Chapter 733: Observant Mansion

Chapter 733: Observant Mansion

“Right, right. How could the marquis have heard of such a nobody?” Another young alchemist quickly buttered up to the monarch.

A simple and honest person always lacked a sense of social awareness even though they didn’t really want to leave the marquis with no face. This simple alchemist couldn’t hold it in and blurted: “I heard this Li Qiye’s fate pills were unbelievable. They all had a near golden tint, pretty to the point of perfection. Marquis, you need to be careful and be sure to beat this Li Qiye!”

The marquis almost vomited blood from anger after hearing this simple alchemist’s words. He didn’t want to bring up Li Qiye since him murdering so many Radiant-Sea members was a huge humiliation. Now, this simple alchemist just had to bring up Li Qiye of all people, causing the marquis to feel quite annoyed.

“Idiot, how could you trust such rumors?” The sacred doctor sneered and shouted at this simple alchemist: “Refining pills like cooking is not possible for even a Legendary Alchemist, let alone a human brat! Hmph, this Li Qiye, he only has a good Heavenly Cauldron. The people there didn’t understand the matter so they considered him a god or something. They are just false rumors.”

The simple alchemist felt indignant after this retort and said: “Everyone said it. I even heard that this Li Qiye didn’t only have an untouchable dao of alchemy, he also has an invincible cultivation. Someone said that he defeated many experts, including an ancestor from the Huangfu Clan!”

After saying this, he couldn’t help but glance at the marquis. He actually wanted to say that even the Radiant-Sea Alchemy Saint was killed by Li Qiye, but he managed to hold back this piece of information.

The marquis was about to vomit blood. If it wasn’t for the alchemist’s truly honest appearance, then he would have thought that this alchemist was deliberately provoking him. This fool had no sense of propriety! If this wasn’t the Observant Mansion, he would have kicked this fool flying away already!

“What the hell are you saying?” A smarter alchemist noticed the marquis’ sour mood and immediately denounced the simple alchemist: “Li Qiye is shit! So what if he defeated the Huangfu Ancestor? Those are only egotistical rumors. The ancestor is an invincible paragon, so how could Li Qiye kill him? Bah, how can you even say such shameless words?”

“This Li guy daring to act all arrogant at Allpine Mountain was simply due to the fact that he was holding onto the mountain’s legs. The Huangfu Ancestor was defeated by the Allpine Treefather! Hmph, for a junior like Li Qiye, not to mention the ancestor, any expert could easily crush him into pieces!”

In order to help the Crystallized Sea Sect and befriend the marquis, this young alchemist tried his best to debase Li Qiye as if he was not worth a single coin just to make the marquis happy.

“He’s just scum borrowing someone else’s prestige to look good — not worth mentioning.” The marquis felt better after hearing the smart alchemist’s statement.

“But these aren’t my words.” The simple-minded alchemist must have been all muscles. After being scolded by the sacred doctor and now a different alchemist, he felt very indignant and said: “Others said it, I’m only repeating what I heard. This Li Qiye apparently is comparable to the four alchemy prodigies while his cultivation is comparable to the celestial being and the Imperial Edge.”

The marquis couldn’t help but shake with anger. He was helpless when it came to encountering such a stupid fool. His mood was quickly improved only to be ruined again with just one stupid sentence!

“Zhong Xian, you idiot, get the hell out of here!” The smart alchemist was also shaking with anger because of the simple alchemist. It wasn’t easy for him to curry some favor, but this idiot ruined all of his efforts.

He pointed at the simple alchemist and scolded: “Li Qiye is nothing! How can he be qualified to compare to the four prodigies, the celestial being, and the Imperial Edge?! Bah, he better take another look at himself in a mirror! He’s only scum that knows how to praise himself and use other people… Only an idiot like you, Zhong Xian, can be around him!”

The alchemist named Zhong Xian was full of grievances and said: “But, but, these aren’t my words…”

“First, I am not nothing, I am a human.” At this time, a leisurely voice appeared and continued on: “Second, this celestial being and Imperial Edge are not worthy of being compared to me; doing so would be praising them too much. Third, if you and I have some grievances, then I can understand why you are defaming me. However, defaming me just to suck up to someone else... Should I throw you out or just kill you on the spot?!”

Two people leisurely came in from the door and walked to the party’s courtyard. The leading man was Li Qiye with Madam Zi Yan right behind him.

“Li Qiye…” Many people stood up upon sighting him. A few young alchemists from the Alchemy Realm inwardly shuddered because right behind him was Madam Zi Yan, the Demon King of a country! Her status and position were far above many in the younger generation.

Even a genius alchemist would be extremely afraid of a Heavenly King. The madam also enjoyed a great reputation among the younger generation of this realm.

Li Qiye came forward to look at the smart alchemist before idly saying: “Today, my mood can be considered decent. Although you spoke behind my back, I will not dwell on it. Slap your face three times and consider that as your punishment.”

The smart alchemist couldn’t help but take several steps back and hide behind the Cauldron Marquis. He, of course, couldn’t slap himself in front of everyone. Otherwise, how could he show himself anywhere in the future?

“You are Li Qiye, right?!” The marquis stepped forward and coldly leered at Li Qiye: “This isn’t a place for you to act so presumptuously!”

Li Qiye met his leer and said: “I can act presumptuously wherever I want. It seems that your Crystallized Sea Sect still hasn’t learned its lesson. After so many deaths, it still dares to step up for someone else, how courageous.”

“Bold words.” The sacred doctor found Li Qiye unpleasant as well. Although he had no feud with Li Qiye, an arrogant person like him held everyone in disdain. He couldn’t stand Li Qiye’s arrogant attitude, so he sneered: “You are only relying on others. If the treefather wasn’t your backer, you wouldn’t be able to do shit! You really think this place is Allpine Mountain? Wrong! This is the Alchemy Kingdom, and here is Alchemy City, the Observant Mansion! Be smart and scram lest you humiliate yourself!”

Although news of Li Qiye killing the Alchemy Saint and the elders of the ravine had spread, Li Qiye had never personally taken action. Many people assumed that it was not his doing, but the treefather’s instead. They all thought that the treefather secretly lent Li Qiye a hand.

“That’s right, the Observant Mansion does not welcome a ruthless, shameless wretch like you. The Stone Medicine World’s dao of alchemy will not allow scum like you to stain it! Alchemists gather here to discuss alchemy; a person who wants to kill so impulsively like you shouldn’t stay here and ruin the atmosphere. Get the hell out of here, now!” The smart alchemist hiding behind the marquis quickly fanned the flames.

He was naturally afraid. It wasn’t necessarily because of Li Qiye, but the madam standing next to Li Qiye caused his legs to lose strength.

“Ruthless, shameless wretch.” Li Qiye did not become angry. He stroked his chin and leisurely smiled to say: “It seems that if I don’t kill a few people, I won’t be worthy of an adjective like ruthless.” Having said that, he walked towards the smart alchemist.

“You think this is a place where you can be violent?” The marquis blocked Li Qiye’s path and said: “Brother Jin, although I am only a guest at the mansion, I’m sure the mansion will not blame us if we teach this brute a lesson!”

At this moment, a young man with an intrepid aura led a group of experts to the scene and immediately separated Li Qiye’s group from the marquis. This imposing youth was the Brother Jin referred to by the marquis and also a disciple of the Observant Monarch.

While the mansion welcomed all alchemists as guests, there were always experts present at any time to stop all troublemakers to avoid problems.

And so, the youth stopped Li Qiye and coldly said: “Please go back! Our mansion does not welcome you as a guest!”

Li Qiye casually inquired: “Oh? Isn’t your Observant Mansion very hospitable with its door always open to alchemists?”

“That depends on the person!” This disciple had a good relationship with the Cauldron Marquis. He not only prevented Li Qiye from causing trouble at the venue, he coldly added to it to win some face for the marquis: “We welcome alchemists, but you are not part of this group!”

“That’s right, if any random dog on the street could enter this mansion, then its reputation would be ruined.” The cowering alchemist behind the marquis quipped.

Right now, with the marquis’ protection and the mansion as his backing, he grew bolder and said: “A junior like you who only relies on others is not qualified to be a guest at the monarch’s mansion! Be smart and scram!”

“So noisy.” Before Li Qiye could respond, the madam stepped in and took action. “Pop!” This smart alchemist was slapped flying out of the mansion by the madam. With so much blood spurting everywhere, no one knew if he was dead or alive.

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