doctor never allowed people to question his art. Moreover, he already hated Li Qiye from the start, so after hearing his words, the doctor immediately coldly spoke: “Ignorant brat, what do you know! Don’t spew nonsense if you don’t understand medicine. Don’t think that just because of your trivial pill refinement skill that you truly understand the dao of alchemy! When it comes to the art of healing, you are not even comparable to a fart!”

Due to the existing enmity and Li Qiye questioning his skill, he immediately spared no face in his retort. In fact, he had never given anyone face before.

“Is that so?” Surprisingly, Li Qiye did not become angry like usual. He only revealed a smirk while saying: “Since you are so versed in medicine, I want to hear your opinion.”

The doctor smiled sarcastically before harshly responding: “Since a cricket like you wants to learn, then I’ll teach you a thing or two! Fairy Yuan is also an alchemy genius, so she must understand medicology as well. The leech’s poison is Yin; it’s ferocious and spreads extremely quickly. Because of this, I will use the ashes of Heartspark Grass to stabilize the toxicity. This grass is of the Yang affinity — a great recovery tool. I used Samadhi True Fire to burn it into ashes, so its Yang affinity became even higher...

“It is extremely appropriate to combat the cold Yin poison with the ashes of this grass. After the toxicity level is reduced, I will open the injured person’s chest and use my exclusive technique to seal his true fate and flesh and force the poison out of the wound. When there is no poison leftover inside his body, I will use another unique strand of detoxifying sacred medicine to destroy any remnants…”

The doctor laughed proudly at this point before continuing with great hubris: “Many people think that a sacred detoxifying medicine would be able to cure all toxins, but this is not the case. Once a ferocious poison infiltrates the body, it won't just spread throughout the physical self, it will also harm the true fate! Only by gathering the poison in one place through meticulous examination then using medicine to dissolve it would no problems be left behind — this is the best method!”

“For this method, outside of using a profound saber art to open the chest, it would require my secret poison removing art. As for the detoxifying medicine, of course it is the best. Only I, the Devil Hand Sacred Doctor, know all three of these things in the contemporary times!” The doctor was elated as he looked at Yuan Caihe with his head high and chest out.

He was usually not a talkative person, but when it came to medicine, he could go on and on. Moreover, he wanted to show off to Yuan Caihe, so he deliberately flaunted his skill.

“I have little knowledge regarding actual medicinal applications...” Yuan Caihe contemplated for a moment before tilting her head and saying: “In theory, this method should work.”

“It is just theoretical.” Li Qiye smiled while shaking his head to say: “If you try to do this, I’m afraid that not only will you kill the injured, your own life will be forfeited as well.”

“How ignorant!” The doctor shouted: “I could easily cure an even more ferocious poison! Even the most soul-ending poison in the Alchemy Realm would be no problem, let alone this Devil Pondleech! If you don’t understand medicine, then don’t stand here and spout frightening words to scare people!”

“Someone like you wants to speak of medicine with Brother Sacred Doctor?” At this time, the marquis helped out the doctor. How could he miss this chance of kicking someone who was already down? He sneered: “Brother Sacred Doctor’s medicinal ability is unmatched in this world. You’re just a junior yet you still dare to comment on his ability now of all times?! How pitifully ignorant! Regarding the way of medicines, you are not even worthy of holding his shoes!”

No matter what, he would obtain vengeance for the Crystallized Sea Sect. Even if he couldn’t kill Li Qiye right now, he would still do his best to humiliate him!

“Marquis is right.” Another young alchemist wouldn’t miss this opportunity for flattery and sneered: “A few ignorant people want to boast and debate medicine with the sacred doctor, but this is simply teaching a fish how to swim!”

It was rare for such a good opportunity to arise, so the sacred doctor just had to show his matchless medicinal skill before Yuan Caihe and humiliate Li Qiye. Thus, he snorted and told the monarch: “Monarch, when I am detoxifying the poison, I need complete concentration. If some dumb things buzz around my ear, I won’t be able to focus. If a mistake happens, then I won’t be able to guarantee anything. If Monarch wants your Young Noble to recover, then please tell these stupid things to shut up for me!”

This was his favorite thing to do, putting on an imposing and aggressive attitude to shame others.

The Observant Monarch was powerless. His son’s life was in the sacred doctor’s hands, so he quickly cupped his fists towards Li Qiye and said: “Young Noble Li, harmony is to be treasured… Let’s take a step back and bask in the immensity of the heaven and earth, please don’t argue any longer.”

Li Qiye stared at the monarch and only gently shook his head to say: “If Monarch is so sure, then I won’t say anything else.”

The sacred doctor snorted and arrogantly said: “Monarch, don’t worry. I will save your son in no time at all.”

With that, he slowly placed the ashes on the young man’s chest wound.

“Szzzz…” The moment the ashes fell on the wound, it began to dissolve the toxin. The black energy that was initially coming from the wound turned into a green smoke.

“It’s working. The sacred doctor’s skill is truly unmatched in this world and worthy of his reputation. Only a few ignorant fools would question him!” After seeing this scene, a young alchemist exclaimed in amazement.

The doctor was basking in this glory. He smiled proudly with utmost confidence in his medicinal skill. Even if his pill refining ability was not as great as his senior brother, the White Hair Alchemy God, no one in the current era could compare to his medicinal skill!

“Ah?” However, the doctor’s expression suddenly froze. In the blink of an eye, a black ray flashed by at an unbelievable speed. Even an expert like the Observant Monarch could only see its shadow and couldn’t make out what it actually was.

At this time, the doctor still wore a gloating smile, but a small hole had been drilled into his forehead. A tiny strand of blood dripped down from it as his body tensed up before falling to the ground.

This development came too quickly. Many people had yet to calm down, and once they did, nearly all of them quickly retreated and maintained their distance. No one dared to come close.

Even the monarch was aghast and exclaimed: “What happened!” He gasped after seeing the doctor on the ground. Even a Heaven’s Equal King like him didn’t know what killed the doctor by drilling the very small hole on his forehead.

“Oh god…” An alchemist couldn’t contain his scream of horror. He was pale with trembling legs.

As a genius alchemist, Yuan Caihe instantly realized something and said with surprise: “There is something in his body!”

“Ahh…” The young man lying there bellowed. His body tensed up again as if it was about to snap in half. One could hear the sounds of bones grinding together, seemingly on the verge of breaking. The young man rolled back and forth, writhing with pain!

“My son!” The monarch was horrified. He immediately used his power to the seal the young man’s body to relieve his pain! However, the effect was not clear.

“You didn’t listen to me, so you have to suffer like this.” Li Qiye looked at the doctor on the ground and said dismissively: “You can only blame your lack of skill for your death, but now you are also bringing someone else down with you. What a sin.”

Everyone present felt a chill. No one knew how the doctor died or what the thing inside the young man’s body was!

[spoiler title='736 Teaser']Bao: Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Doctor The Wise?

Reader: No.

Bao: I thought not. It’s not a story Shanks would tell you. It’s an emperor’s legend. Darth Doctor was a Sacred Doctor of the Bailian Clan, so powerful and so wise that he could use alchemy to influence the author into saving people…

Reader: He could actually save people from death?

Bao: The restorative side of the dao of alchemy is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

Reader: What happened to him?

Bao: He became so powerful that… the only thing he was afraid of was crossing the main character, which he eventually did, of course. Unfortunately, he acted as arrogantly as he could before this person, then this person xxx. Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.

Reader: Is it possible to learn this power?

Bao: Not if you are someone who reads Shanks’ translations.[/spoiler]

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