Chapter 720: Controlling The Black Dragon

Chapter 720: Controlling The Black Dragon

The Second Ancestor’s words were quite risky, but the Huangfu Clan had no other choice. Li Qiye suddenly being seated in the esteemed seat of the treefather’s banquet — this was the one thing the Huangfu Clan feared the most.

No outsiders knew how much longer the treefather could live since this was his 500,000th birthday. There were even rumors about his lifespan being depleted.

If, on this grand day, the treefather picked Li Qiye as his last disciple or if Li Qiye successfully convinced the treefather to leave the mountain to become his dao protector, either result was not a good thing for the Huangfu Clan.

No matter what the reason was, Li Qiye sitting in that spot signified his unusual status at Allpine Mountain.

It would become prohibitively more difficult for the Huangfu Clan to take revenge. Furthermore, they didn’t only want revenge, they also wanted to capture Li Qiye alive to torture him and seize all of his treasures along with his supreme dao of alchemy!

Thus, the Second Ancestor appeared just in time to try and prevent this outcome from happening.

The Giant Bamboo Country’s Divine Guardian suddenly showed its might while Li Qiye and Madam Zi Yan came to celebrate the treefather’s birthday. Keep in mind that the treefather and the Giant Bamboo Divine Guardian were named the two great demon forefathers! Because of this, the possibilities of the treefather taking Li Qiye in as a disciple or him becoming Li Qiye’s dao protector were quite plausible.

The Second Ancestor was hoping that Allpine Mountain would abandon Li Qiye in order to save its own reputation.

After all, the treefather was renowned in this world with numerous students scattered everywhere. He also took great care of his own reputation. He couldn’t afford to admit protecting a murderer like Li Qiye on his birthday before everyone in the world!

Because of this, the Second Ancestor also tried his best to drag the Alchemy Kingdom into this. Once the Alchemy Kingdom became involved, everything would become easy and go according to plan. He knew that this was very risky, but it was worth it!

“Are you saying you want my Allpine Mountain to hand over Li Qiye to get rid of a cruel villain?” The treefather was not angry and, in fact, even smiled kindly. The Second Ancestor was relieved; he felt that there was a chance after seeing this kind smile.

He quickly responded: “Demon Forefather’s righteousness and integrity are well known in the world. Demon Forefather is the role model of our Stone Medicine World, and Forefather’s conduct is praiseworthy and admirable. I myself can only prostrate in admiration…” At this time, he quickly praised the treefather so that the treefather couldn’t say no.

“Stop. Don’t put me on such a high pedestal.” The treefather interrupted the ancestor and gently waved his sleeve to say: “I am now very old, so I can’t get up that high. I’ll fall down and break my bones.”

At this point, the treefather cleared his throat before continuing: “My old bones can’t handle such a big matter. What does Young Noble Li think about this?” His gaze fell upon Li Qiye after saying so.

Li Qiye remained seated in his seat as a faint smile appeared on his face. It was as if this matter had nothing to do with him.

It wasn’t until the treefather’s question that he glanced at the Second Ancestor and leisurely said: “Today is Treefather’s great birthday, so how could we bother Treefather on such an auspicious day? If people want to come find trouble, then let me deal with them.”

After hearing this, the Second Ancestor’s eyes suddenly turned cold as he glared at Li Qiye while uttering: “Nothing would be better than you realizing this. Be obedient and leave with me so that we will not disturb Demon Forefather’s banquet. My Huangfu Clan will not hurt you, and we will give you a fair trial in the near future!”

The Second Ancestor’s words were more pleasant than songs. However, once Li Qiye fell into their hands, they would exhaust all means to wring him dry!

“You are mistaken about this.” Li Qiye laughed and shook his head to say: “Who says I am going with you? What I was trying to say was that today is the treefather’s 500,000th birthday — this is quite a rare event. Out of consideration for this joyous occasion, I will not cause trouble or lower myself to your level. Before I become angry, return from whence you came. I will pretend that nothing had happened.”

Li Qiye’s words caused the Second Ancestor’s expression to quickly change! All of the guests here glanced at each other. Many of them felt that Li Qiye’s words were too contemptuous. The Second Ancestor was a Virtuous Paragon! No matter the level, this was a terrifying existence and not someone a Heavenly King could fight!

But now, a junior like Li Qiye dared to speak to a Virtuous Paragon in this manner. Did this mean that he had the support of the treefather, so he could act unrestrained?

“What does Demon Forefather think about this?” The shocked ancestor took a deep breath then looked at the treefather, wanting to understand his stance.

The treefather only waved his hand and dismissively said: “My opinion isn’t important, it is up to Young Noble Li.” At this moment, his attitude had become a lot colder.

Who was the treefather? He was an apex existence, so how could he not understand the Second Ancestor’s scheme? He simply didn’t want to make a move, that was all.

Li Qiye, on the other hand, smiled and said: “You have already busied yourself for half a day out of fear that the treefather might involve himself, causing your plan to fail. Why the need to beat around the bush for so long? Don’t worry, there is no need for the treefather to involve himself in this matter, I alone can take care of you all. I will say it one last time, scram immediately before I slaughter all of you. Although staining this celebration with blood is disrespectful to the treefather, my patience is limited!”

The Second Ancestor was immediately shaking with rage. He could no longer hold back and shouted: “Ignorant fool!” As a Virtuous Paragon worshiped and feared by all, how could he handle being yelled at by a junior like this? If it wasn’t for the treefather’s presence, he would have already killed this junior.

“Scram!” Li Qiye’s eyes suddenly turned fierce. In an instant, a death energy emerged and diffused into the air. The Death Chapter appeared after his shout and quickly shot into the ground.

“Arrrr!” The roar of a True Dragon resounded. With a crash, a huge black dragon flew out from the ground all the way to the sky. The moment it reached the air, it was as if a huge mountain range had appeared in the sky.

It was completely black and its scales seemed to be made from black metal, reflecting the sun's light. The giant dragon’s eyes emitted a dark and profound light as if it came from the depths of hell.

It emitted a terrifying aura as if a Godking or True Dragon had arrived. Even Heavenly Kings trembled before its presence.

“A True Dragon!” One of the guests was frightened and screamed in horror. The weaker of the guests were frozen in their seats. Even the big shots paled and thought that it was a True Dragon.

The treefather was also astonished when he saw this black dragon. Only he knew what this black dragon was.

“Aoooo!” The black dragon in the sky roared and slashed its claws down at the ten old men next to the Second Ancestor.

“Die!” The ten old men cried out in response and wanted to slay this beast. However, it didn’t matter that they were Heavenly Kings, they couldn’t reach the apex when facing the black dragon ahead.

Under one claw, all ten were immediately captured by the black dragon, and all of their weapons were crushed.

“Animal, you dare?!” The Second Ancestor was extremely alarmed. He let out a deafening cry and soared into the sky to kill this black dragon.

However, it was already too late. With a crushing sound, the ten old men of the Huangfu Clan were squeezed to death without being given a chance to scream.

“Die!” The Second Ancestor crazily roared. In an instant, all of his blood energy erupted to the limit. His supreme merit law reached across the entire sky.

The black dragon was not afraid. It roared as well and raised its fangs to meet the Second Ancestor. All of a sudden, a battle between the ancestor and the beast ensued in the air.

The Second Ancestor didn’t hold anything back. His ferocious Virtuous Paragon’s might engulfed the world. However, no matter how he tried, he was still not a match for this black dragon. After just a few short exchanges, he found himself at a disadvantage and was forced back repeatedly by this dragon.

A battle of the paragon level caused many guests to become shocked. Just their auras alone left them short of breath.

“Is this really a True Dragon?” A guest couldn’t help but wonder after seeing the dragon pushing the ancestor back repeatedly. Keep in mind that the Second Ancestor from the Huangfu Clan was unfathomable and had been sealed underground for a very long time.

If it wasn’t a True Dragon, then how could it push a Virtuous Paragon back with just several moves?

“Open!” The Second Ancestor screamed and summoned a mirror. At this point, he was covered in bloody wounds after being defeated by the dragon in just five moves. His injuries were quite severe.

In the blink of an eye, the summoned mirror poured down a boundless divine light. Once this divine light fell upon the black dragon, it revealed the black dragon’s true body.

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