Chapter 722: Xian Clan

Chapter 722: Xian Clan

The absent-minded clan master sat on the ground, unable to think for a moment. After a while, he calmed down and asked: “Then, then, what should we do?”

The Huangfu Clan couldn’t take revenge with the treefather backing Li Qiye. Allpine Mountain had always produced many talents while the treefather had students everywhere in this world. Countless Demon Kings and Stone Saints had come under his tutelage! And this was before talking about his own invincible strength.

Although their Huangfu Clan was strong, there was still a huge gap between them and Allpine Mountain that had the treefather.

The World-Pillar Monarch calmed down and said with a deep tone: “Although this Li Qiye has the treefather as his backing, the treefather cannot leave Allpine Mountain — this is common knowledge! Unless Li Qiye never leaves the mountain, we will still have a chance.”

“Virtuous Son-in-law, it is true that the treefather cannot leave Allpine Mountain, but he has countless followers, and some of his disciples even became Virtuous Paragons! Maybe he will order some of his disciples to protect Li Qiye. The treefather isn’t someone to mess with. If he knows that we are attacking someone under his protection, it will bring about a terrible disaster!” Although the clan master wanted nothing more than to eat Li Qiye’s flesh and drink his blood, he still had some sense left in him. The treefather was not to be provoked — this was something known by many people. [1. I don’t like Virtuous Son-in-law too much either, but it shows the relationship between the two characters.]

At this time, the Sacred Ancestor added: “Which is why we need the help from the Alchemy Kingdom.”

The Huangfu Clan Master was excited after hearing this. He immediately sat up and said: “Ancestor is trying to say…”

At this time, the Sacred Ancestor’s eyes fell upon the monarch as he slowly uttered: “We need the help of your Xian Clan’s Alchemy Ancestor!”

The World-Pillar Monarch hesitantly responded after hearing this: “This… I’m afraid it isn’t possible.”

The Xian Alchemy Ancestor was their oldest ancestor. He had always been buried under the ancestral ground of the Alchemy Kingdom. He had not come into being for countless long years. For many generations, their main descendants had been unable to meet this legendary ancestor.

The Sacred Ancestor looked at the monarch and raised his voice: “Can you meet your Alchemy Ancestor?”

The hesitating monarch pondered for a while before answering: “The Xian Clan is divided into several branches. Although my branch is not the main branch, the Xian Clan has a tradition. If the circumstances allow for it, then the main descendant of each branch may meet the Alchemy Ancestor. I have inherited my branch at the moment, so theoretically, I should be able to see the ancestor.”

“Virtuous Son-in-law, go meet your Alchemy Ancestor once!” The clan master happily advised.

The monarch pondered for a moment before replying: “Hmm, meeting the Alchemy Ancestor is not easy… I…”

This matter would be a huge event for their Xian Clan, so his hesitation was understandable.

The Sacred Ancestor declared in a booming voice: “As long as you can accomplish this, the Huangfu Clan will not mistreat you. I shall accept you as a disciple.”

These words shook the monarch! He had heard about the Huangfu Sacred Ancestor before. Rumor has it that he was already a God-Monarch. Worshiping a God-Monarch as a master was an opportunity that one could only come across serendipitously, not something that could be sought.

The monarch composed himself with a deep breath before responding in a serious manner: “This junior can go meet the Alchemy Ancestor, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to convince him to come into being! Maybe the Alchemy Kingdom will not allow it either.”

For any lineage, an existence buried underground was a priceless treasure!

“You don’t have to worry about that.” The Sacred Ancestor said in a deep tone: “After meeting your ancestor, tell him that there is a human capable of refining pills like cooking. This junior’s alchemy is unprecedented in this world, this I can guarantee. Also, I am willing to work together with him! If we capture this Li Qiye, the alchemy technique will go to the Alchemy Ancestor!”

The monarch thought about it then took a deep breath before making his decision and solemnly responded: “Very well, I will go meet the Alchemy Ancestor. However, I cannot guarantee whether His Venerable will come out or not.”

“Go.” The Sacred Ancestor gently nodded and said: “As long as you can meet the ancestor, everything will be fine!”

After the monarch left, the clan master pondered: “Ancestor, you and the Alchemy Ancestor working together… Will you be able to fight against the Allpine Treefather?”

The Sacred Ancestor sat down and calmly replied: “No, we can’t.”

In fact, acknowledging this was not shameful at all. How many people across the entire world could say that they could fight against the treefather?!

The clan master was startled and quickly inquired: “If that’s the case, then doesn’t that mean we have no chance of winning?”

The Sacred Ancestor responded without haste: “That doesn’t matter. The only crucial point is if the Xian’s Alchemist Ancestor will be willing to take action. After that, everything will be easy. Allpine Mountain and the treefather… If they kill the Alchemy Ancestor, then that is the same as declaring war against the Alchemy Kingdom!”

“Dragging the kingdom into these muddy waters…” The clan master quickly reacted: “Wise Ancestor, if we could do so, then everything will indeed be easy!”

The Sacred Ancestor slowly said: “If the Allpine Treefather is sensible, then he should know the result of opposing the Alchemy Kingdom. Even if he was stronger than he is now, he alone is unable to shake the entire kingdom!”

The clan master composed himself and felt that this scheme was indeed amazing. “Opposing a behemoth like the kingdom just for a human junior is probably something Allpine Mountain doesn’t want to do, even if the treefather was stronger than he is now. At that point, the treefather will either hand over the brat or refuse to get involved in this matter… and then the brat will be a bird trapped in a cage!”

“That’s right! Capturing this Li fella is only a matter of time. If the Alchemy Kingdom is willing to take action, then it is best if they are willing to trample over the Giant Bamboo Country as well. Nothing could be better.” Having said this, the Sacred Ancestor’s eyes became fierce with a terrifying murderous glint.

As a sealed undying, he was not willing to come into being. However, the Huangfu Clan had suffered greatly, so he couldn’t endure it any longer. He rose to the surface and was committed to fight to the very end against his enemies!


The ancestral ground of the Alchemy Kingdom. Ming Yexue summoned an expert that was present at the treefather’s birthday celebration into the palace.

The celebration was over, so the representative of the Alchemy Kingdom returned and was immediately summoned.

Ming Yexue looked at this expert and asked: “Elder Shi, how was the birthday party?”

The expert answered: “Princess, something happened at the party and I’m sure Princess has heard about it already, so I won’t go into details. However, there is one thing that I must report.”

“Do tell, Elder Shi.” Ming Yexue said: “Your keen insight has always been welcomed by the other elders.”

The expert pondered for a moment before speaking with a solemn expression: “In my personal opinion, the treefather has recovered. His problem has been dealt with.”

“That can’t be.” Before Ming Yexue could respond, an old woman next to her said in shock: “From what I know about the treefather’s tribulation, it is an extremely arduous one. The treefather had endured it for a long period of time and still couldn’t deal with it, so why has it been dealt with so suddenly now?”

Ming Yexue added: “Elder Shi, you should know that the treefather also asked us for help regarding this matter. Our Ancestor Wushuang couldn’t solve the problem. He had said that the treefather’s problem was very difficult. Unless the treefather breaks through the last chain to become an existence of the Emperor Assailant level, he wouldn’t be able to suppress this tribulation completely.”

At this point, even she became emotional and said: “Does that mean that the treefather has broken through and became an Emperor Assailant?”

An Emperor Assailant was a terrifying existence that couldn’t be stopped unless by an Immortal Emperor. This was true invincibility below emperors!

“I’m afraid not.” This expert hesitated for a moment before continuing: “Although I was unable to see through the treefather’s true level, in my opinion, he still hasn’t returned to his peak condition just yet. The issue lies with Li Qiye. If I am not mistaken, then he was the one who solved the treefather’s problem.”

“Li Qiye again!” The old woman next to Ming Yexue had to speak: “He was actually able to solve the treefather’s tribulation! This is too demonic. Even our Ancestor Wushuang was unable to do so!”

“Li Qiye dealt with the treefather’s tribulation…” After hearing this news, Ming Yexue’s eyes also became serious.

The expert contemplated for a bit before speaking: “Princess, this is just my personal guess. Although I am not completely certain, he should indeed be the person who solved the problem. However, I believe that it is far from just this. I’m afraid the treefather didn’t only deal with his tribulation, he can now also leave Allpine Mountain. He is free now!”

The old woman next to Ming Yexue’s expression became dim as she asked: “Can the treefather truly leave the mountain?”

An existence that had lived for so long and was capable of being bestowed the title of Godking, like the treefather, would bring dread to just about anyone.

Many lineages felt lucky that he was not able to leave the mountain; otherwise, he could sweep through all his opponents in the Stone Medicine World!

The treefather’s freedom was not something everyone wanted to hear. It was definitely not a good thing for many lineages.

Just imagine, a contemporary Godking with flourishing vitality being able to travel in this world — just how terrifying was this?

“I’m afraid that is the case. I suspect that it is virtually guaranteed.” The expert solemnly responded.

With a serious gaze, Ming Yexue slowly said: “This might not necessarily be a bad thing. A few existences will be able to meet their match.”

“There is another thing.” The expert hesitated for a moment before speaking: “I believe the treefather is willing to be Li Qiye’s dao protector. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be willing to back Li Qiye to the point of destroying the Second Ancestor’s cultivation.”

“This Li Qiye is truly capable.” The old woman said: “In the past, Ye Qingcheng personally went to Allpine Mountain and tried to persuade the treefather to point out his mistakes and to become his dao protector. However, the treefather rejected this request. Now, Li Qiye actually managed to convince the treefather — this is quite unbelievable.”

“This generation will definitely be very exciting.” Ming Yexue revealed a faint smile capable of charming all existences and said: “Ye Qingcheng and Mei Aonan... They will meet a very powerful opponent.”

This expert held his breath and didn’t dare to comment because both of the people mentioned by the princess were the most likely candidates to become the Immortal Emperor of the current generation.

“Elder Shi, keep an eye out for the World-Pillar Monarch.” Eventually, Ming Yexue gave a command to this expert.

“The World-Pillar Monarch…?” The expert was slightly taken aback after hearing the command.

Ming Yexue explained: “The Huangfu Sacred Ancestor has arrived. It seems that they will not give up.”

“I understand.” The expert immediately said: “If there is any movement, I will report back to Princess right away.”

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