Chapter 716: Lightning Field

Chapter 716: Lightning Field

“Boom!” The ancient rune rushed out from the pillar in the fate palace and instantly stood guard in front of Li Qiye. A series of thumping sounds emerged as the rune turned into multiple universal laws that were seemingly made out of divine metal.

These laws intertwined into a supreme chapter. With a buzzing sound, the book transformed into a spatial vortex that instantly began to swirl.

“Rumble!” The swirling spatial vortex created a terrifying gravitational pull. Even the waves of lightning lost control and were sucked into this vortex.

The treefather was also astounded after seeing this. He had suppressed this lightning before; at that time, they gravely injured him. He was well aware of their power. Not to mention Li Qiye, even Virtuous Paragons would not be able to use their most powerful law to withstand it, let alone absorb them.

The treefather shuddered at Li Qiye’s intention of devouring this lightning. This was a grand tribulation from the high heavens! Even a Godking like himself wouldn’t be able to do so; this person’s ambition was too great.

He didn’t know that the rune from Li Qiye's pillar of life was not ordinary. Li Qiye had obtained an ancient and heaven-shattering rune from the world tree. After a long and boring period of refinement, he was able to turn it into a heaven-defying chapter as well as the most mysterious rune. This runic chapter, combined with his pillar of life, could be considered a whole new dao epoch!

To use this dao beginning to open a space that belonged to his pillar of life and absorb the lightning was something only Li Qiye could do.

As Li Qiye devoured even more lightning, the spatial vortex seemed to have reached its maximum capacity. Waves of lightning then appeared inside the pillar of life as explosions appeared everywhere. Without a doubt, the more lightning he absorbed, the closer his pillar of life came to the brink of collapse since it couldn’t handle the endless waves of lightning.

Even more crackles could be heard as lightning rampaged through his body. Some small sparks even exploded from his body, creating even more detonations.

In an instant, a burning smell could be found emanating from Li Qiye’s body. It seemed that Li Qiye had reached his limit. The lightning aimed to burn him to a crisp.

After smelling this scent, the treefather became worried and quickly asked: “Young Noble Li, are you okay?”

“Open!” Li Qiye roared. With another explosion, a bunch of fate palaces appeared above his head amidst the action. A series of rumbles resounded as if his pillar of life was becoming even larger and shot up towards the sky!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The moment all of his fate palaces appeared, the power of the spatial vortex soared exponentially. It crazily devoured all the lightning like a funnel. Eventually, all the lightning was absorbed by this void.

The beginning was only a test. At this moment, Li Qiye let go of all caution and opened all of his fate palaces, allowing his pillar to absorb the endless lightning.

“Twelve fate palaces…” The moment all of his palaces appeared, the treefather’s expression greatly shifted. Twelve palaces, unique among all eons!

“Wait, not right…” Very quickly, the treefather was able to see the thirteenth palace soaring above the rest as if it was hiding in the clouds.

“Thirteen palaces!” The treefather quickly went from feeling shocked to being aghast. Even an apex existence like himself who lived for many years and had seen countless miracles was frightened. He needed to take several steps back from the jolt.

In an instant, his old pair of eyes opened wide while gazing at the thirteenth palace hovering above all the others. He even rubbed his eyes since he thought he was only seeing things.

However, after rubbing his eyes for a while, the thirteenth palace was still there, meaning that it was not only in his mind!

“This… This… is not possible…” The treefather couldn’t accept what his eyes were telling him. He took a deep breath and tried to soak in this reality.

He had never seen a cultivator with twelve palaces before. As for eleven, he had only heard of some geniuses opening this many and never saw it with his own eyes. He had once seen a youngster open ten palaces. This youth was extremely brilliant and was considered the number one genius of the Stone Medicine World during that era. Although he didn’t become an Immortal Emperor, he was able to reach the peak and become an invincible master.

But today, the treefather not only saw twelve palaces, he also saw a thirteenth! Any cultivator with the slightest sliver of common sense would know that twelve palaces was the limit. Since the start of time, even Immortal Emperors were not able to break through the limit of twelve palaces!

Moreover, having twelve palaces was not only unheard of, such an occurrence only belonged in the legends such as Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng. Moreover, this was only speculation from future descendants, and no one actually knew the truth.

The treefather looked at Li Qiye’s thirteenth palace as if he was looking at a ghost. He was truly frightened! If someone had twelve palaces, then the treefather would definitely value such a person since they would become the next Immortal Emperor.

But right now, Li Qiye had thirteen! Anyone would be horrified after seeing this with their own eyes, and Godkings were no exceptions.

The treefather became absent-minded while looking at the palace and murmured: “Thirteen palaces, a unique miracle throughout the eons, unprecedented and unchallenged for all eternity...”

At this second, he understood where Li Qiye’s confidence came from. Anyone with thirteen palaces would definitely become an Immortal Emperor. Everyone else, no matter how brilliant they might be, would only be eclipsed by him.

He was at a loss for words as he understood why the arrogant Li Qiye said to not compare him to just anybody.

With thirteen palaces, he truly had the ability. No matter if it was Celestial Being Ye Qingcheng or Imperial Edge Mei Aonan, both of them would eventually be overshadowed by him.

While Li Qiye crazily absorbed the lightning, bolts of lightning would occasionally flash above Allpine Mountain. Many guests didn’t know what was going on. Some understood that something strange was happening, but they didn’t dare to delve into it.

As for the Allpine disciples, both Heavenly Kings and seclusive Virtuous Paragons had serious expressions. They didn’t dare to relax, causing the atmosphere of the mountain to become quite serious. Such a change was felt by the guests despite not knowing what events were transpiring.

During this instant, at a certain place in the ancestral ground of the Alchemy Kingdom existed a palace. The Huangfu Clan Master was finally able to come to this place and see the main descendant of the imperial family, the Alchemy Kingdom Princess, Ming Yexue!

In order to enter this place, the clan master had expended countless efforts and used many connections.

The clan master couldn’t see Ming Yexue’s appearance since she was sitting in a pavilion that was covered by a thin veil. If he wanted to take another step forward, he would immediately be stopped by a group of old women standing guard.

The clan master obediently stood in front of the palace pavilion and bowed his head to say: “The 193rd Huangfu Clan Master greets Fairy Ming. Fairy Ming is the most brilliant jewel of our Stone Medicine World and the pride of our Alchemy Kingdom. The Huangfu Clan is also proud of you. Just imagine that year, when the Ming Clan’s Sacred Saint married a member of our Huangfu Clan…”

Although the Huangfu Clan claimed to be related to Ming Yexue, and when Huangfu Hao was alive, he even told others that Ming Yexue was his little cousin, the Huangfu Clan didn’t dare to carelessly bring up this relation in front of her. After all, their connection was quite thin. It could even be said that the two sides hadn’t contacted each other for a long time.

If the clan master imprudently brought up this connection and made Ming Yexue unhappy, then it would be quite disadvantageous for the Huangfu Clan. Although their clan’s power was mighty, it was nothing compared to the imperial family.

“What business does Huangfu Clan Master have to see me?” A very pleasant voice came from inside the pavilion to interrupt the clan master’s flattery and his attempt to build a relationship.

“Dear Fairy, my Huangfu Clan is weak and was bullied by others. The human brute, Li Qiye, has no restraint. He openly insulted the Alchemy Kingdom and our imperial family. My Hao’er tried to stop this injustice to protect our Alchemy Kingdom’s reputation, thus he quarreled against the brute, Li Qiye. Who would have thought that this brute was so vicious and actually killed Hao’er! He even declared his intention to destroy the Alchemy Kingdom…”

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