Chapter 730: The Prelude To The Conference

Chapter 730: The Prelude To The Conference

The alchemy conference was one of the biggest events in the Stone Medicine World. It took place once every few decades. Moreover, it was jointly held by many imperial lineages, and the venue would change each time.

This time, the conference was being held in the Alchemy Kingdom. This place was even more grand compared to other lineages. All the alchemists here were especially enthusiastic.

This was understandable because the Alchemy Kingdom was praised as the lineage with the best and richest alchemy arts in this world! To be able to participate in this conference was a great honor.

Only youths could participate since if the previous generation could join in as well, the youths wouldn’t be able to shine. There were not too many restrictions and rules. Even a capable vagabond on the dao of alchemy would be invited for the event.

Of course, there were many lineages that would invite young alchemists if they didn’t have anyone to represent them for this conference.

For these young participants, if they were capable enough, then they wouldn’t only win the prizes of the conference, they would also be able to win great fame.

Those with high potential that came from small sects, if they were from one in the first place, could win the love of even imperial lineage with a great showing at the conference. Perhaps in just one day, they would be able to jump the dragon gate and join an imperial lineage.

Because of this reason, young alchemists would come running for each conference. They would do their best, hoping to earn the spotlight in this event.

This particular conference was much more exciting than the previous ones because the competition was much fiercer. In these last several days, Alchemy City became very lively since alchemists from all over the world entered the perimeter and received the kingdom’s reception.

Most of them were very young; some were extremely famous as well. There were a few of them who were dubbed as genius alchemists.

It created a very majestic spectacle, causing the normally serene city to become very lively. Usually, even the small amounts of cultivators traveling to the city would not dare to break the serene atmosphere or disturb the imperial family.

But now, people came and went with all kinds of forms of travel. Some rode their horses, others their big flying tree branches. One even sat on a huge flying leaf…

All types of people came, including humans. However, humans were very rare in the Stone Medicine World. The majority of the arrivals were demons and golems.

Within these last couple of days, both the residents and new alchemists talked about the alchemy conference. Some talked about the young participants, especially those with great fame.

The four alchemy prodigies garnered the most attention. They were the role models of the younger generation. Some even called them candidates for the next Alchemy Emperor!

The four prodigies were the Serene Garden’s Yuan Caihe, the Bailian Clan’s White Hair Alchemy God, the State of Cao’s Cao Guoyao, and the Alchemy Kingdom’s Mu Qiao!

They were the hottest topics in town as many people talked about the four of them.

The first among them to come was Yuan Caihe! Although she kept a very low profile during her stay, the more informed people still found out right away, causing quite a stir.

“Fairy Yuan is also here to participate in the conference?” People loudly discussed after the news of her presence was spread.

“I heard that Fairy Yuan didn’t come to participate this time, she was invited by the Observant Monarch to cure one of his divine roots.” A well-informed person immediately revealed why Yuan Caihe came to the city.

“Ah, the fairy not participating in the conference is truly a big loss. It will be less colorful now.” Many sighed with regret.

Yuan Caihe’s dao of alchemy was well-known in this world. Her cultivation of grasses was peerless in this world. Some even said that she had surpassed the current master of the Serene Garden.

Her gentle and kind nature was famous as well. As one of the four prodigies, she was the humblest and most respected of the bunch.

Numerous lineages in this world invited her to cure their divine trees and great medicines. Moreover, she assisted quite a few sects. Because of this, her absence at the conference was duly missed by many alchemists, especially the younger crowd.

“I heard the Alchemy Kingdom’s Mu Qiao will not be participating in this conference either. Among the four, only White Hair Alchemy God and Cao Guoyao are participating.” A cultivator found out some news and told his friends.

Mu Qiao was the alchemy prodigy of the kingdom, but since the kingdom was the host of this conference, he was not participating to avoid arousing suspicions.

In fact, since the kingdom’s prestige regarding the dao of alchemy was already renowned, the honor of winning this conference didn’t really matter to them.

“Since Fairy Yuan and Mu Qian are not participating this time, it seems that our Alchemy Realm has no hopes of winning the title. Hmm, maybe even entering the top three will be difficult.” A cultivator from the Alchemy Realm couldn’t help but lament.

The younger crowd from the Alchemy Realm was quite sad since Yuan Caihe and Mu Qiao were not participating. Until now, the dao of alchemy of the Alchemy Realm far exceeded the Beast Realm and the Stone Realm.

It could even be said that the Alchemy Realm produced many more alchemists — including Alchemy Emperors — compared to the other two realms. But now, their two strongest young alchemists were not participating. This meant that the Alchemy Realm had no chance of claiming number one this time. There was a chance that they wouldn’t even place in the top three.

“Maybe the Crystallized Sea Sect’s Cauldron Marquis has a chance of getting into the top three.” The alchemists from this realm couldn’t help but bring up another genius.

“Indeed, I heard the Cauldron Marquis is already very formidable with his alchemy dao and is only a bit weaker than the four prodigies. More importantly, his cauldron control skill is superb. His physique paste, ointment, longevity medicine, and fate pill creation skills are very balanced unlike the four prodigies who are more versed in one particular area.” Another alchemist agreed.

Despite the Alchemy Realm having many powerful young alchemists, they were still the underdogs compared to the White Hair Alchemist and Cao Guoyao!

Day after day passed, but Alchemy City only became even more lively. It didn’t matter if some sects were very far away from the Alchemy Realm, they still came running with their disciples to participate in the conference.

“The White Hair Alchemy God is about to arrive. The Bailian Clan’s Devil Hand Sacred Doctor is opening the path for him.” Someone sent out this news on this day.

“The Devil Hand Sacred Doctor is here as well? Does the Bailian Clan want to take two of the top three spots?” Many participating alchemists felt pressured after hearing that the sacred doctor had come as well.

“Devil Hand Sacred Doctor... Hmph!” Many people felt very indignant after hearing this name, but they couldn’t do anything about it.

The sacred doctor was another genius from the Bailian Clan; he was the junior brother of the White Hair Alchemy God. The main difference was that the doctor was more focused on the dao of healing.

Although healing was a part of the dao of alchemy, most alchemists were not willing to put so much effort into this aspect. Healing was not as important to cultivators since it couldn’t improve one’s cultivation.

The sacred doctor was well-known as well, with his own accomplishments. Although he was not as great as his senior brother, the White Hair Alchemy God, his curing abilities were matchless.

Some even called him One Needle to Seize Life. This meant that no matter how grave one’s injuries might be, he could still bring them back from the god of death by using just one needle.

Saving life should be a very respectable profession, but many people were very resentful of his name. This was not only due to his arrogance, but also because of his absurd conditions when he saved others!

However, they were helpless since he truly did have heaven-defying abilities as a doctor; he was able to bring someone back from the verge of death.

Although many alchemists had arrived at the city, Li Qiye ignored it completely. He only brought the madam around on that dried and withered mountain. He didn’t want to only participate in the alchemy conference, he was also preparing a supreme scheme to catch those conspiring against him in one fell swoop.

Ever since the ambush with the grand sealing of the Alchemy Kingdom, Li Qiye understood very well that there was a big shot in the kingdom that wanted to capture him alive!

Others would immediately flee since they didn’t want to oppose the kingdom, but Li Qiye had no such thoughts. On the contrary, he was preparing for the grandest event. The moment his enemies dared to take action, he would flip this entire land over!

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