Chapter 724: White Cloud Master

Chapter 724: White Cloud Master

After they entered the kingdom, Li Qiye released the Alchemy Fowl to find the herbs that Tie Yi required. The kingdom was the biggest natural garden in the Stone Medicine World, so it could be said that the whole process was quite easy with the chicken’s help.

However, the chicken did cause trouble for Li Qiye. It was a supreme species and a priceless treasure, especially to alchemists. A chicken like this would cause countless alchemists to drool.

And so, on a particular day, the Alchemy Fowl climbed up Mysterious Mountain to pluck a Serpent Spirit Root. The moment it flew back to stand on Li Qiye’s shoulder, a team could be found chasing after it from the mountain.

This team had around one hundred people; all of them were experts with surging blood energies like rivers. All of them wore daoist robes, and among them were golems and demons in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The leader was a demon with round eyes and a tiger’s forehead. It was clear that he was a demon tiger. He was adorned with a golden daoist robe and had a whisk in his hand. The tiger image behind his robes emitted a howl as if it could destroy all things.

This Demon Monarch had reached the Era Sovereign realm. This was the apex of the Heavenly Sovereign realm, and he could step into the Heavenly King realm at any moment.

The tiger daoist, with his hundred disciples, quickly descended the mountain. The moment he saw the Alchemy Fowl standing on Li Qiye’s shoulder, his eyes became fierce. Although they didn’t surround Li Qiye’s group, a formation was already formed so they could entrap them at any time.

“Infinite blessings to you…” This tiger daoist cupped his hands and greeted Li Qiye with a daoist phrase. While approaching, he added: “Fellow Daoist, I am the master of the White Cloud Temple. This Alchemy Fowl was found by us first so Fellow Daoist, please return it to us. We will surely repay you.”

“Return it to you?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “This chicken is my pet. Me not bickering with you all for chasing my chicken is already considered a blessing.”

“What proof do you have that it is your pet? This chicken was first tamed by us, but due to our carelessness, it managed to escape. As a result, you happened to pick it up just now.” An expert behind the White Cloud Master sneered.

Without a doubt, the experts from this temple wanted to take the chicken. This was not strange at all. Anyone would salivate over a supreme bird like the Alchemy Fowl.

The master looked at Li Qiye. In his eyes, Li Qiye was ordinary without anything special. He then looked at the madam and noticed that she was hiding her blood energy. He predicted that this woman ahead was not necessarily stronger than him.

Next was the carriage that Li Qiye was on; it couldn’t be any more shabby. The master became confident and felt that Li Qiye’s group must have come from a little sect and wouldn’t be powerful at all.

Since the master was not as strong as the madam, it was not surprising that he couldn’t see through her cultivation when she was hiding her energy.

“Fellow Daoist, whether this chicken is your pet or not, our White Cloud Temple will not take advantage of others. As long as you are willing to part with this chicken, the price is negotiable.” The White Cloud Master said slowly.

It wasn’t easy to meet an Alchemy Fowl, so the White Cloud Temple would not give up. Because of this, the master wanted to force this transaction regardless of whether Li Qiye wanted to or not.

However, Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye and dismissively said: “Not for sale.”

The master’s expression immediately darkened after hearing this response. At this time, the disciples of the temple quickly encircled the group. Their actions made it very clear that if Li Qiye didn’t sell, they would resort to violence.

Such a threatening stance would cause a cultivator from a small sect to tremble and most likely hand over the Alchemy Fowl.

The master’s intimidation tactic was far from just this. He deepened his tone: “Fellow Daoist, you should know that the Alchemy Fowl is a spirit bird and should only be owned by a virtuous master. I am not trying to benefit from buying the chicken, I am simply obeying the orders of Celestial Being Ye Qingcheng. Under his orders, our temple is here to pick herbs from the Alchemy Kingdom…

“... Today, we saw your Alchemy Fowl and remembered Young Noble Ye’s orders; he had once told all the heroes in this world to help find him one! This old daoist is buying it as a tribute for Young Noble Ye, so please let it go. When you visit the Stone Realm in the future, Young Noble Ye will surely repay you.” The master finished in an aggressive tone.

The message was very clear. One could afford to not give him face, but not Ye Qingcheng.

Even the most uninformed person in the Stone Medicine World knew that Ye Qingcheng could become the future Immortal Emperor. Many people in this world held him in high regard, and countless powerful cultivators and lineages pledged allegiance to him!

Just bringing up the name “Ye Qingcheng” was enough to scare others into giving face! Someone described Ye Qingcheng as having one hundred great generals under his banner. Although this type of claim was a bit exaggerated, from it, one could see just how irresistible Ye Qingcheng was to have so many big shots from the previous generation working for him!

The White Cloud Temple was also a first-rate sect in the Stone Realm, yet it was still willing to work for Ye Qingcheng and travel the world to find him medicines.

“None of my business.” Li Qiye met the master’s threat unperturbed.

“This thing does not know life from death!” An expert from the temple shouted and said: “Young Noble Ye is the supreme celestial being. Many people want to seek his favor but failed! Today, Young Noble Ye values your Alchemy Fowl — this is your honor. Obediently hand it over or else there will be no place in the Stone Medicine World for you!”

At this point, the temple was ready to let go of the facade. If Li Qiye didn’t sell, they would just rob him.

Li Qiye was too lazy to look at them. He gently waved his sleeve and told the madam: “Zi Yan, get them to scram. If not, slay them all!” He didn’t have the patience to tangle with the White Cloud Temple.

The madam got off from the carriage, focused her gaze on the group, and told them: “Do you all want to leave on your own volition, or do you want to be carried away?” [1. It means that they will be too injured to walk or might even die.]

Another expert from the temple shouted: “Such a big tone, ignorant fool—”

“Pa!” However, before this expert could finish his words, he was blown away by a slap, causing his blood to crazily spurt everywhere. In the blink of an eye, the madam’s blood energy soared to the sky along with her Heavenly King aura. This was a great Demon King capable of looking down on the crowd. With an ethereal bamboo image behind her, she caused others to feel as if they were lost in a bamboo forest.

“Heavenly King…” The experts of the temple were shocked after the madam’s aura erupted. All of them took several thumping steps back, especially the White Cloud Master. His face paled and knew that he was mistaken, a frog at the bottom of a well. However, he was still the lord of a temple, so he quickly regained his composure and cupped his hands together towards the madam to say: “So it turns out that this lady is the legendary Giant Bamboo Country’s Demon King Zi Yan. I have eyes but could not see and have offended you. Please forgive our transgression, let us make amends!” With that, he bowed deeply.

“It is a small world, so may we meet another day. Goodbye, Your Majesty Zi Yan.” After the bow, he immediately turned around to leave with his disciples.

The master was indeed a sly fox and was able to discern the situation very quickly. The moment he met someone stronger, he immediately gave up and accepted his defeat to withdraw. This was a person capable of bending if necessary.

However, Li Qiye coldly shouted: “Stop!”

The group who wanted to escape had to halt their steps, not daring to run. After all, there was a Heavenly King here, so they were very afraid.

“Young Noble, we were frogs at the bottom of a well and couldn’t see someone great, so we apologize. I hope that even if Young Noble doesn’t care for the monk, please show consideration for Buddha, consideration for Young Noble Ye…” The master said apologetically.

Li Qiye waved his sleeve and dismissively said: “I don’t know this Ye Qingcheng. However, since you all want to bring him up, shut up and I will spare your lives so that you can send a message to him. Tell him that wherever I, Li Qiye, am located, scram as far away as possible! If he or his hounds dare to provoke me, sooner or later, I will personally visit the Stony Edge Kingdom and trample it!”

Li Qiye’s words caused the master’s expression to greatly change. However, he was an adaptive sly fox, so he cupped his hands and said: “I will remember Young Noble’s words and personally inform Young Noble Ye.” Having said that, he didn’t dare to linger any longer and left with his disciples.

“What an old fox. He fled so quickly after seeing the situation taking a turn for the worse. With no need for face or honor, such thick-skin really puts others to shame.” At this time, Tie Yi crawled out from the ground and commented.

“Knowing when to advance and when to retreat is not necessarily a bad thing. At the very least, he will be able to preserve his life.” Li Qiye responded with a smirk.

Tie Yi asked Li Qiye: “Does Young Noble really want to oppose Ye Qingcheng?”

Li Qiye looked at him and responded: “Why not? Those who block my path shall be killed without mercy, regardless of who they may be.”

“I heard that Ye Qingcheng’s dao protector is an extremely unfathomable monster. Rumor has it that he is an invincible giant that’s even more frightening than the Allpine Treefather.” Tie Yi contemplated for a moment before telling this very important news to Li Qiye.

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